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  1. Someone should kiss her hand for its cure. And it should be me . Anywho, I hope she wears a band-aid (or what is it) for safety, not because she is in pain.
  2. "Hey, you two are in love, ha?" (To Shamy) I know, it won't be it, but I like to picture this scenario .
  3. Mary's reaction + Amy's reaction = LMAO!!
  4. You are talking about this tuesdays taping, right??? 7x18? With "mommy"-theory and everything... Never mind, I got it.
  5. Yessssss!!!! And I so want to hear from him: "What have you done with me, Amy/Vixen/My Princess/etc?!" in a passionate way.
  6. This made me think about something... Their flair to do things in synch may help them great to understand each other in bed. Maybe if they'd be aware of that, they'd do it already. LOL
  7. Plus, on their actual photos, when they are together, we can see the hell of a chemistry!! I think, it'd be better #mayimjimphotoshoot -- it seems clearer with their whole names. Should it be done at the same time? Because I can share this idea with the people from my place, so they could tweet it too. Happy Birthday, wanmei!!!
  8. A brownie-thing could be just Sheldon's pure assosiation, so, she shouldn't obligatorily be eaten brownies before the kiss. I mean, everybody's lips (or skin) can have a taste/scent of some chocolote, milk or whatever, regardless of what the person have eaten. IMO it's totally logical . –°an't believe, Mayim's hand still does not function right=(
  9. You have the interesting posts, but go watch the episode finally Kidding... I believe he doesn't exactly want it, but more he used to it, and also scared to live alone, then he'd be/feel helpless. Or scared to live with Amy, cause he find it'd be still too soon for them to be that intimate. IMO.
  10. I'm glad you understand my english and I'm sorry for being too sensitive. Honestly, I'm not so into Jim to look at him all the time, hehe, so idk how he looks at the other characters. But I still think that in this scene in Amy's apartment he was staring... no, not exactly staring, more like he was throwing his glance on her lips a few times. And it felt like it was subconsciously he was remembering the kiss . I am sure may be wrong, but I'm a little surprised, that noone still mentioned it. But anywho... it's clear, he stares at Amy in a different special way. And after the kiss it may be more romantic in there. Ehm... why to put @ in front of the name???
  11. I know. It's OK. The problem is, that if someone else from "shamy-family" would post this or else, the other "siblings" would be like "YAY WOW I love it". And the others should deal with it. I noticed that. But it's not against you, Maddie, I just remembered, why I left this forum a year ago... LOL Amazing, right? I also want Amy to sit on Sheldon's spot and him do not care. But I can't imagine what could bring her to do it... hmm...
  12. Thank you, Dana! Haha, yeah, that's how I understood it too. Apparently for Amy the kiss is what she gave to Sheldon in 4x21, the quick peck. And in the train was something more than just the kiss to her. That's so sweet! And Sheldon didn't said anything to refute it. But right away after Penny said it, I was shocked More handholding, yessss!!! I used to think it'd be not enough, but this episode showed how incredibly touching it could be.
  13. I found it exciting, and thought that people would like it. Especially considering, that Shamies tend to love these little details. Even if it means nothing.
  14. If you look accurately, you can see him moving his glance from her eyes to her lips
  15. First of all, made out?! MADE OUT?!!!! It surprised me, not because I thought they did something more on that trip to Napa, I'm sure they didn't, but why writers would choose this line? And then I realized, that it's obvious, because it's Shamy we are talking about, for them the kiss IS a making out session, hahaha, I so love that! It reminds me Amy's propose to go for a walk and Sheldon's train of thoughts from this to sex. Okay, not exactly the same, but I can see the relation. The way Amy was standing at the door worried, insecure... my poor girl, I felt an urge to hug her. Even if she knew he was coming to break up, it was more than unpleasant to her. But then she played cool, good enough for Sheldon, muahaha. It wasn't simple for him, too, but it was him, who initiated the break up, so maybe next time he'll think better. The look Sheldon gave to Amy, after her proposal to moving in, was priceless! It was like: "Yeah I love you and I follow you, but don't be so sure, we are not there yet". So cute, I can't... OMG THE HANDS TOUCH!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH They look to be on a higher level now, definitely. I mean after the kiss. Oh, oh... His face after him boiling over Amy telling Penny about them "making out"(still giggling about that)!! Penny said: "It's the most interesting thing happen to her in her entire life" and for moments he seemed to live through the kiss again!! Or like he was thinking about the line "the most interesting" and inside of him he was "really? it meant so much to her? she liked it! yay!" and he was jumping from the excitement inside. His "clouded" eyes told everything. Someone already said it, so I quote: I'd wish they sit closer to one another on the couch. Okay, I'm out of breath... Oh, almost forgot. Eye-coitus in the tag scene, O.M.G!!!
  16. Where is a LOVE button, dammit???!!!!! What are you doing with me, Cat?!!
  17. In general I found this episode hilarious. (Yes, I'm very easy to please.) I just felt it went too fast. It needs to be rewatched a few times, and some scenes even in a slowmo, for precisely to observe the facial expressions. So I liked: -- a mention of the kiss (making out?! hahaha) right away. -- Shamy interraction in synch. One can see clearly, how and why they became a couple. -- I can see, how these characters love each other. It's amazing! -- At the beginning Amy pointed out, that they have a place for the table near the window, but when she saw Sheldon didn't like to bring it in the apartment, she immediately went on his side. I find it very important in any relationships, to take a side of a beloved person. -- Or, Raj, Bernadett and even her father not letting Howard being miserable again in space. He needed a time to realize it. -- I don't think Leonard suffers much from Sheldon or Penny, imo. It feels like he tries to get his way sometimes, but does he need it... I'm not sure. -- Accent jokes. Like someone who while learning foreign languages, tries to kill of every accent, I found it hilarious. -- Sheldon knew very well what Amy was doing. Someone can call it "manipulation". I don't think so. She just subtle tried not to do, what not only she didn't want to (break up), but also HE didn't want it. The more of it, in the tag scene, he used the same method to get all of them come and sit to the couch. He learned it pretty well from the others, how you can get your way from "doing the big eyes" and saying the things in a sad way. -- Bernie was pleasant. As always. -- Mike saying "You are great" to Howard, even because of the kick from Bernie. -- Something else I don't remember. phantagrae, on 28 Feb 2014 - 2:50 PM, said: Only one thing I didn't understand: Why Raj couldn't bring the chair from the new table to sit?! LOL
  18. Exactly. It seems similar with his line to Penny: "Does your weight affects your self confidence?" or st like this... He just don't get the importancy of anyone appearance and doesn't care for it, indeed.
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