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  1. 19 hours ago, SRAM said:

    So Amy is a professional maid-of-honor now, being it in Bernadette's and now Penny's wedding.  I wonder if she is saving the dresses like that movie "27 Dresses"?  (And yes I am embarrassed that I know that)

    Especially as Professor Slut Bunny was also in that film, oops! Sad that I know that.

  2. 1 hour ago, FileXxX said:

    Aww, her face when Leonard asked her out again. Looks like she was just waiting for him to do it.

    That one is amongst my favourite Penny expressions, up there with her "Yes I will go out with you look" and her shy expression at their proposal discussion. Simple but contemplative.



  3. 20 hours ago, JE7 said:

    The sad fact is IMO Sheldon is no longer funny. I used to laugh at his antics most if the time but now I fast forward thru any of his scenes that don't include Lenny or Howardette. I have had so much Sheldon shoved in my face that I am just tired of it, and his behavior has gotten more annoying as time has passed. At first it was funny because he didn't know better or even realize what he was doing, that excuse no longer holds and his behavior now comes across not that he didn't know better but that he just doesn't care.

    Once again this is all IMO

    Thank you! so it's not just me that fast forwards the GTB's onscreen antics.

  4. 40 minutes ago, Tensor said:

    Top Ten Lenny Moments

    The number 9 moment is from 1.17, The Tangerine Factor:

    "The 'cats alive' kiss scene,"

    This moment got eight total votes, but most of them were on the low end.   It had one for third, two for sixth, three for seventh, and two for ninth. This gave it a total of 31 points and earning ninth place.  


    ETA:  for those who want to know, I'm aiming to have the new moment up around noon, EST  (say 11 AM to 1 PM.  I might not always hit that, but that's what I'll be looking at.  

    One of the reasons I couldn't pick a selection is that, yes a great scene but I absolutely loved from the same episode Penny's "Yes! I will go out with you" I thought she looked so vulnerable at that point.


  5. 2 hours ago, hokie3457 said:

    Great gif luminous. Even though a lot of what follows is in Leonard's mind, this exact moment they are looking at each other; lost in this gaze with a lot of background noise. Bernadette and Amy chatting and Sheldon going on and on about Zachary  Quinto. But for Penny and Leonard, right here for a few seconds, it's just them. A page is turned. Yes he thought about it, but he is going to jump in again anyway, because he loved her since the moment he saw her. Plus, that look on HER face. He's the one....

    Great post, 5Miss! I want to add that it was Seasons 1-3, which were heavy with the Leonard/Oenny saga that landed them on heavy rotation on TBS and wrought all else that has followed.

    Sorry Don, but that's the scene from the end of the episode when Leonard's come back to earth and he says they should go anyway.

    OK! Beaten to it.  Shouldn't read whilst tired.

  6. 9 hours ago, Lagernisse said:

    Wasn't Mike the guy Penny kissed in the hallway at the same time Leonard was kissing Leslie winkle. Leonard and Penny was almost competing who could kiss with most passion 

    Episode 2.02 The Codpiece Topology had the Kiss Competition and Penny introduced him at the start as her friend Eric.

  7. 8 hours ago, 5Mississippis said:

    The hallway. Definitely the hallway.

    All their big moments (except the proposal -- shame on you, writers for missing that and not having Leonard pull Penny into the hallway by the hand) have been in the hallway. That bland, nondescript place with the broken elevator and the faux marble panelling and green carpet has been absolutely magical for them: the first glimpse, the first hello, Penny's love expressed twice (the gift of the protective Snuggie/five Mississippi hug and then later, her admittance), there were other wonderful moments too but I'm really too dull and can't think of them at 01:35 in the A of M.   

    You must have been really tired, I would not have expected you of all peeps to forget "The Snowflake"

  8. 15 hours ago, JE7 said:

    (insert Naughty glowstick comment here)



    To quote Katie from the original pilot:-

    "Okay! If that thing vibrates, I'm gonna need to borrow it"

  9. 2 hours ago, 5Mississippis said:

    I'm thinking about the hallway.

    When talking about the living arrangements, people refer to the 'big three', S/L/P. 

    But to this Lenny's heart, the 'big three' is Leonard, Penny, and the hallway. All the moments they had there!

    The milestones in a person's life can take place in the most unassuming places. For Leonard and Penny, it is the hallway. The first glimpse of one another, the five Mississippi hug, the Snuggie exchange, 'it means I wish you weren't going', 'you're the one I'm with. You know I love you ...'. Leonard being the Romance Ninja, should have pulled Penny into the hallway for the proposal. And I still wish they were married in the hallway. 

    Ah, well.

    Still love the big three: Leonard, Penny, and the hallway.

    Not to forget two of my favourite Leonard moments and faces, "That was odd" from The Boyfriend Complexity and "I'm missing something" from The Egg Salad Eqivalency

  10. 1 hour ago, Stephen Hawking said:

    And, to quote Raj:-

    Even drunk, he's still smarter than all of us.

    And also to quote Raj

    "My God, you think every thought that comes out of your head is pure gold. Well let me tell you something, some of those thoughts are pure caca"

    And another example of Sheldons calculations not adding up.

  11. It goes with his paper he presented to Stephen Hawkin, wrong because of an arithmetic error that he never picked up.  His synthesis method for a new super heavy element, oh that was a mistake too. He doesn't need to verify, he's a genius (in his own mind).

  12. 1 hour ago, Nogravitasatall said:


    So, if say Sheldon were frozen and then submerged, which is plot twist we probably won't see, would 92% oh him remain below the surface? 

    But to go on, did someone say end of season cliffhanger? With Leonard's Dad, who was in Numbers with David Krumholtz, whose character was another prodigy.

    I like it.

    Nope! He has a higher than normal body density, down he goes.

  13. 2 hours ago, djsurrey said:

    The first part of what you said is true enough but there are plenty of disturbances in a body of water. You must be imagining a big flattish slab of ice. I think SH was thinking of a piece of ice with a pyramid shape.

    The quote was about icebergs and No! Flotation of a body is a function of displacing its own mass of water, it doesn't matter if it's an ice floe, (thin and flat) or an iceberg (floating mountain) It is still govererned by the same rule, approximately 90% of the mass below the waterline! no matter the shape? To cause an iceberg to flip would require a force to lift the subermerged portion which is the significantly larger proportion? Hell, the Titanic couldn't do it, it came off tragically second best. Just put an ice cube in a glass and measure its displacement,then scale it up. Archimedes was not wrong.


  14. 16 hours ago, Stephen Hawking said:

    Playing Counterfactuals, his first answer was "a BLT where the B stands for beaver".

    Not exactly a conversational bell ringer. :rolleyes: 

    He then compounded it, at the Cheesecake Factory, with "So, this is nice. First time we’ve all gotten together to eat".

    Icebergs with huge bases, tend to flip over.

    Err! No they don't simple physics teaches us that as the density of ice is about 92% that of water then to be able to float approximately the same percentage of the mass will be under water, ergo it ain't gonna flip anytime soon unless impelled by an external force.

  15. 34 minutes ago, Stephen Hawking said:

    Yes. It was Season 1, Episode 3, The Fuzzy Boots Corollary:-

    Leonard: I know what you’re thinking, I’ve taken your asthma into account. There’s a feline geneticist in San Diego who has developed the cutest little hypo-allergenic calicos.

    This establishes that Sheldon, as well as Leonard, suffers from Asthma.

    25 to be exact.

    That many cats, should finish off the pair of them.

    No it doesn't, Sheldon may just suffer with watering eyes, sneezing or skin irritation due to cat fur. One reference in passing doesn't make it so, it's never been hinted at that Sheldon takes any asthma medication.

    Asthma isn't an allergy, it's an ongoing restriction of the bronchial tubes which is eased by a preventer steroid taken regularly, usually twice daily, when attacks occur, a dose of a dilator such as Salbutamol is taken. Asthma can be genetic and can also be triggered by external influences, in my case isocyanates when working in an analytical lab.

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