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  1. Perfectly summation, I love the professor Proton funeral scenes with them, then the bar scene and pop tart in Gorilla, the car scene in friendship and of course prom. These two are funny together as well as touching hearts at the same time.
  2. Because that's not his closet, it's just a general store cupboard in the main room, his closet is in his bedroom ala " The Cooper-Hoftstadter Polarisation"
  3. Actually he was blackmailed into signing the new agreement at the end of The Agreement Dissection and then in The Roomate Contraction he was never actually shown to sign the agreement again after Sheldon turned the power off.
  4. Especially as its a complete reversal of The Cooper-Hoftstadter Polarisation where Sheldon's idea was the lead and Leonard did the proof by experiment
  5. No, he was out by a factor of 10,000, that's a pretty big error in anyone's book
  6. You are correct, they just re-run the previous hours episode. You need the late night/early morning version and even then they sometimes make a mistake and show the early time version.
  7. Yep! The U.S. episodes are the complete versions, the E4 cuts are local to the UK, they basically cut out (crudely) any swear words, references to slut, bitch, politically incorrect (Raj's confession to Penny in 501 perfect example), and any sexual innuendo. they basically try to get it below about a 12 rating for programs and in the process ruin a lot of the jokes.. The uncut version , the DVDs are uncut, are much funnier.
  8. Sorry to disillusion you but I watch the E4 first showing to specifically see what is cut out and the episodes are butchered, even on first showing at 8.30PM. eg Tenure Turbulence lost all the trash talk, Tangible Proof lost all the Bitch references and let's have sex, Contactual obligation, only Pennys space mountain confession appeared out of the 3. Interestingly in the case of Tangible proof the Bitch references went back in for the Sunday repeat at 8.30.
  9. Season 6 Episode 5 The Holographic Excitation
  10. Leonard didn't tell a lie, he was originally coming home later, when they finished early he came back early to surprise his girlfriend. He didn't tell anyone his changed schedule, so how is that lying to Sheldon.
  11. David Underhill is 2x11, by getting the episode order wrong you refute your points in the entire last paragraph. As it was post Mike, Leonard and then Eric, yet another tall, dumb guy "from the Charlie Brown cartoon".
  12. Damn! I think I'm turning into Sheldon, getting very finicky about details.
  13. Just a quick note, check facts before posting episode references1x24 doesn't exist, season one was only 17 episodes.
  14. Thanks for the data Tensor, it would be interesting to see how downloads/streams overseas would factor in, a lot of us watch at US pace, due to our crappy local schedulers.
  15. One for the S7 extras already perchance??
  16. We know she is a fan of Victorias Secret, it could have been one of their wireless range. I used their favourite web site for that.
  17. Sorry Sheldon didn't quote Beverley's book, that was all in Leonard's head during TRH when he thinks things through. It never actually happened.
  18. Don't forget "The Tangerine Factor". On her couch just before Leonard asks her out.
  19. It wouldn't have been post "Lunar Excitation" as she left him after his appeteezers comments and told Leonard she couldn't date dumb guys anymore. Also Zacks response after the naked eye comment suggests he has at least seen her naked before that point.
  20. Don't forget she was seen with Doug and Erik
  21. Liked the way you did it, talking with their friends first, the interview apology then the talk, worth the wait.
  22. Loved the L/P heart to heart, very well done.
  23. I hadn't forgot her, every time she's appeared she has been quite brilliant, anytime a medical person is required, bring her back. Her interactions with whomever has strolled up to that desk has been pure comedy.
  24. Actually, the first scene was just Leonard and Sheldon at the sperm donors.
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