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  1. Very, very interesting conversation... There're many points I agree with. So I just add my two cents. Sometimes I want Shamy to break up for a couple of episodes, so Sheldon could run after her and show at least a part of his feelings, that he obviously has, and stuck with this new side of his life. Who asks for him to accept the changes at once? But him to admit that he has all those wonderful feelings for Amy wouldn't be unnesessary. And stop to hide them!! I really don't get this stupid (sorry) fear of "losing" Sheldon's character. Is it lack a romantic makes him so special? No! All of us know that. How could it be, that the writers don't... About what Molaro in the article said... Honestly, I prefer him (or someone else) to promise little things, or almost nothing, and then for me/us to get more, than the opposite. It's like Mayim and Jim in their interviews, who aren't supposed to promise the viewers something big, that's going to happen. So, like I already said somewhere, I see the episode 7x17 (?) very promising in relation to Sheldon, and hence, to Shamy-relationship. And it seems weird to me, after the SIK and two other episodes, they would try to forget the kiss and go back again. Jaime, I like that you said about people here. Not only being agreed with someone provides value . We can't all feel the same, right? ' Please, people, don't go away anyone. I'm (being not chit-chat person) not very close to you, but I already cherish all my Shamy-fellows here. I'm not trying to convince anyone to feel different, but I wanted and needed to express my feelings and opinions, too . You know what else i think... maybe, these big breaks between episodes make us a little bit pessimistic. We definitely need more thn 24 episodes in one year .
  2. I'm gonna easily believe in this^ That's a relief. Thanks for sharing, del. I suppose, this episode is much more filled with the value, that man could think. After all, the most important meanings are in Shamy's emotions, that we can't know for now.
  3. Jaime, I never thought about the reason why, but I like your idea. And I didn#t find this line of Penny funny, too. Exactly!!! The first time can't be perfect, so... we (and them, sure) need more . And you know what I thought about -- they could do different experiments in bed *cough*. How long....? I know how long: fo-re-ver!
  4. Sometimes love needs a little friction for this love to grow and then come back with new power. *help sending*... Can I watch it with you? I feel myself alone here, lol
  5. I'd not like "sleeping together" to be their end game, too. Otherwise it'd be like in fairy tale, where two get married and "live long happily ever after". Nothing like this happens in real life. After this the struggles not gonna fly away. I couldn't be more agreed!!
  6. Honestly I believe he didn't mean he'd like to live with Lenny forever, but he was rather satisfied, that one thing is decided and clear (just for a moment) . Totally agree with the first part. And amen to the last. Let's hope so. I let myself to be on the other side of the road. Sex, then marriage . I'm very sorry. It's just how I imagine the things going with them. You are so freaking right! I enjoy every little thing between them. Just exactly how you described it . Their way is truly thrilling and touching, and I'm not gonna refuse to assist every sweet detail. Also a life seems much more exciting with all the wonderful moments in it.
  7. I find this show "Fat Actress" terrible, but Mayim is hilarious! ^^
  8. Oh... Sheldon on Amy's side, and against Penny... It'd be awesome!^^
  9. I really hope, it'll be about girls' friendship. Like Maria supposed. I can't imagine what friction could be between Amy and Penny, so it would be interesting. What else could it be... Raj/Howard? Doubtly... But please, don't be L/S.
  10. *quoting the recent posts* I'd say: "tons of sexual fluids are flying around this thread!" hahaha... What does that mean???
  11. Hahahaha!!! Thank you, Dels! I never thought she would be offended, but maybe surprised
  12. I feel like I wanna say something, but it's all already said here, lol. So, me, as a rule, keeps nodding in agreement . Like many of you, I see something big is going to happen. I'm very excited and optimistic. Did I already said it somewhere? Well... it's not important. The writers are just amazing! IT will happen! YES! Exactly!!!!!!! Gosh... I must be really sick, because that^ makes me so happy. Apparently, they will trying to get all those things they missed in their lives for years!! I just can't... I'm in delight with these gender-reverses. It's funny and humanly, imo. Look, guys, ONE line - and so much analyse, so much thoughts and hopes and everything . And what concerns Sheldon's dream -- I'm still processing it. It must have a huge influence on the further development. Subconcious is a very strong power. I can't wait for what happens next. But... We'll see. And now I'm relishing every single step, bc this story is sinking in me, like the most tasty meal. It's all Shamy-magic. BTW, I wonder what was Amy's face after Sheldon said that sex-line of his? Hahaha!
  13. I hope so... Hahaha... I'm in love with this line! Del, thank you very much!!! Amazing episode! Very touching, I almost cried... Very important growth. And as always funny.
  14. I feel like I'm gonna faint if I think about it. In any way, don't bother to picture it perfect, because it will be better.
  15. Oh my gosh... I'm dead.......................It's heaven here...........
  16. Oh.... I find breaking rules so exciting and especially with Shamy, it's also kinda hot
  17. So love this part!! Almost forgot to mention, I'm not a fan of marriage, so if Shamy won't marry, it doesn't bother me. Sorry peeps . The most important for me is the feelings to exist and not the papers or even not the words. People say many thing they don't mean. But I'm sure, Shamy will marry. It's a law of sitcom . And apparently Shamy need this. Or not...^^
  18. Good for him. Noone can be right all the time, even Sheldon, hehe.
  19. I couldn't open the link either. It's ok. What was there?? No, you are definitely not the only one. I'm for Roomate agreement, but what concerns the Relationship Agreement, I'm totally agree with this post^ He feels himself very secure with her^^ BTW, Happy tapingsday for everyone!!
  20. You explained it so well. I feel the same. Oh yes, the kiss was a huge crossing. And yeah... he didn't want to go alone, he didn't want to live that without her!
  21. Amazing gifset, girls! All the moments gathered together, wow! Thanks for posting. Hi Christalie, I admire your decision. I won't even pretend, that I could do the same. So I wish you good luck!
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