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  1. I really do hope they move forward in their relationship. Amy has changed a lot, mainly because of penny and berny but in a good way! and so has Sheldon, I like Amy is making him aware of feelings. Its very fun and interesting to watch, I find my self sitting on the edge of my seat sometimes, especially when Sheldon told Amy that spiderman quote. Although it was not from him self he said it like he meant it.

    Amy "I'll Take it!" :)

    So I do think they will become more 'close' (kissing) :D and I just can't wait! I find Amy and Sheldon a lot more interesting to watch then Leonard and Penny mostly because Shamy are new to this and their exciting to watch. I would like to see them both express new feelings. Go Shamy! <3

    Sheldon ovousily enjoy the kiss, he closed his eyes and said interesting :D

    You stole my words :icon_mrgreen: "Go kissing, Shamy!" :icon_twisted:

  2. I was just rewatching this ep and I was trying to pay close attention to JP's face to see how he was playing that scene.

    When Amy said that she'd be done with him if he didn't say something from the heart, he did look a little stunned, and then of course, he chose to try to say something. I don't think he was doing it just to get a ride home. If he didn't want to continue the boyfriend/girlfriend thing, he had a way out right there.

    That tells me that though they weren't his own words, he chose to say them in order to preserve or continue his relationship with Amy.

    It's hard to say to what degree he actually feels the way the words imply, but one could argue that quote occurred to him for a reason. Was he simply calling on a similar scene from a movie he liked, or did the quote occur to him because he actually feels that way?

    It's hard to say, but I think one could argue that he felt at least some degree of what he was saying.

    I hope so. This bothers me too. Like a Shamy-shipper I want him to feel it, he just does not understand it. But if it's really so. I'm sure he feel something romantic on his way, and I like it. It's just so amusing to see one so "not like the others" couple...

  3. Agreed.

    I liked season 5 better. It had the best of this couple. I do loooove season 4 but it's more of a setpoint of the relationship.

    But who am I to talk since most of those here didn't want them to go further anyway.

    Thanks. You? One truly shipper as I am


    I love Amy, she does make it funnier, I think people just want Sheldon to them self that's why they don't want Amy on the show. Or they think Sheldon should not be human and develop new experiences and should sit in a box . If you was a true Sheldon fan you would love him no matter what he takes on and how he develops. He will always be the same, he will just develop slight more feelings.

    Them too together make the show funnier and Penny is rubbing off on them both changing them slightly which is good. :) I don't want them to jump into bed or anything like that, just develop more with their feelings and become closer in their own weird way! :D

    Totally agreed! Somewhere I read, people have jealous instead to wish them happyness :icon_rolleyes: - I don't understand it. I don't want them to jump into bed too, NOW, but I´d love to watch, how they approach it - funny, weird and I do know they both are "robotic", but also tenderly. I vote for this with all my heart! I do value friendship very much, but in my opinion, they have more. And if they made Amy wanting Sheldon and at the end they don't put them together, then I don't understand nothing.

  4. ...

    Anyway, Sheldon has found out that even if he doesn't like the idea of holding hands or kissing, he does like the idea of having Amy for himself.

    Agreed. They have not to do all the stuff in the way others do. It makes me delight, how their feelings proceed, with baby steps, yes, but so rigth and truly. Noone around understand them, but they understand each other.

    When they have a fight - the basis of that is: feelings like jealous, dislike that the other is gone (25 cats :icon_biggrin: ) and never they say, "you are not the way I like" or "I'm not good enough for you"... It's difficult for her, she want more and should have a patience with Sheldon, for him, to do thing total out of his comfort zone.

    It seems right, that they don't talk - they know what other feels.

  5. I'm for romantic relationships - not that romantic, how other people make it or take it, but on weird, original, THEIR way. I'm sure, that would not change Sheldon. I just think, that one man, who hate other people touching, but one=Amy, IS the sweetest, that in this world could exist! And TBBT would be the one, who has this kind of relationship on TV. I really hope, it will go on. :icon_wink:

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  6. At some point Amy should climb into Sheldon's bed, naked, and when he objects say, "Shut up Sheldon. Cooperate or you will never see me again," and then go for it.

    Hahaha, very good. :icon_redface: As I today saw TBBT, and Sheldon said, there is some "hole" or whatever in the agreement (Sorry, can't remember the word), and I thougth, Amy should read it with more attention and find one thing more, that would let her to have some sort of physical contact with him :icon_twisted: But later. She's doing her best now. Perfect for them! :icon_wink:

  7. I'm enjoying to read this topic. Thank you so much, guys! :icon_razz: Amy became my favorite in TBBT. I think, I share a little her soul and life. And yeah, Myaim and Jim have such a wonderful chemistry! Loved them talking about kissing. And especially how Myaim said: "You really wanna kiss me again, don't you?" And Jim: "I'm always enjoying kissing you..." Awwwww... cuties :icon_redface:

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  8. Sorry for my little opinion here... My english is really bad. Honestly, I understand very good, what Sheldon feels about physical contact. But whatever he says, he is NOT a robot and he does feel. I hate, when one couple sleep with each other "on the first date". Shamy are perfect together intellectually and they have such a great friendship. In this case "loving each other physically" would be sweet and "giving", not like only sex in the bed. They only need time to go for this, step by step, but certanly, they deserve it. I would really like to see, how it with this weird couple goes.

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  9. I'm simply in love with Shamy. They're weird, not like other couples at TV, They make my interest for them grown more&more. They understand and do love each other, also without wanting to change their caracters. Sweeeeeet))))

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