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  1. Err! No they don't simple physics teaches us that as the density of ice is about 92% that of water then to be able to float approximately the same percentage of the mass will be under water, ergo it ain't gonna flip anytime soon unless impelled by an external force.
  2. No it doesn't, Sheldon may just suffer with watering eyes, sneezing or skin irritation due to cat fur. One reference in passing doesn't make it so, it's never been hinted at that Sheldon takes any asthma medication. Asthma isn't an allergy, it's an ongoing restriction of the bronchial tubes which is eased by a preventer steroid taken regularly, usually twice daily, when attacks occur, a dose of a dilator such as Salbutamol is taken. Asthma can be genetic and can also be triggered by external influences, in my case isocyanates when working in an analytical lab.
  3. I actually enjoyed quite a bit of the last episode, Leonard and Penny, so close in 4a at the end, but it was the girls that had me laughing most in 4b when advising Raj. Then Clare and Emily carrying it on with the phone calls. A small amount of Sheldon but more balanced across everyone.
  4. It was Daredevil that Afleck murdered, memory wiper from MIB reference too in that one, you can lay the Death of Green Lantern at Ryan Reynolds feet (also referenced).
  5. Yep! Totally agree, you cannot apply normal distributions to discrete data, it's a big no no. Your two posts have highlighted this perfectly, totally incorrect usage of statistical techniques
  6. Doug in "Fuzzyboots" and Erik in "Codpiece", I don't remember a third. oopsie! I do, but let's not go there.
  7. Leonard was Green Lantern, Arisia Rrab is more appropriate, (kudos to Fanfic writer)
  8. Not if they burn his passport before they go.
  9. Nope! Raj has always been the one character I have disliked intensely, he is never shown to do anything for anyone else unless it suits his own agenda
  10. David Underhill? Not main cast but he was married.
  11. Everything from Leonard seeing Penny and the girls the first time when they reach the 4th floor landing, up to the later cutback to Sheldon and him when he asks her out and she replies "Have you thought this through" is all Leonard thinking it through, a vision of what could happen. OK Tensor beat me to it
  12. Nope! It was Leonards dream sequence in The Reconnection Hypothesis, totally in his head not factual at all. Both of those scenes are all in Leonards head
  13. Actually in S05E04 The Wiggly Finger Catalyst Sheldon: No, you’re wrong. See, as you know, a few years ago, I achieved one of my lesser dreams and became a notary public. Well, from time to time, I notarize banking documents for Raj. The Koothrappalis aren’t just rich, they’re Richie Rich rich.
  14. S8E15 The Comic Book Store Regeneration
  15. S08E13 The Anxiety Optimisation in the opening.
  16. More like a strike for violating the occupancy rules of the shower as per the room mate agreement
  17. No they didn't, that was all in Leonards head in his dream sequence, "I'm sorry I slept with your best friend", now moving on....
  18. Please stay around, your posting are ones I enjoy reading, usually because you have a balanced view and don't try to force your opinions on any one else
  19. It was streamed live on the Internet, anyone could watch anywhere, so nobody was stopping anyone watching the wedding. They just had to be interested enough to type in an address that was probably emailed to them all.
  20. It has to be done to address the poster but it means We see, as ably phrased by 5Mississippi's, dick posts.
  21. He's been on ignore for months but every time he's quoted I see it, damn! That glitch needs changing
  22. "You looking to start a rumble"
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