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  1. Thanks for the positive feedback here and in Fan Fiction site on my new story, The Reconnection Hypothesis.  I may increase publishing chapters to 4 per week, since I am ahead of schedule on chapters (and I can't wait to get the remaining chapters out there!).

    There is no may, only Do. This one had me hooked from chapter 1 and its pulled me even more since. Your Leonard is one I always like to see.

  2. If it wasn't for Leonard, Howard and Raj don't meet Sheldon.

    If Leonard hadn't decided to invite Penny over and get involved with her, Penny wouldn't be part of the group.

    If Howard and Raj aren't part of the group, Sheldon doesn't meet Amy.

    If Penny isn't part of the group, Bernadette doesn't meet Howard.

    Leonard is responsible, directly or indirectly for everyone in the group except Sheldon.

    Dont forget Sheldon only gets his spot because Leonard buys the couch.

  3. 1. Barely? She kicked his ass. I don't see how she is not allowed to learn something new. She is good at it. Everyone has always been mad over her being nothing but a waitress and now that she is doing something different, something that obviously shows she is not stupid, which doesn't even haven anything to do with her personality nor is it crucial to anything else, you call that OOC? When is she not allowed to do anything just because it's not the stupid, superficial blonde everyone knows about? Sheldon has always been about "trying to educate her" so it wouldn't be surprising that he taught her how to play.

    2. Since ever? They have always been like that since the beginning of the series. They always found themselves sharing personal stuff against their better judgment. They were all about not liking each other until suddenly they found similarities. They would never admit it but they share stuff and have always had. She was the one who told him about not finishing college and asking him to keep it a secret. She was the one that asked him to teach him physics, and just last season he went over to the bar several times to talk specifically with her. The time where they found themselves sharing something grudgingly has ended so I don't see how this is so surprising.

    3. The writers write whatever they want, they don't have to necessarily write to answer anyone's questions about a purpose. And fact is Leonard has never been above bragging about his hot girlfriend. That was just him being him in a bigger scale. I don't see anything out of character about this. He went for it in the tenure episode, and he photographed her with the newspaper to prove he did have a girlfriend. 

    4. Because he has done it before and whenever he is in Penny's apartment he is completely comfortable. He never said he didn't want to stay there. He was always mad about being locked out, not about having to stay there. He comfortably went to ask for her bed and comfortably stayed in it. He never complained about bed bugs or about him being on Penny's bed. Just last season (or was it five?) he shed his clothes there to take a shower in her bathroom. 

    5. Sheldon never had a problem touching Penny though? They have hugged three times, and two of them were initiated by him. He never had a complain about touching other women, Amy included. Whenever he complains to Amy is was about useless romantic stuff and hygiene. But regarding Penny he never had a problem with her touching him. Those two are completely different situations. 


    And regarding some other posts; Sheldon/Penny friendship, or any friendship in the show for that matter, can exist outside Leonard. Sheldon slept in her apartment because he missed Leonard, but the hug didn't imply it had to do with them missing him. They are friends, they don't have to hug because of Leonard, their relationship doesn't depend on Leonard. They are just friends and Sheldon was hurt and Penny apologised and that was pretty much it.

    The tenure episode Leonard didn't want her involved SHE persuaded him that she could help, nowhere did he go for it. The quote is "do it" and Penny's reaction suggests she has told him her plan

  4. Ok so I've been reading this so... don't hate on my first post :) 


    I don't see what the big deal is with Sheldon & Penny spending some time together, or the hug. They both miss Leonard and are bonding over that. He makes her a hot drink, like he does when he sees people are upset - that's very IC of him, he'll have seen her missing Leonard and he saw how they were in the car. They hug, but it doesn't say he hugs her or that he enjoys the hug, and maybe he needs the hug too because he misses his buddy. It's nice that they have each other. We don't see Shamy in this episode, but we might learn later that they've been getting closer. It's a hug, not erotic nose caressing. 


    We don't know how much of the video Leonard showed. Yes, he shouldn't be showing it off, that's not cool. But it's a film, not a personal video. And Penny is the one who did the film even if she says it wasn't released. He misses his girlfriend, he wants to show her off, it seems on that boat he's having the life he never got. Not saying it's right for him to do that. But we don't know what he showed or why. They're fine in the next episode. I don't think she's going to be pissed off about it too much for too long if she finds out. 


    Amy and Bernadette... they're just having some fun. I always make jokes like that when I go out with my besties. Bernadette knows Amy won't do anything, they're allowed to enjoy being hit on! 


    Sheldon is showing his concern for Amy in his special way. They're fine. Penny misses Leonard and when he's back from his exciting trip of a lifetime, they're going to be fine. 


    That's my view of it. I love Lenny, I love Shamy, I love Howadette. I love Raj and his newfound (bad) ability to speak to women. There's nothing in there that suggests anybody will be breaking up or cheating or making Shenny happen from a hug. :)

    I can't believe I missed your post, welcome to the forums

  5. Oh, are we looping back to that again?


    There are more than one POV on that possibility.


    1. Sheldon and Penny switch Apts. There's not enough room for L/P in Penny's apt. No new sets need to be built.  Leonard just across the hall to take Sheldon to things. Sheldon gets his privacy and keeps Amy at bay (no Amy room mate).  Counter argument, Sheldon will never leave his spot.


    2. Leonard moves in with Penny. No new sets need to be built.  Leonard just across the hall to take Sheldon to things. Raj could move in with Sheldon. Counter argument, There's not enough room for L/P in Penny's apt. and Amy will want to move in with Sheldon and he won't like that.


    3. Penny moves in with L/S No new sets need to be built. Counter argument, Sheldon would go even nuttier having to share a bathroom with Penny.


    4. L/P could move upstairs to 5a. Leonard just upstairs to take Sheldon to things. Raj could move in with Sheldon. Counter argument. Amy will want to move in with Sheldon and he won't like that. Need to build new set (or at least re-create old set from season 2).


    5. L/P could move somewhere else, tell Sheldon to go-away and they could get a life and be happy. Counter argument. Need new set. They should be so lucky!

    Don't forget the couch is Leonard's, that could be a fun episode

  6. I can imagine his first day back at the unviersity he rocks in with his beard an all, and Sheldon was in a middle of his trademark rants, everyone diverts their attention to Leonard that would really get under Sheldons skin, I can this Season Sheldon going back to classic old Sheldon, bitter, resentful, and over-zealous. Because I want too see more interaction between the guys Leonard, Sheldon, Howard, and Raj hardly saw any of that with the realationships being the focus, not theirs anything wrong with that, Lenny was the highlight of S6, but looking forward to some more balance in S7.

    I am visualising Sheldon's response to Leonard trimming his beard over the sink, he may need to get some draino. New roommate agreement clause coming in banning beards.

  7. Oh no penny won't be getting with raj, he's just her business partner

    Leonard will be moving on and getting over penny but the point of penny in the story is for her to do what she's always wanted to do and that is acting which she is now doing

    In the show she has never had a break in the acting world and always complained about being skint so now she is going something for herself

    You've just ensured that I won't be reading it.

  8. BangerMain: You've stated it well and I totally agree.  Tensor's big problem is going to be that no one will want him to end his FF.


    Forum-ites: If you love Leonard and Penny, then this is a must read.

    Seconded, in a Hiatus of excellent stories, this is right up there.

  9. I'm not sure if this has been mentioned before but with the childhood that Leonard had I'm sure he grew up in a home where you pretty much learned to accept what is.  I think that is how he approaches Sheldon in a 'if you can't beat them, join them' type of mentality.  I think that is how he viewed Penny for a very long time.


    Now I see him realizing that you don't have to accept things just because.  That you can stand up for some things and even make it better.  When he felt confident enough to move out on Sheldon was because he had somewhere else to go.  Granted he thought he would be more welcomed than he was. 


    I think though that sometimes things are added into an episode for comedic effect and not necessarily for character development.  And that makes it hard to follow a certain progression in a relationship.


    Oh BTW, can someone provide a link to Tensor's fanfic please?

    Here you go, enjoy


  10. That seems to be the case. Yet at the end of one episode they showed Sheldon playing the keyboard and singing at the Cheesecake Factory. Most likely another continuity lapse on the part of the writers.

    Season 1 "The Grasshopper Experiment", but his diet cokes were a bit slutty.

  11. I'm with you, although I don't think he was so much hurt in the VD episode as angry. Sent from my DROID RAZR using Tapatalk 4 Beta

    Probably the first time we have seen him angry in this way. Normally they don't speak for days after a Penny meltdown. This time he walked to 4A giving a simple "Yep" reply to her and the look she gave to him at that point has always made me have her thinking "I've really screwed this up". Then for once in his life Leonard confronts her about her actions instead of retreating, hallelujah. As we then see things definitely change for the better. A complete contrast to his thoughts in episode 100, " this is where everything goes wrong, when we talk"

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