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  1. 33?!?!?! Oh my!!! That's the age that my very shy physicist boyfriend was .... um.... "deflowered!"

    That was 16 years ago, this month.... And we're still together! :D

    How old is Amy supposed to be? (If 30, I'll trip out again!)

    And sorry about the TMI! It's just funny that their relationship seems to loosely parallel our past. (Well... No relationship agreement). ;)

    I think we all can have something in common with Shamy, Sheldon or Amy, and that can be one of the reasons we love them :girlhide: .

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  2. *recovering after the shock-froze*


    It feels like Sheldon's opinion about having sex is changing pretty quickly. And I sooooo love that! :dancer:


    Poor Sheldon, but he is not a little child to be traumatized, so it can be good for him. Now even if his mother does it! I mean, now he KNOWS and should accept she does it.... sooooo... you know :girlwink:  

    I'm "scared" to think about what could happen next in this season.


    *flyes back happy to the lurkdom.*



    P.S. It seems like Chiany was right. It doesn't matter who the Mary's man is.


    P.S. 2 Thank you kazzie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :give_rose: 

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  3. Yes. She came to my university and gave a speech last March to give a lecture and do a meet and greet. While she was there I was literally 50 yards away having class in another building. I couldn't believe it. :cray: :cray:


    And then the next day or so my professor asked if we went and saw Mayim Bialik. I was gutted.

    OMG... It isn't fair... I'm very sorry. But it will be another opportunity, believe me.

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