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  1. Thank you for the report but it's made my New Year resolution so much easier, quit watching. The last thing I wanted to see was more Sheldon hooks in their relationship and that is exactly what the writers have done, he can interject at any point as he will remember every nuance of the agreement.  By all.

  2. 3 hours ago, 5Mississippis said:

    These two comments are what I love about our ship.

    As much as I am a die hard Lenny, when it comes to my OTP, I am just as much as a cynical glass-half-emptyist. But, for me, a lot of that has come from the way TPTB have been treating us. I do not trust them. Just like Einstein's definition of Insanity of doing the same things over and over and expecting different results, each pre-taping report day I'd be thrilled, hoping and praying we'd get some decent Lenny, only to be devastated with pretty much the same thing for the past seasons: a Sheldon focus with Shamy domination, with Lenny that rarely ever appeared together along with Leonard's character assassination (Season 8);  minimized, relegated to the kitchen island and cameo appearances and when they were together, we had snarky Penny (Season 9). This season, so far, I feel like we are being treated a little better. We have Lenny finally living alone and they have actual moments without Sheldon. Amazing. 

    But I still do not trust TPTB. But you know who I do trust? Everyone on board our ship. 

    I know that when I'm feeling down about the state of Lenny, I can look to Strawberry Pop Tart, luminous, hokie, and 4everLenny (among others) to be cheerful and positive, throwing glitter and positivity around the deck while some of the more dispirited Lenny (looking at you legacy, Tonstar, and Lagernisse!) stand shoulder to shoulder as we line the poop deck and wonder just where in the heck did they find that glitter. I trust that veejay will lighten the mood with perfect, spot on gifs. And when he's not creating waves and deliberately rocking a companion ship that's floating nearby (cheered on by me), I know JE7 will give us wonderful gifs too. I love that Desdemona has enticed us to write fiction with the hope that it may get us new luminous' art too.  When we get too rowdy, I know that the captain will appear out of nowhere (waves at Tensor) and tell us to shape up or ship out. I know that Nograv, Zhalen, NoRegrets, and Carlos will always cut right through the bullshit with their unerring logic and well thought out posts that, as more of an emotionally based person, always make me feel like the resident simpleton.  

    Bottom line, I cannot count on Lenny and TPTB to make me happy. But everyone here on our ship, bringing all different skills, does.   

    Just got in from a concert, absolutely knackered and read this, what a way to finish off a great night. Thank you, I have realised I get more fun out of this thread than the show as it only usually takes me 2-3 minutes to watch it now, yep just the L/P scenes.

  3. 4 minutes ago, john2p said:

    That´s exactly the point. It wasn´t only the flag. If Leonard had started wanting  the sword, the fight would have been about the sword.  

    And interestingly I would have thought Leonard had more claim to that since he was the one that beat Stuart down on the price back in Season 5 in "The Russian Rocket Reaction" , Sheldon was going to pay the asking price.

  4. 17 hours ago, djsurrey said:

    ......If Leonard had wanted to keep some of his stuff he could have attempted some negotiation.

    ROTFLMFAO!   It's Sheldon (everyone must defer to me) Cooper we're talking about here. Complete waste of valuable breath to an Asthma sufferer.

  5. 5 hours ago, shamyyellow said:

    You're right. I had to look at a list of episodes and write each list separately and must've missed that one. 

    Along wth 702, Shamy in 4A and the hall way before bursting into 4B. Total screen time of each couple can actually be factually shown so it is a good measure of episode focus.

  6. Just now, Strawberry PopTart Fan said:

    Wonderful collection and wonderful wife!!!!

    You are not wrong, how she puts up with me I don't know. This is about half of it, the rest  is dotted around the  house, but in plain sight.

  7. 6 hours ago, Jonny said:

    In these recent episodes they have had plenty of screen time and being on their own to do new things, when Shamy moved into 4B they had them dancing in their underwear and when Shamy had their brunch they had them give an ego boost to Leonard at the comic con ugh!

    I agree with @wowbagger it's the writing of Lenny that is the issue here not Sheldon or other characters impacting their lives and restricting them from doing things on their own.

    The season is still young though and we have seen in the past that they do focus on particular characters for a while then shift focus. We could still get some good or interesting Lenny storylines.

    Interesting use of "plenty of screen time to do new things", in Cohabitation, just using Shamy time together against Lenny time together, Shamy 5 minutes 45seconds, Lenny 1 minute 45 seconds. Really well balanced figures.

  8. Another report that means I don't have to go out of my way to see an episode. About a minute of my favourites and a shed load of the GTB. Way to go writers to lose a chunk of certain viewers but at least you're keeping one group happy.

  9. 10 hours ago, veejay said:


    What a hilarious start into a new day (well, for me). Yeah, this is what a comedy is!
    Lenny’s screaming of enthusiasm after Sheldon's decision to go was so me.
    “The new neighbors are weird”…might be my favorite line of the entire show. :icon_razz:


    Watched On Ipad in a car park waiting for customer to arrive. Absolutely brilliant, that may take over from Proton Transmogrification as my favourite L/P writing. So many great moments with them and some of Leonard's comments had me in stitches.

  10. 7 hours ago, Tonstar17 said:

    Just realised I don't actually enjoy watching bbt anymore. I used to download new episodes in the morning and watch on my way to work. I used to also watch my box sets, not s8 or 9 which i refuse to buy and enjoyed repeats on tv all the time, not anymore. Just tune out now and watch something else. I don't enjoy the sheldon show and the only thing keeping me slightly interested is Lenny but not sure how long that's going to last cause I see the same record playing for Lenny. Jack shit for most of S10. I'm so close to bailing.

    This reply/comment was sent from my SM-N930F using Tapatalk so depending on the time of day I may be in the pub. I mean work.

    Totally with you on this. Driven south this morning to a job and couldn't even be bothered to start a download before I set off. How times have changed.

  11. 12 hours ago, Tensor said:


    This is so right on for me.  Between the lack of Lenny in season 8 and the growing ridiculousness of the living arrangements last year,  I no longer have a "suspension of belief" when I watch now.   While I still enjoy most of it, I'm no longer obsessed with it.

    So accurate a post, I used to download and watch morning after before leaving for a job, even if it was 4.00am start. Now it can be up to a week before I watch.

  12. 2 hours ago, FileXxX said:

    Huh? He said: "I'd like to say something" (and, yes, that's what you say if you want people to listen), just like Sheldon did, thereby stopping Leonard and Penny from continuing with the ceremony. Everyone was listening, everyone was watching. It was clearly not like Sheldon and Mary's conversation (which was more whispering than talking).

    Precisely, "I'd like to say something" which is asking a question of the one in charge. Sheldon's was "I need to say something" which is a statement especially when precursed with "Excuse me". A whole different tone.

  13. 9 hours ago, ShamyBabboos said:


    I will admit I was nervous when he said the dating other women thing, but how Sheldon explained, it made sense. His father did a number on his psyche: cheating on Mary and thus making Sheldon implement the three knocks rule and the fact that he implied that he doesn't WANT to be like him.

    But once again the writers Seem to have a continuity block. In early season 1 Sheldon didn't do His knock three times routine, it was a single knock. A very delayed reaction to this vision it would  seem.

  14. 55 minutes ago, legacy99 said:

    I was talking to a friend over coffee this morning whos a big shamy fan and she made a interesting comment she said she wouldn't be surprised if the last scene of the last espiode had leonard penny and sheldon in bed together smiling

    Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk

    Thanks! About to have my tea, now it's going in the bin because I feel like throwing up.

  15. 30 minutes ago, luminous said:

    Yep! via Aquaman...protecting their home since 2012. :icon_cheesygrin:


    But he didn't get the statue until September 2013 when Stuart fleeced him for it and a Batman squirt gun in The Deception Verification. Continuity failure again?


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