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  1. Try 501, one of the worst Penny "You heard what I did "(Amy's response " I heard you you did" - cut Penny's " I Feel like two different people Dr Jeckyl and mrs whore" - cut Raj "we didn't have sex in the conventional sense" Penny's return " oh God you didn't pull some weird Indian crap on me" - cut Raj " I had difficulty putting it on ( you tried to help - cut)" Raj " can I say I ruined you for white men" - cut When you have seen the full versions the jump in dialogue really leaps out at you
  2. The Recombination Hypothesis, 100th episode. "Little bits" any swear words, non-PC comment, or as already said PG rated. The show is much funnier in its uncut form. My neighbour couldn't find it funny. Passed her all the US versions of the episodes to date,now she sees why we love it.
  3. Download or stream, the only way to watch. E4 ruin episodes with their chopping of dialogue out. Plus you can keep up with the discussions on here.
  4. Looks like back to non-committal Penny that won't talk to Leonard about things, then he's the jerk. Sheldon once again dumping his "friend" in the deep and pungents.
  5. http://insidetv.ew.com/2013/01/07/the-big-bang-theory-star-trek-tng-photo/ Picture posted for 613
  6. "What if I dump you" was in the dream/over thinking sequence, Penny never said "come on,be serious". It was all in Leonard's head
  7. Don't forget he turned Penny down to hang with the boys in 6.11, some thing he would never have done before the ILY.
  8. He signed the clause stripping the agreement to its basics in the canteen on the IPad, 'sup. We never saw him resign later.
  9. Nowhere in the episode does Leonard sign the amended roommate agreement, they have their discussion about it then Penny walks in to tell them someone pulled the main breaker switch. Mmm!
  10. Have it as a favourite and I am always waiting for the next instalment, a well written and thoughtful piece of work. Following Hero by C-trayne and basically anything by SOK
  11. Zhalen565

    Shy Penny

    For me the best look is in season 1 finale when she says " Yes I will go out with you"
  12. More or less my feelings, it says a lot about this incident,that, out of all the seasons whenever this is episode is on I make a point of boycotting it, even in the midst of episode marathons. Wrong, wrong, wrong, on so many levels
  13. Still my favourite episode to date, especially the little responses from Penny that shows she cares.
  14. Promo pics up for episode 12 http://www.spoilersguide.com/big-bang-theory/season-6-episode-12-the-egg-salad-equivalency-photos/#/
  15. Thank you Kzyyx, sounds like another brilliant episode. Season 6 really seems to be improving on itself week on week
  16. High def version available Friday morning (I live in UK), I get up early, download (100mbit fibre service, it takes about 1 minute) then watch it Friday evening snuggled up with my wife. No cuts (damn you E4) and within 24hrs of being premiered. I will probably watch again on TV when aired, usually to see what has been cut out. TV companies really need to realise we no longer have to wait for them to get their act together, there are others options available to us.
  17. Or set up with a VPN service, then login as being on a US IP, then streaming is simple.
  18. You risk that posting here, practice good security and it's no more dangerous than browsing the web. Use common sense and you won't have problems
  19. Also uk and I likewise download the next day, the only way to make sure you see an unspoilt (or uncensored) version. My wife would also kill me if I didn't get the latest episode ASAP.
  20. Loved this episoe, Penny actually smiled for once this season. Leonard's wind up on Raj with Alex in the cafeteria was classic, the rat b*****d.
  21. Got it in one, Friday morning on holiday, breakfast viewing.
  22. All the edits are of comments which may be construed as controversial or deemed to have an undue influence on younger viewers, I don't know if the later showings (post watershed) have the same cuts. It does change the joke quite significantly if you have seen the US or DVD versions.
  23. Ill see.. If I cant wait I will.. Its only a month wait from when US season starts though. Not too bad. Worth downloading, E4 censor the dialogue, there are a couple of big ones that leap out in "the Skank Reflex Analysis" and "The Transporter Malfunction"
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