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  1. Thank you to thegwielo from Tumblr for this summary (who attended the taping tonight)


    Sheldon and Amy are having date night at her place and as he is leaving and in the doorway, Amy says "Its date night, aren’t you forgetting something?" and Sheldon responds "Oh...youre right." He walks right up to her and kisses her much in the same fashion as the train kiss. It was almost as long too! And what made it really cute was they had a little banter with each other while kissing about video game controllers.


    The whole premise of Shamy in the episode is that Sheldon is deciding between getting an Xbox One or PS4. The head on shoulder scene is at Best Buy after an all day, unsuccessful attempt at deciding. Sheldon has a sad tone and Amy is just tired. I'd describe it as an "i give up" moment for both of them.



    I'm not sure if I'll manage to wait till the ep airs......


    Ah.... Thank you Star and thegwielo!!!!

    You made my month..... OMG.... My life couldn't be better.

    I can't even...............

    I almost forgot he liked it. He loved it, damn!!!!


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    Freaking Shamy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! L.O.V.E.

  3. Does anybody know if there are any MaJim fanfics out there? I've heard people joke about it but I don't know if they really exist.

    I'm still quite new to the fanfiction world so have no idea if people normally write about actual real persons instead of just fictional characters.

    Just wondering out of curiosity .. don't even know if I would want to read one if there are any! :p

    Interesting... I was thinking of the same a few hours ago. People do write fanfics about cast, yes. 6 years ago I read about some of Friends' cast. But about Majim I've never seen.

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