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  1. Hey guys I know I haven't been on here for awhile but I was hoping you could do me a favour and answer some questions about the ocean as I am looking for a wide range, thanks a lot. chloe here is the link to my survey https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/59MGVB9
  3. looked like an office like when they were asking the university if they could do something rather than someone's individual office
  4. I got to go on set today at the WB tour and Was really exciting, saw a Sciency looking set, an office, rajs apartment I think, Howard and bernadrttes kitchen and Sheldon and Leonard's apartment and I think there was another I couldn't see! No idea what's going on. Didn't look like anything weddingy so confused
  5. I have an important question for people to ask at paley fest WHERE IS CINNAMON?!?!?!?!!!
  6. Wow! Bernadette is pregnant? Auseillo must be hyped, congrats!
  7. we all know who drank all the champagne in the limo tho ://
  8. http://forum.the-big-bang-theory.com/topic/5986-spoilers-shamy-season-9/?page=766#comment-443767 you're welcome
  9. Yeah um, really sorry guys I don't have as much time as I used to make so many Christmas Icons and I'm really sad about that... so I will be using ones from last year BUT if anyone has any really important scenes from late S8-S9 they want as an icon I'm willing to try and do it! Really sorry!
  10. Thank you for educating us all ATOB, we are blessed to have your knowledge shared on our thread!
  11. the humming bird tattoo was meant to have some meaning towards ryan and the wedding too so i wonder if she will change that or get rid of that
  12. Did Steve write these episodes to air as the last December episodes purely because he wants to keep up his Santa Steve status?
  13. literally been in this fandom for too long, literally cannot believe shamy did the sex. been imagining this moment since i fell in love with them, so much pressure on the writers to get it right and they did! they made it absolutely perfect, i could literally not be happier. can't even describe it. steve must've been soo stressed. i love you. this is already so huge, can't wait for it to air and then i might ACTUALLY believe it happened! dont even know what to say cause its so overwhelming, we made it guys!
  14. yeah she said no OK also, what were the writers for this episode? thank you
  15. Bill can actually post the script cover from the twitter app he just said he refuses to!
  16. We have Amy kissed him on the mouth, the man kissed her on the mouth, and the man kissed her on the cheek (from twitter). I've tweeted one other person I found at the taping, so I hope they don't say she kissed him on the head or something cause I need answers. It was kind of good he was there to stop Sheldon proposing cause I don't want to see that go down. #ItWasHerCousin
  17. This is called a discussion. We are on a discussion forum. lol.
  18. the ring scene was so disappointing, hardly any new information and doesnt seem to be any more in the episodes after. seems like it was just used for shock value in the finale. 0/10 chloe sad.
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