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  1. 21,341 (and it's officially my 24th birthday)
  2. Sounds yumish German Sausage
  3. Never HYE ran a marathon?
  4. Way to go Melissa!!! Looks like this could be a very good movie as well and I also wonder when the movie will be released too.
  5. Seems like a lifetime indeed as Sheldonswife said but they will go by in a blink of an eye and soon it will be single digits and then the day of the Season 8 premiere.
  6. Thoughts and prayers to the family of Ethan Cole who passed away today and he made friends with just about everyone. He was funny and very talented playing in music especially playing the guitar (which below is him preforming at my high school's annual Fun Follies back in 2011).
  7. I think he should as well rachelshamyfan and this is what one of my friends shared on Facebook about today's biting incident from Saurez
  8. I think this may be the correct place to put it I hope. And here is the TVLine article about CBS' Fall premiere dates http://tvline.com/2014/06/24/cbs-fall-tv-schedule-2014-big-bang-theory-ncis/
  9. Under The Bridge - Red Hot Chili Peppers
  10. Peter Marshall (the original host of The Hollywood Squares)
  11. Yes! and Mayim was one of the first to annouce that Jim was on Twitter while she was at the mall and in other Mayim related news, her "very special" show "Blossom" will make it's debut on The Hub Network on July 7th according to this tweet from them.
  12. False TNP that has gone to a basketball game?
  13. Thoughts and prayers for the Seattle Pacific University community tonight. My heart goes out to all those affected in the tragedy.
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