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  1. "You are my love child" -- aaaaw, so sweet! The interviewer seems to really like her. JP, sure. Who knew 4 years ago, that they would become so great friends, ah?! Was it coincidence or what! But now it's irrelevant. They are happy to have each other, and it makes me happy. "When do we get a coitus episode?" AHAHAAHAAAA She was shocked, as am I. Loved it! Thanks for sharing!
  2. And here I quote Rachel (if you've seen Friends): "Get out! Get out!! Get out!!!"
  3. Me too. But now we are just pregnant with another kid. And it will be more and more. OMG, it's creepy, hahaha...
  4. Their kisses are like kids to us, LOL
  5. I thought of an airport kiss, too, but in my imagination Sheldon was going away... Well, this would be wonderful oportunity for the kiss, definitely. It reminds me of Ross & Rachel, haha. But I wouldn't like it to happen in series, because I simply don't like the idea of separating them for a time. Wenn for the next time Sheldon (maybe it will be him) kisses Amy, he needs her by him for the most of the time, to not forget how it is to kiss her, to have the oportunity to look at her lips and struggle with himself. You know what I mean? I rather picture it in his apartment, dunno why. Maybe even with their friends around, or not...
  6. Even if she doesn't know, it should happen .
  7. Yes-yes, I just heard it. Please, let it be another kiss!!!!
  8. Too little... Oh, I dream about me stroking her hair
  9. Ok, I think I should stop to read Maria's posts, but I won't .
  10. I like how she is always discreet with her clothes, not showing the body. I'd like to see it more simetimes though.
  11. Maybe, it was that Leonard didn't consider being a personality without being in a relationship. OK, it sounds stupid, lol It was said, I think, just for funzies, just an ordinary punch-line.
  12. Oh heaven... it's impossble... I'm dreaming....
  13. To The Intimacy Dilemma. Just read it. Amazing feelings. Very real. And touching. I believe it was the way you described. They just didn't show it to us. Def one of my fav fics. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Hahaha... Maddie... hahaaaa... I can't.....
  15. I totally agree on this, and actually I can't see that it could be similar. I personally didn't like the way of Penny to say it. (Now I won't talk about that and threw away the negativity, haha) And I don't imagine Sheldon being like her, but rather he tells it to Amy as if it's about something new he found out in science field, and then he remembers he's done a research of his feelings and just adds ILY in the sentence. More calm, but only in his expressions. We know, how he'd feel deeply. And maybe a little bit worried about her reaction, so to not show it, he's moving along with the talking. Just a thought. What's TLDR?
  16. I imagine Sheldon say ILY in the middle of a long sentence, on purpose or like he just realized it and spited it out and then continued his line. "*science stuff...* I love you *blah blah blah*". And Amy is just standing with her mouth open. Hahaha! And then, idk, what happens then, my fantasy fails, lol
  17. I never knew who is this Howard Stern, and never watched the show, but now you make me worried too. I hope, it'll be OK for her. That's all I want.
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