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  1. Wise choice with media. I’ve managed to get tickets to see it again over the weekend. First time MUST be unspoiled. I remember when I was this enthusiastic about the latest TBBT episodes, now, not so much.
  2. The TV guide pictures and video reaffirm why I love these two together, perfect pair.
  3. Enjoyed an episode for once thanks to Stuart and Denise, they had some funny lines. Leonard and Penny were really good supporting each other. Assuming the Wi-Fi is still based in 4a ( not an unreasonable assumption, “your Wi-Fi”) why wouldn’t Leonard just reset the router to default settings, a simple hardwired button press or use data on his phone. For a science based show they sure do make stupid errors in reasoning. 5 minutes to watch an entire show using fast forward to avoid Shamy scenes really works
  4. Althea also appeared in the unaired pilot, one of only 3 characters to appear in both pilot episodes.
  5. Just as you think they can’t screw it up anymore, they top themselves.
  6. I don’t watch either and all this talk of Sheldon narrating means I never will, sick to the back teeth of his voice in one show already.
  7. Thank you, out indulging in my main hobby, purchasing collectibles and my wife is paying! Many thanks, relaxing and being spoiled! Thank you!
  8. When it was shown in the U.K. it became the most popular show ever screened from the US up to that date. ... are popular, with everyone except the railroads and the banks, since, in all the trains and banks they robbed, they never shot anyone.
  9. I have and watched it every week too on BBC 2 in the U.K. Alias Smith and Jones, Pete Duel (Roger Davis after Duel killed himself) and Ben Murphy later to be known as The Gemini Man. Hannibal Hayes and Kid Curry, loved that series as a kid.
  10. Great news on your tests, now take the time to chill and recover properly.
  11. “Revenge is a dish best served cold” Kahn Noonian Singh
  12. Hoping for happier times for you from a fellow L/P supporter from the other side of the pond Best Wishes Neil
  13. Certainly not this one, my attitude to new episodes is summed up by a quote from the Baywatch film.... ”and not a single f%@# was given”
  14. I actually thought for a moment that Leonard might deck him, he looked absolutely furious, great acting by Johnny.
  15. I find it strange that they would consider going to Catalina, bearing in mind that’s where Leonard and Priya went, especially how upset Penny was in that episode.
  16. This little beauty is a fine magical anti-Sheldon potion, highly recommended. I only have 8 bottles left. Must stock up.
  17. I’ll give you that one! I did drive to Edinburgh and back and fix a couple of instruments there, 14 hour day, 10 of it driving. I was pooped!
  18. You are not wrong. Boy I was confused yesterday. Though there isn’t a lot in it.
  19. Sorry! Long day, and I mistyped, £1 coin
  20. Time to hit the hotel bar and quaff a few chilled beverages I believe.
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