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  1. Yep. Plus, she still can not believe, this is actually happening, this is not just her dream, that Sheldon Cooper is kissing her, all the more, she feels he loves kissing her. After almost 4 years, some of us can not believe it, all the more -- Amy.
  2. For me it was one of the best episodes of the whole series. I laughed so hard... Loved especially: -- The Butter Scene. Please, Emmy for Mayim's Amy!! -- The Shamy-kiss. So nerdy, original, sweet and full of love. -- The Shamy-closeness in the Best Buy scene. The leaning, the coin, all the touching and support. -- Bernadett's story, Amy's "LOL Right?" and her facial expression. Plus Penny's "I like my odds here." -- Bernie's "I like the Wii" and Sheldon's "Thanks, grandma". It's rare to see their interractions, and for me they seemed close funny friends at the moment. Plus Penny's "Uhh?" -- Remily. I hope Emily stays. Already adore her! And for the bonus: her similarity to Amy. So, I'd love to observe how the gang will react to her, esp. Penny and Sheldon. Can't wait... -- Howardett's "YES!" -- Raj's story about stars. Aw...
  3. Maybe it's a stupid question, but could someone, please-please, explain me, what "wii" means???
  4. Yep... hehe... And I just noticed her beautiful shoes!! So would love her to wear them all the time!
  5. Dunno... for me she was totally melting into the kiss... So adorable
  6. Torrent download: http://thepiratebay.se/torrent/9884398/The.Big.Bang.Theory.S07E19.720p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.H.264-YFN
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