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  1. I understand you, mena, and I agree with you, but don't take it seriously. People are just joking.


    Mayim and Jim amaze me. I really don't know which thread is my fav - this or Shamy's - my best romantic couple or the perfect friendship (as I see it)? Hmm... dunno :girlwacko:.

  2. I think the third observation is very important. 


    He obviously felt something, he was moved in some way by it.  This kiss was WAY more than just "fascinating" 


    Miserably freezing cold day in the Midwest and I'm sitting here sweating and smiling like an idiot.  I think my family is getting worried that I am coming down with something :)


    Oh, I agree. It shows his reaction. After he was literally "SINKING" in the kiss, he couldn't feel other way. It has done GREAT effect on him! It's impossible to pick the right words for this feeling of him, of her - neither word is strong enough to express. The first kiss means too much for every person. Especially with the one who you love.

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  3. Oh guys, you make me laugh so hard.


    Thanks for posting the video, Raamaa. I love this "nerdtable". 

    It seems that 7x13 was aired months ago - so tough is waiting for the next episode.

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  4. mayim-sag-selfie.jpg


    Damn that smile of her, it's gonna be the death of me someday.

    Someone on the other forum said: "Mayam has the sincerest smile I've ever seen." 

    I can't agree more :girlsmile:


    And to the SAG dress of her I would say, that the material on the skirt is not very suitable. But I loved it, especially the upper side and the color. And with some other material it would be perfect. She looked gotic  :good:

  5. About the kiss (they showed it to us!)

    *he put his hands on her waist when he moved his body closer to hers.

    *he said, "good" after she said, "that was nice."

    * he spoke as if he was going to faint before asking her to go with him to see the engineer. It was cute.

    The also did another tag scene for that episode tonight and filmed it right there before us. So, it was Sheldon coming home after the weekend at Napa.


    Can I marry this post?? I will marry this post!!!

    I feel like I am thrown on the cloud 7 right now. It's for you, Monique --> :giveheart:


    -- "His hands on her waist": I repeat these words over and over in my head... *gonna faint* ...I was sooo dreaming that it'd be THAT way! YAY!!!!! Sheldon is touching someone (and so intimately touching!!) because he WANTS IT!!!!! Can't believe it... :yahoo: I'm so happy this Alpha-male is so tender!


    -- He said "Good": it's like him worrying, if she liked his kiss. So sweet... my oooh my... :tender:


    -- Leonard knows about the SIK. I kinda like that. No, not exactly.. I loooved that Sheldon mentioned it! It is a great sign :dancer: . So noone will FORGET about it! I imagine a scene with all of them around the table eating chocolate brownies (haha!), and Leonard says something like "Sheldon knows what else tastes like brownies. Right, Sheldon?" Penny is like: "What are you talking about?"...Hehe!  Imagine her reaction, when she finds out! Like in 4x01. So amusingly! :girlhaha:

    Shamy is like  :firstmove:


    Can't wait till the next taping!!! And then till the 6th!!!!


    Love all the posts here. You make my spirit, people! :thankyou: Our Shamy is unbelievably powerful!

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  6. I am new to this sight, but I love all the excitement that is here.  I have been reading for several months.  It is great to see that others are excited about this show and its characters!  So anxious to see upcoming taping reports.  So grateful to the individuals that go and report!


    You are very welcome! :preved:


    MariaAlbina, I can't keep my eyes of your profilphoto. Mayam is stunning! :tender:


    Monique, have fun! I'm happy for you and for us, that you'll be there :girlwink: .

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  7. Me tooooooo

    I think is something so intimate and so beautiful to Amy and Sheldon that they will keep to themselves


    Yeah... I don't see them asking for advice from anybody, because 1. Their relationship is ehm... different. 2. They both already know where it's going. Also I don't see them two talking too much about it. It looks totally clear for them in my mind :dancer:. Of course, I can be not right. (I definitely made a mistake in this sentence. Hope you get it though.)

    But like many of you already said I see them doing profound eye-coitus in front of others, and noone knows what Shamy hide and what they think about, or remember :girldance:


    Another topic: I think Sheldon will be more calm after THE episode.

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  8. Thank you Sonia for the great write up about the perspective of D&D versus this V-day episode.   Very insightful.    


    I don't think Amy is going to tell anyone about the kiss.  She wants to savor the moment and honestly there is no reason for her to tell anyone.   She isn't going to seek any advice.  She feels good about how things are going and I don't think she will feel a need to go ask for advice.   Before the kiss, perhaps, but certainly not after.   I think she will be pleased and feel it is something so intimate between she and Sheldon that she wants to keep it that way.


    I think Sheldon may not say anything to anyone either, but if he does it will be to Leonard and not Penny.   First he knows Penny is a gossip and cannot keep secrets.  Second, he has always gone to Leonard about serious moments regarding Amy so if anyone he would go to Leonard.  But I don't think he will until further down the road.  I think for a while, this kiss is going to be just between Shamy and it won't be until Sheldon starts to want to know what next that he may talk to Leonard.


    I can see Kaley thinking Penny would teach Sheldon, but she forgets one thing about Sheldon, he is a guy that researches like crazy.  He wants to get it right and he isn't impressed with how she has handled her relationships so she would be the last person he would turn to.   Plus honestly, from a fan perspective I would hate it if he used Penny as a "teacher".   That image just grosses me out big time.   I am glad they never went there with her teaching him to kiss.   I am glad he figured it out all by himself.  And obviously he did a pretty dang good job all on his own.   He didn't need her to be his instructor for the kiss and he won't need her to instruct him on anything else  regarding the intimacy moves he wants to further along with Amy.


    I think what Mayim said about the couple is more accurate; they figure things out together on their own and learn what works right for them.   I think that is much more in keeping with the characters.  


    I do think the show will downplay things a bit, but we may see the return of much more eye-coitus between them  and small smirks and looks that shows they know a secret.   Eventually they may spill about the kiss if friends notice, but I think the scenario one of you posted earlier for episode 23 or 24 this season is probably a good one...where Leonard walks in on them kissing and they act like it is old news.  LOL!

    Wonderful written, Melody! It's exactly what I think! :girlsmile: 

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  9. Ikr isn't it weird and wonderful??? I always found it fascinating that some of us are going to work others go to sleep, we speak different languages but we all are crazy about the shamy getting so excited about the SIK!!!! :-) So gkad about that!!!

    As for the hug comment. MJ didn't include this on the report but on the chat we were told that for some reason I cannot remember Sheldon said to Amy that he was so happy he could hug her and she opened her arms and he said wait counted to three and then said I'm fine and didn't hug her. Not on these exact words but you get the gist ;)

    Now I get it. Mmm... That sounds interesting. Thank you Cecilia and MJ!!


    I wonder how many times has Sheldon already done this counting, hehe!

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  10. I just told two Shamy-shippers in my country about the SIK. They got really excited :curtsey: . 


    And realized that there're some people in the world, who thinks about the same thing that I do. What an amazing feeling is it! :party:


    Also I wanted to ask, when Sheldon said "I'm glad I could hug you" and counted to 3??? I don't remember reading it in the report.

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  11. Thanks for bringing that up. Don't freak out if we get things wrong. I was actually coming here to post that the, "you want romance? I'M give you romance." line isn't exactly how he said it, I think it's more of what Dana originally said he said.

    What we DO remember was that it was a DAMN good kiss ;)


    Oh cr*p! I can't wait :tender:  :girlwitch: .


    Offtopic: I assume, noone remembers me, but I missed being here with you guys.

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  12. I was wondering about the tag too, but since the scene wasn't played right in front of them, maybe they didn't see a tiny detail which makes the difference.

    I mean, just the three of them being in the same place in the train doesn't make sense. I may be fantasizing, but I think there is something more... a look, a move, a touch, anything that could mean that they're still into this moment.

    I thought about it, too. It could be something like handtouching slightly smiling when noone looks at them.


    Thank you so much Dana for the amazing details!!!!!


    I just wonder, how it'll go after... What will they doing, how will they look at each other. *dreaming*... I mean, this kiss - the FIRST kiss - shouldn't be forgotten. At least I hope so.

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