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  1. I so ADORE them I can't breath... Does someone have a photo from 2.22? I missed it somehow... Thanks very much for posting!!!
  2. It sounds like a dream. Shamy, cake, squeeling, dancing, hugging (I hate hugs, but not in this case...) from happiness.... And then the Earth goes BAM! Kidding.... But spreading waves of endless energie of Shamyfans-Love would touch the other earthlings anyway Bahahaha to the reverence. True dat! Don't be sorry. That's what we are doing here for the sake of our lives. Otherwise we could explode. (Sorry for "we". I know, me definitely.) If there were Majim.... hmm... I'd take Mayim's hand and never let it go. *plays innocense here* P.S. One time I was thinking to count how many countries we are.
  3. I with no doubt vote for it to be spontaneous. But if it'll go any other way, I'm sure, I'll be pleased in any case. All what already happened with Shamy (#19 incl.) was the pure perfection, and it seems to stay so forever.
  4. Oh my.... That could be so sexy On the picture is what I imagined, only Sheldon's looking on the boxes, and Amy - on "us" (like Sheldon on the picture.)
  5. You are so not the only one, sista! I'd love to see them lying on the bed (him on top) -- the beginning, the leading, bilduing up, so to speak, and a few parts of clothing going away *cough*... And so that their hands would walking all over *cough* She could stay in her shirt, I think. The most important thing is that there would (and will) be an incredibly passionate and sweet atmosphere. Oh... you know, I believe there are not many people who think so. Don't worry, there is no way back for the Shamy. . And this brings me to.... well, them making out... I was rereading the ep.19 taping report and suddenly I realized, that when (I don't even think to put "if" there) they will do that, the audience will go crazy, screaming without the end, and just won't let MaJim do the scene accurately, bahahahahaaaaa..... I want to be there .
  6. I have nothing to answer, but I quote it, because I just can't resist, bahahaha.... About Sheldon's line: honestly, I laughed when I heard it. To me it's like to say "I hate you" and actually mean "ILY", hehe!
  7. Amy and Raj? In no way romantic, nononono... IMO... They are like brother and sister.
  8. The Werewolf Transformation "Guten Tag, das Youtube. Ick bin ein Bavarian."
  9. Oh, I like this song^ Ja -- Silbermond
  10. Raj Who said: "I told you I'm not good with kids."?"
  11. Wow... that was fast, Pearl! Very cute!! Love it. Thank you
  12. Dena, somehow your posts in regards to Mayim are always exactly my thoughts. So, if you aren't against it, I keep reading them and enjoying the fact, that I'm not alone in this insanity .
  13. I believe, this interview wasn't posted yet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YR466WuTOn8#t=39
  14. Okay, I recalled the kiss from one of my fav couples... They have less than a little in common with Shamy, but no matter -- because I just wanted to share the gist. Maybe someone will like it. You'll know what I'm talking about, when you'll see it .
  15. Hi Esther, I'm so happy to see a new shamie here. Have fun posting. I understand very good what you mean -- none of mine watch the show. So, it brings happiness to be here. You can to your profile and at the place where the picture must be, in the left corner above you can see "change". I hope, you'll find it. Or maybe, some of good-english-speakers will explain you better:)
  16. You know, I want this^ And I want Amy to find out about Sheldon's stories about Shamy's sex life to Kripke, hehehe! OMG
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