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  1. It sounds like a dream. Shamy, cake, squeeling, dancing, hugging (I hate hugs, but not in this case...) from happiness.... And then the Earth goes BAM! Kidding.... But spreading waves of endless energie of Shamyfans-Love would touch the other earthlings anyway Bahahaha to the reverence. True dat! Don't be sorry. That's what we are doing here for the sake of our lives. Otherwise we could explode. (Sorry for "we". I know, me definitely.) If there were Majim.... hmm... I'd take Mayim's hand and never let it go. *plays innocense here* P.S. One time I was thinking to count how many countries we are.
  2. I with no doubt vote for it to be spontaneous. But if it'll go any other way, I'm sure, I'll be pleased in any case. All what already happened with Shamy (#19 incl.) was the pure perfection, and it seems to stay so forever.
  3. Oh my.... That could be so sexy On the picture is what I imagined, only Sheldon's looking on the boxes, and Amy - on "us" (like Sheldon on the picture.)
  4. You are so not the only one, sista! I'd love to see them lying on the bed (him on top) -- the beginning, the leading, bilduing up, so to speak, and a few parts of clothing going away *cough*... And so that their hands would walking all over *cough* She could stay in her shirt, I think. The most important thing is that there would (and will) be an incredibly passionate and sweet atmosphere. Oh... you know, I believe there are not many people who think so. Don't worry, there is no way back for the Shamy. . And this brings me to.... well, them making out... I was rereading the ep.19 taping report and suddenly I realized, that when (I don't even think to put "if" there) they will do that, the audience will go crazy, screaming without the end, and just won't let MaJim do the scene accurately, bahahahahaaaaa..... I want to be there .
  5. I have nothing to answer, but I quote it, because I just can't resist, bahahaha.... About Sheldon's line: honestly, I laughed when I heard it. To me it's like to say "I hate you" and actually mean "ILY", hehe!
  6. Amy and Raj? In no way romantic, nononono... IMO... They are like brother and sister.
  7. Wow... that was fast, Pearl! Very cute!! Love it. Thank you
  8. Dena, somehow your posts in regards to Mayim are always exactly my thoughts. So, if you aren't against it, I keep reading them and enjoying the fact, that I'm not alone in this insanity .
  9. I believe, this interview wasn't posted yet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YR466WuTOn8#t=39
  10. Okay, I recalled the kiss from one of my fav couples... They have less than a little in common with Shamy, but no matter -- because I just wanted to share the gist. Maybe someone will like it. You'll know what I'm talking about, when you'll see it .
  11. You know, I want this^ And I want Amy to find out about Sheldon's stories about Shamy's sex life to Kripke, hehehe! OMG
  12. Hey Irene, hey, certi Aahhhhh, shamies, what are you doing to me?!!!!!! Keep going Oh crap, you got me! I see, you are finished this topic, but I can't resist to write about it, too. I'm sorry. Today I spoke with the other crazy shamie, and we got to the thought: "How wonderful it is, that MaJim from the very beginning so incredibly great together! It's a true mystery!" She is crying through the whole internet to me: "Whyyyyyy?!!!!" I'm telling her: "That's... eehm... because they wanna kill us, sweetie." I love them so much, it hurts... Back to the topic: I also find it cute, Jim forgot his words. Haha, he "forgot", sure! But well... On his place I'd forget them either . I'm in love with their flirty-cutiness... Yes, please do that, people, who usually do that!!!!! I'll sell my soul for this!!!!!!!!!!!!! Exactly! Hahaha, when I read a post, I often have my answer, but then I read the next post, and what do I see? Someone already posted my thought! Ahaha! And I'm like "Damn! But what a good feeling" . I am used to have people around who don't get me, and think I'm weird, so this is like a heaven to me here! Stop with this door-thing already! It drives me nuts! *says the freak who posted the same door-kiss-wish a couple of days ago* I don't care, who of them does this! They should, dammit!!
  13. Ah.... I think, I just had a heartattack......................... Gosh... It'd be perfect...
  14. The bolded part is exactly what I feel. Dana, I can see your way through spoiler threads, marked with your "Likes" Good question... I think, reading fanfics is a good idea.
  15. I know what you mean... Mayim and Shamy constantly make me drunk .
  16. I am totally not thinking about the SIK 2.0, so NOT thinking, that I forgot the new episode was coming . I think I'll call my therapist, to share my happiness with her. She is crazy too, so I'm not scared that she could put me in rehap clinic . Anyway, after watching the Mommy, I note my fav two: -- The RA!!! I share all the feelings you already posted. It's a wonderful thing, that's showing their commitment, their strong bond... I'm fond of RA. -- Sheldon, lecturing his mother about safe sex, LOL. It's definitely one huge step forward. Someone (sorry I forgot who) was saying something like "it's beautiful, Amy lets Sheldon to lead, while she is not hugging him back yet." Love it!! And the train of my thoughts brought me to their next (or next-...next) kiss, where she will hug him... And I imagine the scene, where they are kissing, and Sheldon's moving his hands to her back, enclose them, to hold her more tightly, and she could also move her hands gingerly to his shoulders, and then around his neck, OR: While Sheldon is pressing her closer (hoo!), one hand is around her back, and the other could slightly push her hand up onto his shoulder... then his, not breakind the contact all the way, goes direct to her shoulder, squeezing it, while one of hers is already firmly around his neck and the other is touching his cheek... then his ear gently... he removes her hair away... then hers go to lock him completely... after the time he makes his way from her lips to her neck, not too quickly, but tasting every inch of her............ And here I'll stop, for not becoming banished from the forum for being so horny . OR: I can imagine Sheldon suddenly break the kiss, look at her and say "Don't you know where your hands should be?" It'd be funny. Also I was picturing... As mostly all of them are beeing annoyed from Sheldon's speeches, some time, Penny, for example, could "argh" and just tell to Amy: "you know how to shut him up, do it!", meaning that the only way is to kiss him. And even so, as we know he can continue with the talking (especially if think he can't let something unfinished) So true! :friends: Amy is wearing the dress during the date night?! Yessssss, that's my baby!!
  17. Just a funny thought, not seriously. As I know Amy and especially Sheldon used to consider romance to be unnecessary thing for them, and it did not need to waste the time with such things. And now they totally have this "hippy-dippy"-romance going on, and to avoid this "waste" they spend time kissing and talking simultaneously. LOL Still can't get over it. Kissing/banter, Amy slapping the table (Love her!) Sheldon freaking out Butter/eye-coitus (I'll never be able to look at the butter the normal way.) "Cuddling" Him stepping into the kiss, because he wants it, totally conscious, enjoying her lips. He just can't resist her . I think I'll be able to fly soon with all these Shamy-butterflies inside me. Susana, you are so right, we still have 4 episodes Okay... I believe, Majim's ecstatic chemistry will kick the a$$es of our wild imagination when the episode airs. Aw, what a sweet death it will be . Plus, it's so good, they have the tension growing between them. It'll serve them well once they'll get there, oh, yeah *---*
  18. Oh maaaaaaaaa..... This should be intense. Thanks so much for help, Phanta!! "Talking SIK"- I kinda like it, hehe And "Bunter SIK" is even better^^
  19. Could someone please explain me, what "they stare each other down" means???
  20. Awwwww... you are the sweetest creation, you know. Thank you very much. I so happily hug you back . You are so right, Rama. I can see the 6th February and the 3th April to become internaional holidays, hahaha.
  21. I so run out of likes.... Hahaha! I so love all the emotions spreading here. I feel you so well, fellows! I don't wanna eat, don't wanna sleep, I don't even know what time is it. And I don't care. I just want to enjoy this high level of happiness, that collapsed on me today, unexpectedly... I shared the fantastic detailes of the report with all who wanted to be spoiled, and it's a wonderful feeling. I loved the idea of Amy freaking out a little, And the idea of her not thinking of the kiss Sheldon's forgetting. This episode is so perfect, I can't even. Still shaking from time to time (Oops, just had dejavu, that I've written the same after the 6x10 report, LOL), and I'm incredibly happy for us, for Shamy, and for Amy. She deserves this, and Sheldon too. The one image I have in front of me is Shamy kissing/talking. I barely gone through your amazing posts, poeple, read and then reread, because I didn't see the letters, just IT! I believe, it wasn't so strong and creepy with the first SIK. And I'm so OK with it, hahaha. What else... Ah! Hi, newbies! Yes, I noticed you. So good. Shamy kingdom is growing. Please, have fun, and don't be afraid to appear crazy, hehe! Here is a safe place for it, hahaha Oh, and @Star, I keep noticing you use the wink-smile a lot. It's so cute... Love it. I love all the world today *----* Huggies for everyone!
  22. @Lio, it's impossible for me to be grateful enough. It's a wonderful report, very detailed and with all Majim cutiness, that you shared right in the time. You can't imagine how happy I am. Also one more person not from this forum is telling you"Thanks so much for all the feelings you granted". For you:
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