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  1. Thanks! About to have my tea, now it's going in the bin because I feel like throwing up.
  2. But he didn't get the statue until September 2013 when Stuart fleeced him for it and a Batman squirt gun in The Deception Verification. Continuity failure again?
  3. Especially as Professor Slut Bunny was also in that film, oops! Sad that I know that.
  4. That one is amongst my favourite Penny expressions, up there with her "Yes I will go out with you look" and her shy expression at their proposal discussion. Simple but contemplative.
  5. Great (Giant) Tyranical Baby! Someone else coined it, but it stuck with me.
  6. Thank you! so it's not just me that fast forwards the GTB's onscreen antics.
  7. I like where his moostache ended up
  8. One of the reasons I couldn't pick a selection is that, yes a great scene but I absolutely loved from the same episode Penny's "Yes! I will go out with you" I thought she looked so vulnerable at that point.
  9. A must read for all L/P fans, downloadable too, so it's a stock item on my Kindle, along with The Winding Road, SOK's version of season 6.
  10. Sorry Don, but that's the scene from the end of the episode when Leonard's come back to earth and he says they should go anyway. OK! Beaten to it. Shouldn't read whilst tired.
  11. Happy to help, I've always loved that scene, especially The look on Pennys face as Leonard and Leslie upped their kiss.
  12. Episode 2.02 The Codpiece Topology had the Kiss Competition and Penny introduced him at the start as her friend Eric.
  13. You must have been really tired, I would not have expected you of all peeps to forget "The Snowflake"
  14. To quote Katie from the original pilot:- "Okay! If that thing vibrates, I'm gonna need to borrow it"
  15. OK! That now has to become my screensaver
  16. They are available to watch if you set up a VPN to the states.
  17. Not to forget two of my favourite Leonard moments and faces, "That was odd" from The Boyfriend Complexity and "I'm missing something" from The Egg Salad Eqivalency
  18. And also to quote Raj "My God, you think every thought that comes out of your head is pure gold. Well let me tell you something, some of those thoughts are pure caca" And another example of Sheldons calculations not adding up.
  19. It goes with his paper he presented to Stephen Hawkin, wrong because of an arithmetic error that he never picked up. His synthesis method for a new super heavy element, oh that was a mistake too. He doesn't need to verify, he's a genius (in his own mind).
  20. Nope! He has a higher than normal body density, down he goes.
  21. The quote was about icebergs and No! Flotation of a body is a function of displacing its own mass of water, it doesn't matter if it's an ice floe, (thin and flat) or an iceberg (floating mountain) It is still govererned by the same rule, approximately 90% of the mass below the waterline! no matter the shape? To cause an iceberg to flip would require a force to lift the subermerged portion which is the significantly larger proportion? Hell, the Titanic couldn't do it, it came off tragically second best. Just put an ice cube in a glass and measure its displacement,then scale it up. Archimedes was not wrong. http://www.bsharp.org/physics/icebergs
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