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  1. It has been too long since I read the Belgariad and the Mallorean as well. I generally am drawn to them every two years or so. Too bad they aren't on e-books yet. The ten volumes are a load to take on a trip. I've only found the Redemption of Athalus so far.

    Have a search on torrents for Ebook collections, I found one that had them all as MOBI format, used calibre and dropped on to Kindle. However Amazon now have all 10 books available to download.

  2. Ah, another Eddings fan! Maybe there is a little of Torak in Sheldon. I hadn't really though about it before, but C'Nedra is a good parallel to Penny. First Leonard is not good enough for her and not the sort of guy she expects. Then upon finally seeing Leonard's quality and desireability to others, believing that she has to work to deserve him. And it looks like in the next episode, fighting for him with her best weapons.

    Howard has a little of the trickster in him, so Kheldar is a good choice for him.

    Maybe in this case, Garion and the Fellowship can save Torak/Sauron. I don't think Sheldon is beyond redemption, but right now, he's reverting backwards.

    Raj as Hettar, he can talk to horses but not women.

    Damn, you made me realise I haven' t read them in a long time. Working away, staying in hotels next week so a Belgariad and Malloreon marathon on the cards.

  3. Definitely seems to be Leonard the confident, since 608 and Penny's declaration, 612 reinforced everything and he has started to take control everywhere. From the "Sheldon Lee Cooper" with " have you learned nothing in six years" in 614 to his confronting Penny in 616, he would never haver stood up to anyone like that before. Penny does like "take charge Leonard," and that appears to be what we are getting

  4. thats great news. i wasnt sure what time its uploaded cause i usually download it at like 9AM but i have to do it earlier this week

    Had a bad night so I was awake and happened to check. MKV and MP4 versions were already up at 1.45, an AVI appeared about 10 minutes later. I assume east coast uploads as only 5 hours behind the UK.

  5.  Though you can still watch the full eps without downloading them, I just directly stream them. My computer wouldn't be able to cope with storing all those episodes at all!

    6 terabytes of network storage (mirrored backups) accessible from all TV's, computers, IPad and IPhones. Even remote access when away from the house (now you know why I enjoy TBBT). Plus I have to take the latest episode in to work on the Friday on USB drive, so one of the girls and her boyfriend can watch it over the weekend, I would be in danger of serious harm if I didn't download it.

  6. i dont feel sorry for u because im in the UK and im at USA pace it's all about  you choosing instead of watching it on the internet like loads of us


    Indeed, downloaded last Thursdays episode in HD at 1.45AM Friday morning, the means is out there if you can access it. I know @rachygd has problems with full downloads.  Sad that I was awake and decided to look at that time in the morning.

  7. I would think it depends on how much of the earlier event they would like to include. They could just touch on it in that Mrs. Latham could have influenced the trustees to promote Leonard, and mention it in passing. It would be a nod to serious fans, but they would not have to base the plot on Mrs. Latham's involvement. We'd get it, but it wouldn't be integral to a plot where Leonard gets tenure, but Sheldon does not. You're right in that they don't have time to update everyone on the whole plot of the two year old episode, but a call-back would be cool. I could almost see the cold open. Leonard walks in and announces to the group that Mrs. Latham made a substantial donation to the experimental physics department, and Sheldon or Penny could ask, "Wasn't that the rich old lady you had sex with for money?". Penny could make a comment about having a boyfriend so good in the sack it was worth millions, then Leonard could smile sheepishly. Then Howard asks what is it for, and Leonard could say for an endowed chair. Then the plot could move on to the competition. Sheldon could bitch that it should have gone for theoretical physics, and then we'd be off to the races.

    Penny could hit Sheldon back with his own lines "and you thought he didn't learn anything from me"

  8. Leonard wouldn't nor couldn't ever cheat on Penny. He couldn't even cheat on Pyria! If the writers did that it would destroy not only everything they built this season but also the Leonard character the majority of fans enjoy!

    The thought I had was mrs Latham rewarding him for what he did in 415 TBF, not necessarily anything new. If you remember Penny had a good laugh at his expense with his "walk of shame" we all know she would look at things very differently now.

  9. The Leonard Hofstader chair of Applied Laser Physics? I'm not sure Penny would find the quid pro quo quite as humorous this time around though.

    You've now got me imagining the Penny reactions to this, ballistic would just about cover it, throw Sheldon in the mix and the entire episode would be classed as explosive at the very least.

  10. Just seen the bit where amy goes to sheldons, the conversation they had was proper grown up and very sweet and the eye coitus :)

    Starting to feel bad for you, downloaded and watched.

    Take charge Leonard was superb in this episode, arranging a great night then calling Penny out on her me, me, me attitude. Then confronting her again to talk things through, The guy is learning. I also liked that they used Alex in a non conflict way, she worked really well in this episode.

  11. Good start and end to the episode but the whole David Underhill story is Penny at her worst.

    Her supposed friend is hurt and in pain so she runs off with the new guy.

    Turns up at the university with him denying Leonard ever invited her, "lots of things rhyme with yoga"

    In less than 2 days she is letting him try to take nude photos of her

  12. They acted like a long term couple in this episode. The cold opening where Leonard states to Penny the value of a personalize action figure is one of their most important moments this season. Penny merely stares at Leonard with "that look" that freezes the blood of most married men and he knew that it did not matter what she actually said. Both Howard and Leonard knew immediately, he was out of the deal . Penny may have said it was OK with her but those two read the "look" and ignored her words.

    I've seen "that look" many times, usually followed by "if you really want to", stops you dead in your tracks and you go with your significant others wishes.

  13. I am an Engineer and I had the same issues with this, particularly projecting a normal distribution using relationship/time and not considering a 4 year  relationship prior to the start of the show

    And no sex for 3 months before her gaming addiction and presumably 3 months during the article expedition. Boy did they get the maths wrong.

  14. Also in the Extract ep the line where Raj Says "I was about to Bollywood that bitch" was cut as well, and again the way it was cut was obvious when you see it uncut on youtube

    Now you see why I download. If you can't download, set up a VPN to a server in the US and watch the CBS streamed version with no problem. May cost a few coins.

    Seriously the number of chopped words and lines are too many to list. I remember dialogue in program's that I love and E4 trash this program. Also once downloaded, you have no commercial breaks, bonus

  15. Try 501, one of the worst

    Penny "You heard what I did "(Amy's response " I heard you you did" - cut

    Penny's " I Feel like two different people Dr Jeckyl and mrs whore" - cut

    Raj "we didn't have sex in the conventional sense"

    Penny's return " oh God you didn't pull some weird Indian crap on me" - cut

    Raj " I had difficulty putting it on ( you tried to help - cut)"

    Raj " can I say I ruined you for white men" - cut

    When you have seen the full versions the jump in dialogue really leaps out at you

  16. Erm what's trh?! @razberry I cant download on ny pc but its ok I can see bits on youtube :)

    The Recombination Hypothesis, 100th episode.

    "Little bits" any swear words, non-PC comment, or as already said PG rated. The show is much funnier in its uncut form. My neighbour couldn't find it funny. Passed her all the US versions of the episodes to date,now she sees why we love it.

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