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  1. I also did enjoy this episode. It was okay, but to me not the best one of the season so far. Although it definitely revealed some interesting things between Leonard and Penny. It was funny to see Leonard enjoying the attention Alex is giving him and I definitely would expect Penny to feel a little bit uncomfortable about it, but not this serious. A couple of years ago, she did wonder if Leonard ever dated 'regular' people, when she and Leonard went on their first date, but she definitely didn't seem insecure about it. The last few years, we've seen Penny getting (or at least 'showing') even more and more self-esteem than in early seasons. Sometimes even in a 'bitchy' way (for lack of a better word at the moment). Not that I have anything against her, but for example in episode 5-13, Leonard asks Penny "What if I would dump you?", in which she responded "Come on, be serious.". This is just one small example of course, but she definitely never seemed insecure to me, so that was kind of a surprise. Anyhow, it's nice to see everything is going better and better between the two of them.


    I'm also liking Alex more and more and I definitely agree with anyone saying she fits perfectly in the show. Her facial expressions are priceless. :icon_mrgreen:

    "What if I dump you" was in the dream/over thinking sequence, Penny never said "come on,be serious". It was all in Leonard's head

  2. The odd thing about the sexual component of their relationship is they have gone without having sex for far longer periods in their five and a half year "experiment". The first two years they were only friends (Penny's choice) who only went on one date. There may have been a possibility of sex during the Halloween "first kiss" episode 1.6 but Leonard gallantly declined because she was drunk and vulnerable. They were in bed together in 2.15 because of the mind games of Leonard's mother, but Leonard messed that up big time. There was a lot of sex starting in 3.1 until the dumping in episode 19 and one last bout in the finale, 3.23 . They almost did it in 4.13, "The Love Car Displacement" but were interrupted by Raj. In season 5, even though they were back together at mid-season 5.13, there was no sex until 5.23. So during their 5 and a half years together, they had no sexual activity for over 4 years.

    Don't forget he turned Penny down to hang with the boys in 6.11, some thing he would never have done before the ILY.

  3. Hi, I'm new to the forum. I've been a fan of Big Bang Theory for years but I never thought about finding a fansite. The most I did was write my fanfiction and post it on FFDN. Unfortunately, FFDN has been overrun with Shenny stories and no one really wants to read about the true couple, Leonard and Penny. I want to get my story out there and get feedback, but it's hard when the only place I can post my story is in a crowd of Shenny-Shippers who mostly portray Leonard as crude and undesirable, which, if those stories are read enough, completely turn the reader off to any idea of Leonard/Penny. I hoped I could advertise my story here to get more unbiased reviews and feedback.


    The link is here: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7589733/1/Pulchritudinous-Wreckage


    The story starts out dark with Penny being sexually assaulted (nothing too graphic, just what she gives in the police report), and Leonard takes it upon himself to help her get better. Things get fluffy, things get sad, I have a few funny discussions thrown in (which I've been told in my FFDN reviews are spot-on with the characters). It's in the works, only 12 chapters, but I have been regularly updating two to three times a week. I would really appreciate people with an open mind giving it a try.


    It's not super long chapters, but it doesn't need to be because it's fanfiction. If I wanted to write a novel, it would be different. In any case, my updates are never less than 2,000 words. So please, give it a try.

    Have it as a favourite and I am always waiting for the next instalment, a well written and thoughtful piece of work. Following Hero by C-trayne and basically anything by SOK

  4. No kidding C-Trayne, this one episode/scene has created discussion enough to deserve its own thread.   :D


    a) No. NO.


    b.  I don't think so. Particularly as they did nothing to follow it up other than that half-assed "take it back" they attempted with Raj's premature performance.  IMO it served only to make both characters look bad.


    c) Both, but probably "fault" shouldn't be assigned.  They were both single consenting adults.  But it still had an element of eww that bothered me; Penny for apparently jumping in the sack with anyone, and Raj for taking advantage of the situation when he knew she was drunk. Going at it in Leonard's bed, on top of it, was particularly egregious on Penny's part - Leonard may have "moved on" in her mind, but she still knew - was told by Sheldon - that Leonard was crushed when she broke up with him, and it smacks of either blindly disrespectful or possibly even revenge? I mean her apartment is literally steps away, there is zero reason they couldn't have just crossed the hall.


    d) Yes, but mostly because of the location.  See c). As an emotional betrayal of Leonard, not so much. As far as she knows, he's happy with Priya and no longer giving her a second thought.


    e) Something'll come to me later.   :)

    More or less my feelings, it says a lot about this incident,that, out of all the seasons whenever this is episode is on I make a point of boycotting it, even in the midst of episode marathons. Wrong, wrong, wrong, on so many levels

  5. The string quartet are practicing.


    Leslie: I admire your fingering.


    Leonard: Thank you.


    Leslie: Maybe some time you can try that on my instrument.


    Leonard responds with awkward looks of confusion


    Later , the rest of the guys leave


    Leonard: That was fun, Leslie, thanks for including me.


    Leslie: You’re welcome. If you’re up for it we could practice that middle section again.


    Leonard: Uh, sure, why not.


    Leslie: Just so we’re clear, you understand that me hanging back to practice with you is a pretext for letting you know that I’m sexually available.


    Leonard: Really?


    Leslie: Yeah, I’m good to go.


    Leonard: I thought you weren’t interested in me.


    Leslie: That was before I saw you handling that beautiful piece of wood between your legs.


    Leonard: You mean my cello?


    Leslie: No, I mean the obvious crude double entendre. I’m seducing you.


    The writing combined with Leslie's dead pan and Leonard's hilarious facial reactions made this scene perfect . Sex jokes often are redundant because there are a lot of them in many shows  but this scene put a new spin to it...... this is one of best example of an Oblivious-Guy/Horny-Girl pairing joke 



    Another really funny and sweet scene from the same episode


    Leonard: What did Penny mean, you’d make a cute couple?


    Sheldon: Well I assume she meant that the two of you together would constitute a couple that others might consider cute. An alternate, and somewhat less likely interpretation, is that you could manufacture one. As in, oh look, Leonard and Leslie made Mr and Mrs Goldfarb, aren’t they adorable.


    Leonard: If Penny didn’t know that Leslie had already turned me down then that would unambiguously mean that she, Penny, thought that I should her, Leslie, out, indicating that she, Penny, had no interest in me asking her, Penny, out. But because she did know that I had asked Leslie out and that she, Leslie, had turned me down then she, Penny, could be offering consolation. That’s too bad, you would have made a cute couple. But while thinking, good, Leonard remains available.


    Sheldon: You’re a lucky man, Leonard.


    Leonard: How so?


    Sheldon: You’re talking to one of the three men in the Western hemisphere capable of following that train of thought.




    The entire episode is like a reference to how a character based episode should be done. 

    The plot was pretty simple , Leslie seduces Leonard but just wants a one night stand . And Leonard is more focused on what Penny would think of it.....That's it 

    Both the writers and actors do a wonderful job of showing Leonard's state of mind to the audience. At each stage of this situation with Leslie all he could think was what Penny would think of him . It was sweet, endearing, funny and authentic . Sheldon is also excellent with his awkward reactions to this Leonard/Leslie situation . And they also showed through Penny's subtle reactions that she does have a thing for Leonard


    All in all this was one of my favorite episodes of the show.

    Still my favourite episode to date, especially the little responses from Penny that shows she cares.

  6. Actually, in our country the episodes are shown four days after the US airing, but I'm a very impatient bitch. I salute those from the UK who are willing to wait for the airing instead of trying to download episodes. Boy, that's really tough. And I understand how it's better to watch it in a high def tv with expensive cable instead of looking for a crappy copy that you even have to squint at your screen.:p

    Vasu, can I borrow your high-speed net?

    High def version available Friday morning (I live in UK), I get up early, download (100mbit fibre service, it takes about 1 minute) then watch it Friday evening snuggled up with my wife. No cuts (damn you E4) and within 24hrs of being premiered. I will probably watch again on TV when aired, usually to see what has been cut out. TV companies really need to realise we no longer have to wait for them to get their act together, there are others options available to us.

  7. I tried watching online but I don't want to get viruses.

    You risk that posting here, practice good security and it's no more dangerous than browsing the web. Use common sense and you won't have problems

  8. I'm uk but I don't wait, I download the next day. Funnily enough I never used too, until I joined these forums. It's too difficult to wait when everyone is talking about the new episode. Things have also changed with the taping reports which I now avoid. There used to be speculation on what might be happening in the next episode, but thats all but stopped now which is a shame because it was fun.

    Also uk and I likewise download the next day, the only way to make sure you see an unspoilt (or uncensored) version. My wife would also kill me if I didn't get the latest episode ASAP.

  9. @zhalen: gotta cram in those extra 5 seconds of commercials !!

    All the edits are of comments which may be construed as controversial or deemed to have an undue influence on younger viewers, I don't know if the later showings (post watershed) have the same cuts. It does change the joke quite significantly if you have seen the US or DVD versions.

  10. Another year, another season, another reason (once again) why it's really sucks to be in the UK right now ><

    Source your episodes online, kiddies. Best advice I can give to save that 6 month off-season rubbish.

    Ill see.. If I cant wait I will.. Its only a month wait from when US season starts though. Not too bad.

    Worth downloading, E4 censor the dialogue, there are a couple of big ones that leap out in "the Skank Reflex Analysis" and "The Transporter Malfunction"

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