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  1. Great episode tonight seeing Sheldon and Leonard on the couch was very funny. I also felt bad for Raj even though I had a feeling that divorce was going to be in his parent’s future. All though have to agree that the storyline for Howard and Bernadette should evolve a bit.
    And loved seeing the tribute vanity card to Carol Ann Susi at the end of the episode too.
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  2. I do wonder, also, how they're going to handle her loss.  If they're going to have Howard's mother pass away, I think it will also have to be a sudden turn of events and it will impact both Howard and Stuart.  I don't know if they can pull any comedy out of such a story, though.  Still, they'll have to deal with it in some way.


    I wonder if they have any future scripts in process that would have involved her, because of the ongoing story with Stuart.


    And I also wonder how Kaley feels about it.  While Carol wasn't a main character, Kaley went through the loss of a co-star when John Ritter died so suddenly on 8 Simple Rules.  I remember they wrote the father's death into the show and they had James Garner join the cast as the grandfather, and I think they added someone else as well--was it David Spade? (or Seth Green?)--but I don't think it lasted much past his death.


    I wonder that as well and if they will have Howard's mom pass away even though it will be a sudden of events on the ongoing storyline of Stuart/Howard/Debbie fighting, even though it is but probably not in the way they wanted to.


    And even though this is slightly off topic, I believe it was David Spade that joined the cast of 8 Simple Rules following the death of John Ritter 11 years ago.

  3. Starting to wonder if their will be a In Memoriam for Carol Ann at the end of Thursday's show.




    Kunal's tweet broke my heart.


    It broke my heart as well denajeanx.

  4. That's really sad, we just heard her voice in prom episode. Cancer is so scary.


    Yes, indeed it is scary and I know how the cast and crew and her family feel since my first cousin Steven passed away from cancer right before Halloween.

  5. Just saw it on Facebook just minutes ago and rest in peace Carol Ann Susi and it makes me wonder how TBBT is going to handle this will they retire Howard's mom or will they just recast Howard's mom with another woman.

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  6. (Haven't done one of these in a while but here it goes)


    Great episode tonight, I also thought that Leonard and Penny were very cute tonight along with seeing Love Sheldon and Raj have screen time together tonight since we don't get enough of onscreen together but tonight certainly made up for the lack of it with them from talking about Miley Cyrus and her role as Hannah Montana to bringing up Voyager (the probe and the mediocre Star Trek spinoff from the 90s).


    And it was fun enjoying watching on Monday nights in the old HIMYM time slot but looking forward to bring back where we belong on Thursday nights.

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  7. Two thoughts and prayers from me this Sunday afternoon:


    Thoughts and prayers for all in California.  The rest of us are here for you. And stay safe too.


    And further thoughts and prayers for one of my teachers (even though I never had him as a teacher) Coach Nathan Waldrop who is currently in the hospital and has been there most of the summer, suffering through gall bladder problems which eventually resulted in gall bladder removal surgery. Then in post surgery he devolved a c-diff infection that the doctors say they almost didn't catch in time. So back to the hospital. That go-round left him so weak that he was transferred to an in-care rehab program because he could no longer get around on his own and had finally managed to stand up under his own power when he was again rushed to the hospital, this time suffering from a pulmonary embolism (blood clot in the lung) most likely from being stuck in a hospital bed so long. To add insult to injury, the c-diff infection came back again.

  8. Total shock indeed this evening and he was such a large part of my childhood....from Mrs. Doubtfire to the Genie in Aladdin to Jumanji. Heck I even remembered him as Mork from the reruns of Mork and Mindy that used to air on the old Fox Family channel in the mornings back in the late 90s. 

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