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  1. When TBS runs a block of Big Bang, the six, eight or whatever number of shows that is on that night is usually in the top 25 of cable shows that night, usually around 0.4 to 0.6, for demo. Let's call if an average of 0.5. On Tuesday, the 12th, there were 10 shows on the four networks (not counting the CW here). Six of them were below the 0.5 average of Big Bang, four were above it at 0.6-0.7.
  2. I saw this today and just really like it. So I thought I’d post it
  3. I think he innocently put it up as a fun post about Blueberry, not thinking about how it could be interpreted. When he realized( or it was pointed out), how it may appear, he took it down.
  4. This obviously isn't your first day, is it? I don't remember anyone overthinking anything here before. 😜
  5. People like to say he doesn't know any better. But, I've had trouble believing that since Season 6, Episode 8, The 43 Peculiarity. Anyone who refers to the performance of oral sex as a chicken pecking for corn, then mimes the action is well aware and far from being clueless. I also have trouble believing he's clueless, simply because his friends and his wife have been telling him what is or isn't acceptable behavior, and since he's claimed, and demonstrated, an eidetic memory, he should be able to know what is or isn't acceptable.
  6. Season 9, Episode 7: The Spock Resonance. Sheldon: I think the same thing that appeals to people everywhere, the dream of a cold, rational world entirely without human emotion. Spock came from a planet governed only by logic. You know, on Vulcan, when your brother asks, why are you hitting yourself? the answer is, I’m not. You’re moving my arm. To which he says, Fascinating. And then you both watch educational television. Penny: Aw. When he says things like that, I just want to hug him and make everything better. Leonard: My brother was mean to me, too. Penny: Yeah, you probably had it coming.
  7. Something cute on Kaley’s stories today. She posted a clip of the show, the Lenny disaster when they go chop down a Christmas tree and bring it back to the apartment. She posted the clip. Lololols and a gif Christmas tree. At the bottom was @sanctionedjohnnygalecki It appears it’s her way of wishing him Merry Christmas.
  8. Here's two you may not have seen. The first, is a full episode of The Late, Late Show, with Craig Ferguson. It includes a skit with Craig being interviewed by the guys, to fill in for Kaley. All five were scheduled to be on the show, and then Kaley had broken her leg in the horse accident. She was still in the hospital at the time of this taping. Besides that skit, it has another skit with Simon, Kunal, and Craig, with a couple of other people. There are also the normal talk show interviews with Jim and Johnny. And, second, is the cold open and first part of the 2012 People's Choice awards, where Kaley hosted for the first time.
  9. Actually, that's incorrect. She did not wear a hidden dress in the sweat pants scene. She did wear a longish shirt, with the pants, but not long enough to be considered a dress. She also only wore pants in the Big Bang Theory Super Bowl ad, when they were all dressed in football uniforms. Her comments and take on it can be found in an article she wrote here. Also as part of tznius, she normally keeps her upper arms and shoulders covered. However, in The Opening Night Excitation, she is laying in bed with the covers pulled up to cover her breasts, but her shoulders and upper arms are not covered. In The Change Constant, she has her upper arms uncovered after getting her makeover. In her personal life, she says she sometimes wears pants and leggings under a dress at home, but only wears dresses, and keeps her upper arms and shoulders covered in public. However, she is aware that sometimes, in the profession she is in, pants and unclothed shoulders may have to happen. Speaking of the Super Bowl ad, for those that haven't seen it, it can be found here.
  10. I have to give a couple of shout outs. @chucky , You've been there for my last two stories, every week, for the last three years with a review. And most of the time, it was the first review for that chapter. You can't know how that makes me feel. @SRAM You are right behind chucky, in regards to reviews. There are times when you skip a chapter or two, but I know its due to work and when you get a chance, you do catch up reviews. @TLWand @NeckShotLime, I know you're reading, so I'm happy. Unless we get a notification of a story becoming a favorite or a review, we writers generally don't know who is reading. I've corresponded with both of you so I know you're reading. This goes for you too @Mario D. and your guest reviews. My thanks to all of you.
  11. It may be. I know I'm disappointed when I'm only getting an average of 2 to 3 reviews a chapter. The thing that keeps me going is know I have readers out there. For those who don't know, Fan fic gives you the number of people visiting and the number of pages viewed for each day, for each story, for each chapter of a story, for each chapter viewed each day....Etc. I currently get around 225 people who view the newest chapter and around 700 views of that chapter, of my current story each week. Those numbers are about 275 and 900, when you include all views of that story. This goes to about 350 people and 1100 views, each week, when you include all of my stories. One thing that shocked me, and made me realize I had some very loyal readers was a few months ago. I had been ill, I was gone on Sunday morning when I usually publish at noon, on Sunday. Anyway, I finally got around to publishing at 1 PM. I reset all my weekly views before publishing. When I went to reset, I found that there had been 125 people who had viewed my story. I usually get about 20-30 before I publish, but these were obviously those who knew I published at noon, and were checking in to read the story. It really warmed my twaddle to know that so many people knew when I published and were checking in without a notification being sent out. That being said, the number of readers for each of my stories has been dropping (In October of 2013, with only two stories published, I was getting over 600 individual readers, with over 2700 views, each week). I believe this is simply due to the show ending and fewer people are interested in extraneous stuff from the show. One of the reasons I decided to continue my current story (albeit on a longer time between publishing), is I simply need a break, and I was worried if I simply quite writing for a six to nine months, there wouldn't be anyone left around to read it.
  12. I would say it depends on when it occurred, but I would say seasons one through five, Penny would be gone. Seasons 6-8 would be a toss up and from nine on, she may have traveled the world, but with Leonard. But, the producers and writers decided it wasn't going to happen for her, probably to keep the dynamic of the show the same. My favorite Fan Fic is one of these. She leaves for her career and Leonard leaves because he can't deal with the memories (but they both return, eventually). I would say it would depend on how the decision goes, when Penny leaves. In my particular contribution to fan fic for this case, they were going to have to be apart for a while, before they could be together again. Although, it was working for them, up until a certain incident.
  13. It was mentioned at one of the Comic-Cons that she wasn't going to have much of a career. If she did, they would have to writer her differently as a star, and/or recreate the sets of shows or films she was working on (Serial Apist 2 was low budget enough). So, they decided to give her bits here and there, but nothing big. They basically mentioned or showed about one acting job per year. She did Serial Apist, Rent Workshop, Anne Frank, Hemorrhoid Commercial, Acting class Streetcar Named Desire, NCIS and Serial Apist 2, six shows in seven seasons, (or one job every 26 episodes) , until she started working at Zangen.
  14. It looks like they are wrapping up the shoot in Iceland. Sue McCormack ("Go.for.Sue" on instagram) the Senior Vice President for development at Yes, Norman productions did a humorous IG post. She posted a picture of the temperature in Reykjavik and LA, both were at 45 F. She told LA to get it's shit together, cause she'll be home Sunday, the 19th.
  15. Yep. Although, there were several instances where the others might have thought they broke up. Their big fight at the restaurant, on Valentine's Day, for example (although we know how well that turned out). They also mentioned one at Comic-com, which would not have been shown, because that is during the summer, when we don't see them. So, from what we saw, yeah there was only one. But, that doesn't preclude other breakups that weren't shown or assumed breakups that may not have happened.
  16. Johnny and his production company Alcide Bava, with the producers of Netflix's Manifest Laura Putney nd Margaret Easley will be developing a medical drama for ABC, based on the book, Catching Babies. https://deadline.com/2021/12/catching-babies-medical-drama-johnny-galecki-manifest-duo-abc-1234887757/
  17. They obviously have a few more days. According to her IG, Briana is now in Iceland.
  18. Interesting how we can think about the seasons differently. Being a real life nerd (I was playing board war-games, Chess, and programing computers at 14, in 1969 and was definitely socially awkward I started high school at 12) I liked season one and two and adding the Lenny part made me really like season three I always loved season four. Up until then, very seldom did we have an idea of how Penny felt. The Hamburger Postulate, The Monopolar Expedition were a couple places were we could see it. But, in season four, several different times we got a view of the depth of Penny's feeling. Truth or Dare, the costume party on New Year's eve, her crying at his starting to date Priya, her admission to Raj, all gave us some insight into how much she loved Leonard, even if she couldn't voice it. And, even with Leonard dating other women, he never got too far away from Penny. Season five seemed to me to be like season 4B, and 6A, with the division at "Recombination". Season six was, of course, was the highlight for this Lenny. Seven was pretty good also. I strongly dislike 8, 9, and 10, with a few exceptions. Even the weddings seemed off to me and I resented that for the couple I love. Seasons 11 and 12 were not that bad for me. I liked how they changed the Lenny dynamic, along with making it more of an ensemble than previous seasons, This is probably because of Holland taking over as show runner. As for a shock to the system, with the end of season four, watching it live left me speechless.
  19. I would think they would be finished. They got there last last week, this week and part of next for shooting would have them home by the weekend of the 18-19, would be my guess.
  20. Based on their previous international shooting times (Berlin, Thailand, Rome) it should around two weeks, give or take a bit, for things going well or problems . Funny thing, , she mentions how awesome the light is. This time of year, there is only about 4 - 4.5 hours of light. So, if they are shooting daytime scenes it might take longer.
  21. Downtown Reykjavik. It's a very pretty city, especially around the Christmas season. It's also very clean, heated with hydrothermal steam and hydrothermal electric. I really loved the city and also the city of Akureyri in the North, on a fjord.
  22. johnny posted again. https://www.instagram.com/p/CXB3azTJzCr/?utm_medium=copy_link
  23. Johnny finally posted on IG today. Wanted to wish his "Mooks" a belated 48th birthday. At least it less than last year. Kaley responded with several 😂. She also added "Can't wait to hug you." over an image of his post on her stories. Here's the post: https://www.instagram.com/p/CW85-rQPM4h/
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