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  1. Damn! I want their hands suddenly to touch! I bet, it'd feel like electricity for them. *so needy*
  2. Welcome, Serafe! I like your name Have fun posting.
  3. The Love Car Displacement. "I love his eidetic memory, it's so sexy."
  4. Hmm... Who could it be.... Oh, it was Amy! LOL Who said: "Words don't always have to mean things."
  5. I don't remember where I was reading the conversation about Ramy, but I'll post it here. Sheldon's dream about them... ehm... no, no-no-no... If I would see Mayim even holding hands romantically with someone other then Jim in TBBT, I'd close my eyes shut, LOL. The same goes with Jim. I'd prefer Sheldon to dream about him and Amy getting closer intimately, then waking up regretting that it was only a dream. And then the whole day (or more) trying to get over this sweet memory. To the 17th episode: I loved the sex-book joke. Before continue to watch the episode, I rerun this moment of Shamy 20 times, LOL Amazing chemistry, fantastic acting of the both M & J. And from now on I wait for Sheldon to say to Amy: "One more minute." Hehe
  6. Hiii... Feel yourself welcome please.
  7. ktla Normally I'm not a fan of too much make up on women, but Mayim in this interview is a Queen!!! It lookes very good on her.
  8. I'll allow myself to add a few words to the recent topic. Sorry, if I repeat after someone. I'm very grateful for everyone's opinions here. The opinion can't be wrong, and we all are different people with our own feelings, that just can't (and shouldn't) be similar all the time . I like the analyse-posts, because I always find something interesting for me, that I didn't notice, and it makes me think about details from the other point of view without hurshing my buzz (did I spell it right?). Noone can change my feelings about, in this case, Shamy -- I already have mines, that are "in stone". So I have no problem with the "negativity". On the russian forum I write a lot and normally people follow my spirits, hehe, and I love it . Sometimes I share some thought that I read here with the reference and ask for opinions. I hope, it's not bad, because I never tell it's my idea, when it's not. This part was for the privilege to analyse-posts . I confess, I'm a rainbow-person (pun intended? No. ) in regards to Shamy. Maybe it's silly, but I already have a freakin real life for the darkness. And TBBT and other sitcoms help me to live through it. I love laughing and love my passion . With this, my privilege to the positive posts -- reading them I feel like my emotions are kinda being shared, and it's one the most pleasant things in the world . I'm here, because 24 episodes with 20 minutes everyone in one year are not enough for me, and it's wonderful to see other people who are so obsessed as me so that they are having the time and desire to enter the forum and express their opinions and emotions . More, now I know it's not crazy to falling asleep thinking about Shamy. The one thing I don't appreciate much, is fight . Even if one time one person appears agressive, it's not necessarily to fight back, in my opinion. Sorry. But again, I'm not going to tell the people how to behave. And one more thing: if there is someone who doesn't post, because (s)he thinks that the opinion wouldn't be appreciated or is scared (too strong word?), please, come here and join, even if you have something creepy in mind. Look at me, I am struggling with this post about 30 minutes already , and I don't mind my errors, I only fear if the people gonna understand my intenton right. Thanks for the attention . *gone from the stage*
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