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  1. Cute and funny episode tonight, I couldn't stop laughing through the episode and loved seeing Sheldon drunk dial Stephen Hawking and not to mention Sheldon saying that geology is the Kardashians of science.


    Can't wait to see what is in store for the last few episodes now that we are approaching May and the season finale.

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  2. Funny episode tonight, laughed a lot through the whole show tonight from the mention of Wil Wheaton and the phrase that follows child stars almost everywhere "I can just feel them thinking...he was such a cute kid, what happened to him?", Sheldon and Amy sitting on the floor after the store closed tonight's episode, along with Bernadette's writing the wrong thing on a get well soon card to a coworker.

  3. Even though I have never been to a murder mystery party and loved seeing Sheldon and Howard in Texas with Sheldon explain seeing a parent having sex perfectly with the line of "I saw my mommy with a naked man and she was trying to be a mommy again."
     And there are some very good scenes the episode and had more backstory for Howard’s mom having a boyfriend before his Bar Mitzvah and Raj’s predictions of where the gang will be in 20 years and Sheldon also accepting the fact of his mom having a boyfriend towards the end of the episode and loved seeing Stuart in that aged makeup in 2034.
    Over all a very good episode IMHO.
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  4. High Points of the episode:
    Howard and Sheldon spending time together on the airplane
    Penny getting a car from Leonard to get to her auditions
    The scenes with Amy and Raj even though she should have done what Raj did with Sheldon by setting him up with a woman online.
    Low Point of the episode:
    Penny’s old car breaking down even though that car with the 'check engine light' should have broken down circa Season 4.
    Over all this episode is probably one of the better episodes of Season 7 IMHO.

    'The Mommy Observation' - Season 7, Episode 18 

    Thursday, March 13 at 8/7c on CBS.

    When Sheldon visits his Mom in Houston, he is forced to confront a new reality. Meanwhile, Raj's "Murder Mystery" party starts some fights within the gang.



    Spoilers: Please only post about storylines which have been revealed in the episode's press release and subsequent promos. Discussion of other plot points should remain in the spoiler threads until the episode has aired.



    Makes me wonder what new reality Sheldon is forced to confront from, I'm thinking it may be that she has a boyfriend that Sheldon takes an instant disliking to and can't wait to see how the murder mystery party goes for Raj and the rest of the gang.

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