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  1. 3ku11, whilst the sentiment about these two is shared, you do appreciate the irony of those two photos about continuity. Both are publicity shots and the one in the bottom right cannot exist in reality, it was all in Leonards head in "The Nervarva Annilation", his dream sequence.

  2. it's one of the things on the showthat made me try it out and it was pretty horrid!

    Sheldon and his cheesecake factory burgers look nice

    However i became addicted to bagels and cream cheese for a while after penny had one in thanksgiving decoupling!

    In the US they have flavoured versions, they are better.

  3. It's the happiest day of our lifes, via Skype... lol

    Give me a break it was nearly ten years ago lol.

    Sorry ! But facts are facts and these little things bother me. Plus as a fan it is a whole lot less than 10 years ago, I have to rewatch early Leonard and Penny frequently.


    I don't think E4 actually cuts the new episodes of TBBT, it's only the daytime repeats that have certain scenes cut from them.

    Zhalen, this has nothing to do with E4 "deeming things inappropriate"; as a free-to-air broadcaster and a subsidiary of Channel 4, E4 is obligated to adhere to OFCOM's pre-watershed decency and standards regulations, which prevents potentially offensive material from being shown before 9pm. If E4 were to show the crass or rude references and jokes made in some episodes of TBBT before the watershed, they risk being fined or even having more serious consequences taken against them. They're doing their job.

    If you want to be angry about someone for the daytime repeats for being cut, I would suggest you complain about OFCOM having decency regulations to protect British children from viewing offensive material and bad language, or blame the TBBT writers for including the offensive stuff in the first place. But then again, complaining about those things would be ridiculous, wouldn't it?

    Sorry but this is Factually wrong, they cut new episodes if they are shown before 9.00pm.  For example, In first showing of The Tenure Turbulence they cut all the trash talk between Sheldon and Raj, in the The Cooper-Kripke Inversion they cut all the talk between Sheldon and Kripke in Sheldons office at the end and don't get me started on Skank Reflex, that's never been shown in its entirety. I have no issue with the afternoon or early repeats, that's common sense.  Now The only reason I ever watch new, on E4,  is to see what they cut at 8.30pm, it's not the writers fault E4 could simply move new episodes back to 9.00pm.

  5. I always watch at US pace (either live stream or downloaded the next morning) here in the UK, the network that airs it has a habit of crudely cutting anything it deems inappropriate for a before 9.00PM screening. 

  6. Has the pig ever been mentioned before? I know it was suppose to be a joke but it didn't ring that funny to me.

    Also during the tag it would of been nice to see Sheldon going to one door and Leonard going to the other door. (Penny his wife)

    The Proton Transmogrification, "I had a pet pig as a kid, I mean, when he died we didn't have a funeral we had a barbecue". Either more than one pet pig or another continuity cock up!

  7. Thats from The Panty Pinata which is proff that Penny vs Sheldon can be hilariously funny. Dont be so sensative the charecter when used right IS funny

    see my last post

    The point being some of us come here for L/P not the GTB, since you seem to miss that point, on to the ignore list.


    My question is, isn't Penny's old robe the one that Howard wore when he was shacking up in Penny's apartment with "The Whore of Omaha"--the one that Penny said he could keep? :p

    nope! That was completely purple, the current one is blue/purple and appears to have a slight pink trim as the one seen in "The Relationship Deremption"

  9. Hey, I was going to post this in the "Why does Penny use their Wifi" topic, but since it's a spoiler, I can't, so I'll post it here.   The guy's wifi is now also Penny's wifi, since her and Leonard got married.  

    MrsPennyHoftstadterinvitesyoutousetheirwifi no spaces


    Sheldon did take care of Amy in The Fish Guts Displacement, for quite a while. And he was pretty good at it. That quote is from that episode. 

    If we're going to take everything a character says to a face value and ignore the actions, how about Leonard saying that he would only let Penny chose the movies so he could have sex with her?

    when in doubt change the subject, last ever post I can't be bothered with the crap talked on here anymore.

  11. I'm with Strawberry! I'm crying after reading that, Itwas!


    But can we take all that and have them get married in the hallway between the two apartments? I just adore that trio: Leonard, Penny, and the Hallway. Magical things happen for them there!

    The hallway has some of Leonards funniest faces and asides in it, his "That was odd in Boyfriend" and "I'm missing something" in Egg Salad, they never fail to crack me up

  12. This runs so against what many of my fellow Leonard/Penny enthusiasts wish for, but I prefer a wedding with them alone. All of their best moments have been that way. No one(for comedic purposes) denigrating the relationship. No Sheldon to remind us that Penny was a slut and a drunk and that Leonard's intelligence and life work are severely lacking. No Howard & Raj taking bets as to how long the marriage will last.

    Just the two of them looking into each other's eyes, saying "I do" and BOTH crying a little. Also don't care about wedding planning or meeting additional family members--sorry--just Leonard & Penny please.

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    Perfectly summation, I love the professor Proton funeral scenes with them, then the bar scene and pop tart in Gorilla, the car scene in friendship and of course prom. These two are funny together as well as touching hearts at the same time.

  13. Did anybody else notice that when Leonard goes to the closet to get Penny's be-lated Valentine's gift, that nothing is actually hanging in the closet? Just thought that was humorous.

    Because that's not his closet, it's just a general store cupboard in the main room, his closet is in his bedroom ala " The Cooper-Hoftstadter Polarisation"

  14. phanta.....that is exactly what I was trying to say. It may not have come off that way. This stuff is done for comedic purpose. There would be cameras all over the university and there would have been more of an investigation into what happened in the elevator especially if someone said it was a definite explosion.

    And I agree I don't think it needs to keep coming up because it was just a story of how they met and then how the elevator doesn't work.

    I do agree that Leonard makes a lot of compromises with Sheldon but sometimes I think he can get petty over things that he did sign in the Roommate Agreement. He chose to live with Sheldon and his rules which Penny pointed out to him. It was his choice to sign and I know someone on here is going to say that Sheldon breaks all ties and I will say that it is selfish but some of the things Leonard did agree to and he now is regretting it.

    Actually he was blackmailed into signing the new agreement at the end of The Agreement Dissection and then in The Roomate Contraction he was never actually shown to sign the agreement again after Sheldon turned the power off.
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