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  1. How beautiful is that! (1) Totally agreed. It's so natural human behavior. (2) Yes-yes-yes!!!! (3) I foresee it, too^^
  2. What does that mean in the context of this photo? I also love when Sheldon calls Amy "miss Amy", and even more "yes, miss Amy". It reminds me, that she is his princess .
  3. Oh my, is she sweet! Thanks for posting all this, dear fellows! I just realized something : one of Mayim's son's name is Frederick. If I remember correctly, it's also my name, hahaha! I know it may be doof to be happy about it, but I totally am . Sorry for OT. I thought, the visitors this page would understand the craziness .
  4. Agreed. I can't wait anymore 80 . Aaaaaaw.... So cute, Raz "My lips on you... looking cute..." Exaaaaaactly >*_*<
  5. Haha, I jumped off the chair when I read your comment. I thought, too, we should see her doing the same with Sheldon. She did it so well, hahaha!
  6. Plus: "We just kissed!!!" I'm so looking forward for this episode.
  7. Wow... Sheldon looks really upset, like "how can you so easily agree to break up with me?!" and "how can you let me break up with you?!". Amy seems cooler. On the first one he seems already to understand what a mistake he's done.
  8. Hi there... I have one question, that someone may have an answer for. I know about Jim's life almost nothing, but besides Mayim, who else are his close friends?
  9. That's why I couldn't find it... Thank you very much!!!!! Excelente!! Did he get that it could (and did) hurt her? Gosh...
  10. Ah so... Thank you so much, Trina! I wanted to ask about it a while, lol The fact that he apologizes is a huge thing, I mean, for Sheldon. Good, I'm glad.
  11. Thanks for posting the photos, Chloe!! I immediately thought the same^^
  12. Yes, yes, you are right about him, and it's better than I imagined reading taping report. I never read that he apologizes. Was it in the taping report??
  13. So, this is when she signes the Relationship Termination, right? Sheldon looks weird to me... Sad, reflectiv, a little bit "bitter"...
  14. I know what you mean, I was a lurk myself What blanket?? Oh I got it...
  15. I know what you mean, but yesterday I found one girl, who ships Shamy and Majim, so I could tell all I want without needing to translate, lol, and she was not in a good mood with Shamy, so I tried my best to cheer her up^^ Oh yes, she's a lucky girl, and we are lucky that we have her, del and the others Idk, who could tell us what they have seen, yay! I just can't live without spoilers, haha!
  16. Exactly!! Remember, Monique said, that he looked, like he was going to faint in that moment, just right after they break up? I'm reading these posts, and it makes me think, I don't know what I love the most -- the kiss, when he suddenly "realizes" he want to continue to be part of her... or that moment of totally foggy conciousness of his, where we can observe his fabulous love for her... so much feels
  17. You are a genius!!! That's all Sheldon and his enormous fear of loving something new, that he always judged in other "normal" people, that he always insisted he didn't need and didn't want. And it's more difficult because in all what he does, is so much passion there. But ok for now... soon he will "pass through the crossing" and be even more passionate about Amy. Let's just wait... I dare you, Sheldon, if you won't move, I'll steal her from you, hahaha! *screams into the Universe*
  18. Aaaaw You are!! Hope, you enjoy. Oh, what am I saying? I know, you will
  19. Sure. One moment... Here: http://www.veoh.com/watch/v17465644raYkw6gA
  20. Hahahaha!!! Yes!!! Me too. She is so sweet with that doggy. Have you seen the other episode, too? She laught so infectiously there, rofl
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