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  1. Thank you for the report but it's made my New Year resolution so much easier, quit watching. The last thing I wanted to see was more Sheldon hooks in their relationship and that is exactly what the writers have done, he can interject at any point as he will remember every nuance of the agreement. By all.
  2. Just got in from a concert, absolutely knackered and read this, what a way to finish off a great night. Thank you, I have realised I get more fun out of this thread than the show as it only usually takes me 2-3 minutes to watch it now, yep just the L/P scenes.
  3. And interestingly I would have thought Leonard had more claim to that since he was the one that beat Stuart down on the price back in Season 5 in "The Russian Rocket Reaction" , Sheldon was going to pay the asking price.
  4. ROTFLMFAO! It's Sheldon (everyone must defer to me) Cooper we're talking about here. Complete waste of valuable breath to an Asthma sufferer.
  5. Just watched it and I seriously wanted Penny to do a Zarnecki on his nuts after his reply to "you've crossed the line" He deserved it in my book.
  6. It is indeed "The Occupation Contemplation"
  7. They're not cereal boxes, they're books. Change continues.
  8. You are not alone, half way through the episodes I usually either want to shoot him or at least tell him to STFU.
  9. Along wth 702, Shamy in 4A and the hall way before bursting into 4B. Total screen time of each couple can actually be factually shown so it is a good measure of episode focus.
  10. When you've got fed up of Sheldon being pushed in your face in a supposed ensemble show, what are the chances of the disaffected, like me, actually watching this show. In my case a figure approaching zero as to be statistically indistinguishable from zero.
  11. You are not wrong, how she puts up with me I don't know. This is about half of it, the rest is dotted around the house, but in plain sight.
  12. My wife actively makes me display stuff, in the main living room and two of the bedrooms. One nicknamed nerdvanaa, complete with its own L//P island
  13. Interesting use of "plenty of screen time to do new things", in Cohabitation, just using Shamy time together against Lenny time together, Shamy 5 minutes 45seconds, Lenny 1 minute 45 seconds. Really well balanced figures.
  14. Another report that means I don't have to go out of my way to see an episode. About a minute of my favourites and a shed load of the GTB. Way to go writers to lose a chunk of certain viewers but at least you're keeping one group happy.
  15. Watched On Ipad in a car park waiting for customer to arrive. Absolutely brilliant, that may take over from Proton Transmogrification as my favourite L/P writing. So many great moments with them and some of Leonard's comments had me in stitches.
  16. Totally with you on this. Driven south this morning to a job and couldn't even be bothered to start a download before I set off. How times have changed.
  17. So accurate a post, I used to download and watch morning after before leaving for a job, even if it was 4.00am start. Now it can be up to a week before I watch.
  18. Precisely, "I'd like to say something" which is asking a question of the one in charge. Sheldon's was "I need to say something" which is a statement especially when precursed with "Excuse me". A whole different tone.
  19. But once again the writers Seem to have a continuity block. In early season 1 Sheldon didn't do His knock three times routine, it was a single knock. A very delayed reaction to this vision it would seem.
  20. Yep! Way back there in season 2!
  21. Harks back to the laundry room discussion in "Lizard Spock Expansion" with a younger Penny
  22. Thanks! About to have my tea, now it's going in the bin because I feel like throwing up.
  23. But he didn't get the statue until September 2013 when Stuart fleeced him for it and a Batman squirt gun in The Deception Verification. Continuity failure again?
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