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  1. If someone find the alien friendly version of The Talk, pleaseƟplease, post it here. I don't know, maybe it doesn't available only in my region. Anywho, I keep searching.
  2. How is this happens, that every time I read the word BANTER, I feel butterflies dancing in my stomach? It's creepy, hahaha! Yes, I'm in AWE with this scenario, that could top the first SIK! How?! The hell of a fantastic!!!! Incredible work! Shamy rocks the world.
  3. Thanks! I didn't get it either. But how ADORABLE is that!!!! .....It all is just too perfect, I can't think straight He is so into her I'm trying to imagine their facial expressions. My gosh....
  4. I believe, it's totally us right now The power of Shamy is irresistible. And I was gonna leave this forum... hahaha...kidding myself.
  5. I'm not sure if I'll manage to wait till the ep airs...... Ah.... Thank you Star and thegwielo!!!! You made my month..... OMG.... My life couldn't be better. I can't even............... I almost forgot he liked it. He loved it, damn!!!! ATSKA
  6. Still dead, but somehow I can "like"............................... b zufcbuzfb ufhb iuhf hg b Freaking Shamy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! L.O.V.E.
  7. WHAT??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Frieda Rainstorm


    ...and tender and intense.
  9. I knew there are many Shamies lurking! So many, I can't even remember all the nick-names yet. So glad to see you all! Please, join the crazyness, share your thoughts and have fun!
  10. Oh my gosh.... ahahahahahaaaa... Poor Leonard,.... I... just.... can't.... stop..... laughing....
  11. Actually, I found it really good, especially if thinking, it's about other random people.
  12. Interesting... I was thinking of the same a few hours ago. People do write fanfics about cast, yes. 6 years ago I read about some of Friends' cast. But about Majim I've never seen.
  13. Raj Who said: "Really, is that what you do when someone knocks? Thank you, I have no idea!"
  14. The Friendship Turbulence "A doctor-doctor or you kinda doctor?"
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