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  1. it took me 3 viewings before I realised what was niggling my grey cells, I just wish they would get these simple little things right, it matters to some, or at least to me.
  2. After after I watched the episode again, I did enjoy it, there was something bugging me. Woke this morning and realised what it was, "Aquaman! Protecting your home since 2012", he didn't buy it until 2013 in The Deception Verification when he got fleeced by Stuart. Another strange timeline here.
  3. Because It's moved back to the Thursday slot.
  4. 3ku11, whilst the sentiment about these two is shared, you do appreciate the irony of those two photos about continuity. Both are publicity shots and the one in the bottom right cannot exist in reality, it was all in Leonards head in "The Nervarva Annilation", his dream sequence.
  5. In the US they have flavoured versions, they are better.
  6. "It's my favourite pink fluid, narrowly beating out Pepto-Bismol" The Launch Acceleration.
  7. Sorry ! But facts are facts and these little things bother me. Plus as a fan it is a whole lot less than 10 years ago, I have to rewatch early Leonard and Penny frequently.
  8. Throughout the pilot Sheldon wore a flash t-shirt, the same one he wears when shopping with Penny in "Bon Voyage"
  9. my only regret is that Weaton hasn't received this treatment after his machinations in "recurrence "
  10. Try https://www.fanfiction.net/u/4588800/Tensor if nothing else do yourself a favour and read "Chewtoy"
  11. Sorry but this is Factually wrong, they cut new episodes if they are shown before 9.00pm. For example, In first showing of The Tenure Turbulence they cut all the trash talk between Sheldon and Raj, in the The Cooper-Kripke Inversion they cut all the talk between Sheldon and Kripke in Sheldons office at the end and don't get me started on Skank Reflex, that's never been shown in its entirety. I have no issue with the afternoon or early repeats, that's common sense. Now The only reason I ever watch new, on E4, is to see what they cut at 8.30pm, it's not the writers fault E4 could simply move new episodes back to 9.00pm.
  12. Oopsie! Was trying to keep head down but I have to plead guilty too.
  13. I always watch at US pace (either live stream or downloaded the next morning) here in the UK, the network that airs it has a habit of crudely cutting anything it deems inappropriate for a before 9.00PM screening.
  14. Perfect summation, but can you avoid quoting the whole post, it voids the ignore function. Please?
  15. So glad someone picked that up, Yes two pets but a total reversal on Penny's attitude.
  16. The Proton Transmogrification, "I had a pet pig as a kid, I mean, when he died we didn't have a funeral we had a barbecue". Either more than one pet pig or another continuity cock up!
  17. The point being some of us come here for L/P not the GTB, since you seem to miss that point, on to the ignore list.
  18. B was generous,Sheldon in L/P thread deserves an F, this though redeems you
  19. As a certain fanfic writer used, kudos, Leonard as Hal Jordan's Green Lantern and Penny as Arisia Rrabs Green Lantern. Ticks everyone's boxes.
  20. Can we stop with the Sheldon giffs and pics on this thread, you're making me want to vomit on the Leonard and Penny thread. Can we have at least one place without the GTB forcing his way in.
  21. nope! That was completely purple, the current one is blue/purple and appears to have a slight pink trim as the one seen in "The Relationship Deremption"
  22. MrsPennyHoftstadterinvitesyoutousetheirwifi no spaces
  23. when in doubt change the subject, last ever post I can't be bothered with the crap talked on here anymore.
  24. The hallway has some of Leonards funniest faces and asides in it, his "That was odd in Boyfriend" and "I'm missing something" in Egg Salad, they never fail to crack me up
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