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  1. 23 minutes ago, NeckShotLime said:

    Thanks for sharing Tensor, it liked the interview a lot. I have to admit i had never heard of Christine B before watching TBBT ( same with Bob Newhart and Judd Hirsh, LOL it's embarrasing ) 

    Oh you youngster you. 😂 I knew them all in their younger years.   Although I knew Christine from her Theatre work. And from TV on Cybill. 

  2. Here’s an article on James Hong.  He’s still acting at 92 and has over 400 credits in his career.  On Big Bang he was the owner of the Chinese restaurant the guys went to several times.  The one where they had Mobster sauce, where he proposed a plan to drop one of the dumplings to satisfy Sheldon or where Leonard and Penny left when they saw Sheldon arguing with him, in mangled Chinese.  

    He was in Big Trouble in Little China and Airplane( the officer who commits Haru Kari, from listening to Ted Striker’s stories.


  3. Just now, Mario D. said:

    The anniversary of her dog Norman's death probably adds to her sadness

    Yeah, that can't have helped.  Reminds me of a few years ago (2016) when she lost Chester and Petey-pie within a week of each other in January, right after she filed for divorce.  Although Norman's death seems more emotional for her.    

  4. 1 minute ago, Mario D. said:

    Do you know when filming would start on the Doris Day and Role Play pics

     I would think Doris Day would be sometime this year, but as for the exact time, I don't know.   I have no idea about Role Play,  I know it's been announced, but I don't know where they are in discussion and/or pre-production.

  5. I am rather happy that she stated today that Zosia is there at her house with her.   She has someone who she is close with, who also enjoys riding and seems to have a similar sense of humor.   At least she isn't alone there.  Bri stayed with her right after she filed for divorce from Ryan, but with Bri apparently living with her boyfriend now, that may not be as easy as it was then.  But, she does sound sad about the whole thing. 

  6. The reason is spelled out in the title, The Hofstadter Isotope.   Leonard mentioned it in the first episode.  

    Leonard: "...I just want to know why Penny’s more interested in Stuart than me. We’re practically the same guy."

    It was the idea that Penny really wanted Leonard, so going out with Stuart would be like going out with Leonard (Hence the name of the episode.  For those who don't know, an isotope is the same element, with different amounts of neutrons and protons),   I'm quite sure that if Leonard and Penny's first date had gone well (she felt inferior because of her lack of schooling) she would have invited him back for "coffee".  Remember her reaction to him once he came back from the arctic. 

  7. 9 hours ago, Swedish Chef said:

    Yes, I saw that too, a interesting post. This divorce doesn´t seem to be so easy as the divorce from Ryan. 

    I'd agree with you, emotionally.   The actual process may be easier as Karl isn't contesting.

  8. 3 hours ago, wadhvakartik22 said:

    I'm starting a BBT Lenny storybook today, meaning I will post one or two pictures or a gif with Leonard and Penny in it from each episode (given that they have at least one scene together in an episode and are together on screen). :shy:

    This sounds great.  Please review the Forum rules to view our rules concerning copyright.  

  9. Anyone else see her IG stories post today?   It was a picture of a billboard.  A message on the billboard, which was added to the picture to make it look like it was on the billboard, said:

    Forgiveness is for you, remember that.  

  10. 21 minutes ago, SP1006 said:

    In this episode when Leonard is on his date he mentions swallowing the lasagne whole, but isn’t he lactose intolerant and isn’t lasagne made with cheese? 🤔

     Lasagna can be made with non-dairy cheese, for the lactose intolerant.  

  11. 1 hour ago, Mario D. said:

    Also, on Kaley's IG post she shows picture of an ocean view. Wonder if she still has her Santa Barbara beach house?

    She still had it after her divorce from Ryan, she should still have it.  If she would have gotten rid of anything, I think it would be the apartment in North Hollywood.

    I missed this one, sorry, 

    7 hours ago, Mario D. said:

    But don't you think at some point early in their marriage they would have talked about future developments....like their careers or starting a family, etc.

    They may have, but they may not have anticipated how soon and how much Kaley's career was going to explode. 







  12. 7 minutes ago, Swedish Chef said:

    I`m guessing that both Kaley and Karl also thought that the show would go on longer then it did. 

    Yeah, I think you're right, I know she was expecting a thirteenth season.  However, even if that was the case, they would still have to face the problem of both of them being so busy with their professional lives, to the detriment of their personal lives.   Just at a different point.

  13. 8 hours ago, NeckShotLime said:

    I wasn't sure where to post this so Tensor please remove my post if it's not in the right place.

    In an episode George Sr calls Missy " slugger" , ( that made me smile) . I was wondering is it a common nickname for young girls in the US ? I thought it was a made-up nickname Wyatt came up with for Penny. Does it mean anything then ? Thank you 

    Since it was used for Missy, it's appropriate.  As for your question, it's a sorta, kinda, common nickname for baseball players, slugger meaning a good hitter.  In years past, baseball was pretty much exclusive to boys, so for a girl to be playing was to think of her as a "tomboy" (I think girls softball started becoming popular in the late 80s early 90s.).  Missy is shown to be rather good at girls softball, so slugger fits.  In Penny's case, it appears that her father thought of her as a tomboy, until she started puberty.  At that point, it became difficult for him to see her as a tomboy, so he stopped calling her slugger.  It appears he began calling her slugger after she got older and their relationship got better.   Also, being in a rural area, there were probably limited chances for Penny to play girls softball (until it became more ubiquitous) and she would have had to play boys baseball.

  14. I think part of the problem is that you get a false sense of availability when you are shooting a multi-cam sitcom.    Depending on pre-shoots, actors normally spend about 30-35 hours in the sound stage (note, in the sound stage is different from being on the set) and that includes the 12 hour day they put in when they tape.  So, they only spend 4-6  hours  a day in the soundstage and that includes a lot of free time when they are not in the scene on the set.  At that point going to her ranch and attending the different competitions was feasible. 

    Kaley started dating Karl (and got married) while she was on the show, when she had all that free time.  It was only a bit different with the first season of TFA as they were in Thailand and Rome before having to shut down.  Karl was getting serious with his training regimen about the same time, and then competitions shut down.  

    It was only with Kaley returning to finish the first season of TFA, then  costarring in several movies before starting production of the second season of TFA,  along with Karl starting attend various competitions that it became obvious to them that they weren't going to be together very much.

  15. A couple of posts IG and IG stories,  had me thinking today.    Kaley put up a couple of clips of Zosia  watching her husband in a netflix show, at Kaley's house.  She captioned one of the clips with "Relationship Goals".   Watching your spouse is a relationship goal?  hmmmmm.

    The other was a post by Alaina, about decorating the house her and her boyfriend are buying?  Moving into?  She said having someone that backs you and believes in you is unmatched.  Hmmmmm.


  16. Ouch.   For FOX, the night was a disaster.  

    Joe Millionaire had a 0.3 with 1.60 million viewers

    Time slot premiere for Kat had a 0.3 demo with 1.52 million viewers.  

    Pivoting, had a 0.2 with 0.99 million viewers.

    The one small bright spot for Kat was it didn't drop from it's lead in.  And, again, I rather enjoyed this episode. 

    ETA: In final it stayed at a 0.3, but slightly increased viewers with 1.58 million. 

  17. Ratings for the premiere of Call Me Kat were:

    Preliminaries had a 0.9 with 3.27 million viewers.  That is quite good these days (Last year the average show had a 0.55 rating with just under 3 million viewers.

    Finals brought in another 0.3 with another 1.6 million viewers for a total of 1.2 and 4.9 million viewers

    However, the lead in for "Kat" was the postgame show on FOX, which had a 3.1 and 12 Million viewers. 

    A better indication for Kat's ratings will be Thursday night, in it's regular time slot.  Last year it started with a 1.4, then dropped to around 0.5-0.7 for the rest of the season.  


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