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  1. Okay. Oookaaaay.... Chaos in my head doesn't let me find the right words... ......... Well, I'm so happy to be part of this "devil" ship, that kills me every time, I feel myself a cat with an endless amount of lives, and every next life gets better and more beautiful. Unbelievable! And I can see you all on the neighbor-clouds, hahaha! I can't stop watching the promo. In slow mo I see Amy responding. This time she is aware of what will happen next and it's to see the small move of her lips, but so sweet her being shy -- it's the perfect way, I think. Like Lio and Retroluv already explained, ITA. Sheldon is leading now. It's clear to observe, that he loves kissing her, he is in love with kissing her, I just can't... His smitten smile, OMFG, it's cute-sweet-adorable.
  2. Aaaaaaaah, I want to see it!!!!!!! Nooooooooooow!!! How could some people wait patiently, I'll never get So not me .
  3. Thank you very much for the reposts, mena and kitty!!!!!!!! If I'd was at the taping, I'd remember... ehm... nothing
  4. Or a woman... I'm sorry, couldn't help myself .
  5. Lea, I had the same feeling while reading her posts, but I tend to think my feeling is false, just because I don't want her to pass through the same pain again. What I know, is that I'd kill anyone who'd make her suffer. It's enough for her! <--- And yeah, who am I to decide, but I said it, so sue me.
  6. Oh I know a perfect place. Called Hamburg. Warm and rainy
  7. "Mayim Bialik has a Ph.D in neuroscience (The diploma of the University in LA). But she is famous not so much for her scientific achievement, as for her characters in "Blossom" and "The Big Bang Theory", for that she was nominated for the Emmy Award in the category "The best supporting actress in comedy series". Now Mayim lives in LA with her family and the most important part/role for her is the mother of two sons, Miles (is it right written?) and Frederick. Especially for them and for other children she wrote a bestseller-book "Beyond the Sling" and also "Mayim's Vegan Table". You can see a few recepts from the second one on the page 20. During the Post they'll serve you good." Well... nothing new, but it warms my heart.
  8. Oh my gosh... I need to go now, but when I come back, I'll translate it.
  9. :cray: :cray: So beautiful! I adore them together so much.
  10. Welcome, Cat! Shamy-love is taking over the world, isn't it? ​ Feel free to share your thoughts and just have fun.
  11. Jim/Kaley stuff post on Kaley's or Jim's thread, please. Thank you.
  12. Totally. I do that too, so that even other Shamy fangirl told me, I was being too obsessed. She did mean it good, of course. But when we are happy, who cares why?! Hahaha... And Shamy is absolutely worth it, to be/to appear a crazy fanatic .
  13. Wheeeeee.... !!!!!! I'm so glad, YAY!!!! Be careful though, your Shamymate makes incredibly many english mistakes Oh, I read it and loved it. Your writing is very good . This reminds me of the scene from "The Closet": Amy: No, it isn't... Sheldon: Don't! The atmosphere there kills me. Just love when they bicker a little.
  14. Aaaah, already?!!! I want a Shamymate too !!!!
  15. Sweetie, are you freaking kidding me??! The shamie who have a less of filthy mind is a fantasy . I love crazy shamie crowd For me the butter is already something shamy-sexually charged, and there is no way back to normally look at it . The 19th episode: -- BUTTER -- BUNTER/KISSING -- FLOOR Oh crap.... The word "floor" makes me think of other things, that Shamy could do on it.....
  16. THIS^ is exactly, what I imagine. And THIS^ is sooooo intimate, gosh Especially for Sheldon with his mysophobia. Oh no.... I'm dead again..... Like I already said somewhere, I believe, Sheldon was referring to those handholds and hugs that we have seen. Totally IMO, of course. It's just... these things are too big (deal) for Sheldon. If I'd were on his place and had idk 2-3 times of this, I'd say the same, especially, like Jamie said, he wanted to SHOW the others, they do it. And even more: if compare how many hand-holds Sheldon had with Amy and with the others, it puts Amy on the top, seceding her from them. Idk, I find it perfectly logical . Honestly, I'd like this banter-kiss to be the second SIK, but it will be clearer only after the episode airs -- again, just like Jamie said. Maybe, they discussed it, but it would seem strange, if they would try another kiss, and didn't show us that. I not only want it to be so, but I really believe it. I'm sorry, I know most of you don't agree, but that's OK.
  17. Wow! Thank you very much for the advice!! I use Opera, but for this reason it worth to change it sometimes:-)
  18. Was there a doubt? Hehe Eeeeehm.... what? What?? What?!!! It there a video for that?????????
  19. YAY!!! I'm so grateful, Mel!!! And I thought that I already had all of their photos -- how naive of me . Plus Mayim's smile! *swoooon* I love how these "little" things can make us happy.
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