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  1. Oh the Stuart thing......  I have so much to say about this but I don't want to offend anyone or rile up the bashing of Leonard.  Will comment on it later.  I am sure some with say it was due to Leonard being too needy, too whiny, too whatever.

    Go for it, you may have more sympathisers than you think. I personally tend to avoid those two episodes.

  2. Chapter 5


    "There was another one." Leonard whispered. Penny looked surprised, but didn't say anything. She invited me to a wedding, we got drunk and we spent the night together. But, it was only that one time," Leonard quickly added.]/quote]


    This is interesting and I don't understand where this came from.  Why do this? When did this happen on the show?  I don't remember this happening on the show.  Was it add to made Leonard look bad?


    Still loving it, just some comments from me.




    405 The Desperation Emanation, his date was Joy who invited him to the wedding.

  3. ArmyGirl,


    Agree totally re episode with Raj and Penny.  I can't watch it in re-runs!  And if the writers can't come up with good scripts that do not require L&P to break up again, then it would time for writers to hang it up.

    Totally agree, I always make a point of missing that finale. Raj always appears to milk every situation to his own advantage or to the detriment of others. I wouldn't trust him an inch.

  4. The fact remains, TBBT is a fantasy, and if some people want to interpret it in their own way, or create their own fantasies involving the characters, then they have every right to do so. Only a BNC would attempt to control what other people think, or say. We all know that Penny would only be able to go out with Sheldon, 'in her dreams'!

    More like her nightmares.

  5. That would be funny to watch.  What do you think does? Does she take her baseball bat to him or just a swift kick in his special place?

    Thump in the guts followed by a knee to his special place as he doubles over, just be be sure, hedoes deserve it. Don't forget he also was involved in upsetting Amy, her bestie.

  6. After reading the part about Wil Wheaton again, and then remembering that he was the one who posted the video of Howard's Bachelor party on the internet, I think that there needs to be an episode where Sheldon and Leonard do get him back.  His character in the show has been a real jerk.

    Sorry, I think that is reserved for Penny, he deserves to be on the receiving end of her Nebraskan man hands.

  7. Pretty much the only practical solution is to have Leonard and Penny live in 3A or 5A. For TPTB that keeps them in contact with Sheldon and that would exchange the apt 4B set for a larger place for Penny and Leonard.


    This would also allow Amy to live with Sheldon in 4A but in a separate room.

    And in 5A they can annoy Sheldon by "jumping up and down on the bed"

  8. Um.. OMG. I actually just teared up a little at that scene with L/P in the car! What the hell is wrong with me! I am beyond excited for this episode, Thursday, (Or Friday for me since I live in the UK) cant come quick enough!

    UK and Friday morning for me too, Hopefully I will be watching before going to work. I have been warned and have to take 3 copies in on USB keys for the girls at work or severe bodily harm could ensue.

  9. Ok, then we'll both be the old dude crushing on a young actress. :DOk, then we'll both be the old dude crushing on a young actress. :D

    Make that three, 1960 on Star Wars Day.

  10. The Dick Van Dyke show. Although there were episodes with the conflict between Rob and Laura(the main couple), the majority of the episode had conflict between Rob and his work(and the people who worked with him). Or, Laura and her friends, or Rob and Laura together in conflict with another Individual, couple, group, or situation. Much of the time with it being Rob and Laura vs who or what, they are shown doing things they both enjoy(or neither enjoy but has to be done) together.

    This also speaks to the high quality of the cast and the high quality of the writing to be able to pull it off. It's one of my favourtists shows ever and I fully understand the reverence Chuck Lorre has for the leading producer of that show, Sheldon Leonard.

    Good call

  11. But she was playing with his toy gun, which is always good.

    Not that I have a list but Altaira and Jessica 6 come to mind. Leonard can go as Commander John J. Adams or Logan. Or as the alien from "Dark Star"... :)

    Sheldon as Robbie? Or Morbius.

    Soooo "Not gonna happen". But is this worth a thread for fun?

    SOK in one story had the idea of Droxine of Stratos from The Cloud Minders in series 3 of STOS so Leonard could go as Kirk, look up the costume and you will see why it's perfect for Penny and Leonard.

  12. I have always been struck by how odd Leonard and Sheldon's relationship has been. Sheldon is clearly Leonard's friend, and Leonard is often cited as being Sheldon's best friend, yet it isn't a buddy comedy. Sheldon has little or no respect for anyone's intelligence but his own, and often fills the ambiguous role as trickster at times. Sometimes he's doing his best to help Leonard, as when he asked Penny not to hurt his friend (one of the most excellent moments in the whole show, in my opinion). Other times he will throw him under the bus without a thought, as in "The Spoiler Alert". He is also jealous of the fact that the group is centered on Leonard. I think Leonard believes that Sheldon is his friend, and when it looks like he's screwing him over, it is because Sheldon isn't aware that he's doing it. The only real problem in their friendship is the Roommate Agreement. The latest version was signed under duress, as well. I'm sure if Penny started sleeping over Sheldon would insist on adding the Penny-specific addenda to the Agreement, and that will lose him a roommate.

    Leonard has never been seen to resign the roommate agreement, in TFC They are discussing Leonard's day when Penny comes in to say the reason the power went out is someone pulled the main breaker, which Leonard then quizzes Sheldon about. We assume it has been done but as usual it's something that we have never been shown.

  13. She's not been dressing less casually, rather she's been dressing casually, but fully covered. Tops, jeans and sneakers is pretty casual. In the early seasons she was dressing in little tiny shorts and scooped tops. Basically showing a lot of skin. Now when she shows skin, it is in a dressy way (little black or red dresses). It is sort of odd in a way, that she shows more skin when "dressed up" than dressed casually. It also seems that they are in a minor way mirroring Leonard's and Penny's outfits. I remember a discussion about the "magic" red pants they both seemed to wear in "The Higgs-Boson Observation". I'm not sure why the pants were termed "magic" in the thread, but the reason seems to be that they both tend to wear red jeans that are very similar. We've also seen Penny wear Chuck Taylor sneakers recently. I wouldn't mind the shorts and tops from the first couple of seasons, but I think the idea is that she looks a little more mature and fits in better with Amy and Bernadette. Penny is still more casual than they are, but the things she used to wear would really clash with the other two now.

    Magic because they are never seen wearing the red pants at the same time, it has been raised that they share a pair to wind the others up

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