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  1. Yeahhh... *dreamily* You know, for the people who hate touching (I believe it, cause I am one), the very little touch from the beloved (not only romantically attached, but also from friends, etc) person means the world and it's unbelievably satisfactory. So, I believe, every Shamy touch means the hell of the Universe not only for Amy, but for Sheldon, too. That's why it's so rare (for now), because it's incredibly meaningful...
  2. Yeah... Thanks. Didn't know it can be called so... Sorry for asking.
  3. You are allowed more than that Oh, I don't know, just the intuition, I think .
  4. Hahaha... You are hilarious! I like the shoes ^^ In some way I imagined you redhaired, lol Ehm... why 4???
  5. Question... How do you think, has Mayim ever coloured her hair? I believe, in Blossom and also now she has her natural hair colour, but idk. Anyone?
  6. Every time I promise myself to stay in healthy admiration-place, but not once I won this game . Damn! LOL Sooner or later it always hits me.
  7. I just found this interview, that I don't remember being posted here, so I just leave it: Sorry, Maddie, it was the wrong link^^
  8. I had those thoughts, too, but as you said I prefer it not to be true, obviously. When she said, she's weird to be asked to go out, I just thought, it's crazy. I hate that! But maybe... maybe, she needs a little bit more time to stay alone, time for herself, and then any time soon BAM! Someone appears in her life Yes, it's not of anyone business, but I'd like to know when it happens, won't lie, hehe.
  9. Oh gosh... people, you are killing me with laughs
  10. I believe notchinc meant what could be the catalyst for the next kiss. And it can be... well... everything, so people like to speculate and try to imagine the "reason" too, not only the way, haha, while damn waiting...
  11. Wow!!! You look so happy! And you both look amazing! Congratulations!!!
  12. Yeah... And good, that we can have all these photos and videos of her ^^
  13. Goodness....... She is a doll, a very smart one. I love every line of her, the way she is standing. And... I'll stop now, otherwise something inappropriate slips out of me.......
  14. Mayim said in the interview: "There may come more." I'm not sure if I quote her correct. And we just begann speculating, what could that mean. Here it is: And you can also check Mayim's thread
  15. Aaaaaaaw.... Cuuuute^^ The Scott-guy looks so happy. And so lucky . Thanks!!!
  16. Welcome, sweetie!! I knew you'll come back. Being spoiled and have an oportunity to read the whole Shamy-discussion is irressistible, hehe!
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