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  1. A couple of words to the last episode...

    OK... Well... My thoughts is running around crazy :huh:.

    I don't really know which scene I loved more. All of them were on the different way sensational.

    The obvious for all of you part is: Sheldon is taking care of a SICK person! :icon_eek: Maybe he hasn't so much fear of germs and fear of being infected, because it's Amy - when she is nearby him, he forgets about his phobias. They become definitely not so important in comparison to HIS Amy :wub: .

    I loved once again how the both felt so comfortable with each other.

    Her face, when he was rubbing her chest, was incredible, fabulous!!!!

    Sheldon is reading for her... so sweet... just aaaawwwwww :wub:

    Amy was like a little baby asking Sheldon to rub her chest again. Cute baby with second thoughts in mind, wanting the man she loves touch her one more time :icon_redface:. I don't blame her for lying.

    I loved the spanking - it was better that I've imagined. It was new and hilarious. 

    I was expecting Sheldon be much more angry with Amy's lie, and I was surprised he wasn't. Amy was so happy to have Sheldon beside her, doing all this sweet stuff for her. And I'm sure, Sheldon was happy to be with her all this time, either :p. I think, that's because he wasn't so upset with her. Although the lie for this couple is really unsuitable and weird.

    Amy's nighties are cute.

    What else I wanted to say...

    Ah! Mayim was fantastic as always. She amazes me with her play :D. And even showing sick Amy so perfect, she continues to stay beautiful. Jim was awesome too, naturally. What a GREAT job of them both!!!


    Well... It's sooooooooooo L-O-V-E, baby!!!!!!!! :p  :D


    P.S. I love Amy and Bernie together. They have a super-chemistry.

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  2. I think this episode is one where even being spoilt will not ruin or lessen the shock of what we are about to see. So much teasing. Cannot wait until the second half of this season.


    Yeah... When I read a taping report, I always am WOWing :icon_eek:, but then the episode is finally on air, and the SHAMY scenes (especially) turn out to be like a million times better. There are simply on the edge of perfection :icon_cheesygrin:. Thanks the Cast & Crew for this.

  3. why not??? 


    Why... thank you for the question. Honestly, I understand not so much what you people write here - my english is not so good yet :unsure:

    I just want to be near to TBBT and especially to SHAMY. :wub:

    It's fascinating to have a possibility to be close to you, good persons :icon_cheesygrin:.

    Like Sheldon said: "I can't talk so much about the trains, like I wanted to." 

  4. Thank you, Frieda and jeanalice :) That promo... oh my, I CAN'T BREATHE! I think I might die when I watch the episode D: 


    You are welcome. I imagine, right after the TFGD ends, all Shamy fans gonna dying from shock, laughing, sqweeeing, "yay"ing, "aww"ing... What a picture! :lol: How powerful is our SHAMY! :wub:



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  5. I don't ship them, but I love their relationship, interactions and fights. I'd be happy to have something like this in my life. BTW, I was in Brasil and loved it :cool:.  

  6. Sorry but I don't. I just can't see Raj and Stuart as lovers at all. Not Stuart. If they have Raj decide he is gay after all (yawn stereotype), he could do a lot better than Stuart. He's cute and he has no problem talking to men. He could go on the pull in gay clubs and do really well.


    It's OK. I like Stuart. 

    Honestly, I don't really care who it will be, I just want to see Raj with some warm person.

    I don't see Raj be a gay - it's just my wish for gay-couple in TBBT.

  7. blah, blah, blah...




    Also why the rating # is low..is she hasnt been on since the beginning! Duh!


    That's a good point. :D


    Still can't understand the haters. :icon_rolleyes:  I just love how the fans, who really have a warm heart, are united, in this poppycock-thread too. :p


    You are welcome, Susan. ;)

  8. Liar? Craig? Do I sense hate towards Mayim too?

    I didn't understand that either, jeanalice. :icon_rolleyes: 


    To the interview: I didn't see one of the Craig's Shows yet. And it was a great surprise, bc I didn't expect him to be so hilarious. :lol:  Mayim... is soooo gorgeous! It's a real pleasure to keep watching how she talks and her body-language. I think, it's very bequem talking with her. Oh, I wish I could.  :wub:

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