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  1. I personally think there is a response in her nonresponse.  If that makes sense.  It's not like she is standing there all indifferent.  It is almost like stunned sense of confusion and maybe a little bit of fear.  Because she is also as inexperienced as Sheldon, she has to make the adjustment to, what I assume, is their new normal just as he does.  I see it as Sheldon being extremely confident and Amy being really unsure of herself.




    Plus, she still can not believe, this is actually happening, this is not just her dream, that Sheldon Cooper is kissing her, all the more, she feels he loves kissing her. After almost 4 years, some of us can not believe it, all the more -- Amy.  :kissing: 

  2. For me it was one of the best episodes of the whole series. I laughed so hard... Loved especially:


    -- The Butter Scene. Please, Emmy for Mayim's Amy!! 

    -- The Shamy-kiss. So nerdy, original, sweet and full of love.

    -- The Shamy-closeness in the Best Buy scene. The leaning, the coin, all the touching and support. 

    -- Bernadett's story, Amy's "LOL Right?" and her facial expression. Plus Penny's "I like my odds here."

    -- Bernie's "I like the Wii" and Sheldon's "Thanks, grandma". It's rare to see their interractions, and for me they seemed close funny friends at the moment. Plus Penny's "Uhh?"

    -- Remily. I hope Emily stays. Already adore her! And for the bonus: her similarity to Amy. So, I'd love to observe how the gang will react to her, esp. Penny and Sheldon.  Can't wait...

    -- Howardett's "YES!"

    -- Raj's story about stars. Aw...

  3. Thank you, sweetie!


    Thank you for the link Frieda :)
    If you guys have a tablet or an iPad, there is a good app too '' USA TV channel''. You can watch in live, it's great!

    But, us '' ALIENS'' we all will be in the same state tonight in front of our computer just before the kiss : STRESSED. Like : '' please don't freeze, please don't freeze, please don't freeze''. It's too much pressure LOL



    I'm a little confused about time zones. The show will air in 5 hours, am I right?

    If you have the same time zone as me, as I remember, then it airs at 7.00. :girlsmile: London-zone: 1.00. But we don't change the time here, then maybe if you do, then at 8.00 by you.


    Or 6... Now I'm confused. Well, try to relate your time with London.

  4. Seriously, this is like the Shamy version of the Shenny laundry room scene in Cooper Extraction. But with gulping and talk of "under that skirt". Oh, Sheldon.


    ay ay ay bang bang! :p



    Hahahaha I laughed so much at that!!! Awww I love that they do everything in a quirky way...So Shelly doesn't have to save himself anymore :p :p



    All this 'ayyyyyy' stuff is seriously making me giggle.

    Sheldon just uttering the words 'under that skirt' is enough to make me laugh. Under that skirt is a treasure trove if you just push yourself Sheldon!

    Ayyyyyyyyy Lol!


    All this conversation gives me hibbie-jibbies  :girlhaha:



    I think, Amy not definitely wants to seduce him, but make him to forgive her -- borrowing the idea from Bernie, yes, but it's not the same... Dunno, I find it innocent and cute and "shamy". Lllllllove it!  :curtsey:

  5. Not sure if someone answered already, but here's the link to the interview:



    My favorite part is when he says, "Here's hoping!"  :girlsmile:


    Thank you very much, frankie :girlsmile: !!


    I responded in the spoiler thread about the butter.

    I don't think the tension in the butter moment is sexual. I think that someone misunderstood about how they "stare each other down" at the end of that scene.

    I think Sheldon is shocked and a little wary of her at the end because of her outburst.


    We haven't seen it yet.

    We just keep picturing how it could be having what we have (I mean the report).

    And even when we will see the whole scene, we can desagree with one another. 

    The one thing me is pretty confident -- this scene (like all Majims) is grandiose.

  6. I don't see tension in butter scene If you see please explain to me :D

    iPhone 'den Tapatalk aracılığı ile gönderildi

    I assume, we'll find it out when see the whole scene :girlwink:. Sheldon going backwards to the butter, passing it to Amy, them staring at each other etc.

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