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  1. Hello to everyone Big fan of TBBT, needless to say of course. I am not aware if someone else has posted this thread before -too many threads to check them all- but i would like to suggest who should be Raj's girlfriend on the show. I strongly believe that he should date Sandra Bullock, mainly because he mentions her a lot during the seasons the show is running. Furthermore, i think that they would make a cute couple, they would definitely make the rest jealous -which would surely spark some drama. Moreover it will be something that could make into a "thing" for Raj, like how Howard doesn't have a PhD, Raj will be the person who dated Sandra Bullock! Finally, i would like to suggest Sandra Bullock to guest for at least six episodes -If Kate Hudson can do it for "Glee"..- so this way, maybe she also finds a job for Penny!!! See? It fits like a glove!!! I only hope the cast and crew of the show reads that What do you think?
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