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  1. According to the taping report the article was specifically about Leonard and Sheldons' paper not about a field in general so the question still remains; how is Sheldon lead scientist?

    Especially as its a complete reversal of The Cooper-Hoftstadter Polarisation where Sheldon's idea was the lead and Leonard did the proof by experiment

  2. He misread a table, which initially led to the discovery.  But it's not as if he added 2 and 2 and got 5.

    And with Hawking, he made an arithmatic error, but again, it's not as if he suddenly had no higher math skills.


    No, he was out by a factor of 10,000, that's a pretty big error in anyone's book

  3. If its shown after 9.00pm (watershed) then no cuts, but am thinking isn't E4+1 just going to repeat the exact same episode from an hour ago.

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    You are correct, they just re-run the previous hours episode. You need the late night/early morning version and even then they sometimes make a mistake and show the early time version.

  4. So is everything that is cut over here allowed in the US, then? The show airs even earlier in the US than it does in the UK- at 8pm. Does the UK just have much stricter TV rules?

    Yep! The U.S. episodes are the complete versions, the E4 cuts are local to the UK, they basically cut out (crudely) any swear words, references to slut, bitch, politically incorrect (Raj's confession to Penny in 501 perfect example), and any sexual innuendo. they basically try to get it below about a 12 rating for programs and in the process ruin a lot of the jokes.. The uncut version , the DVDs are uncut, are much funnier.

  5. I've never know them to cut bits out of episodes being shown for the first time- at least, not noticeably. I think they only cut stuff out of the episodes which they show in the daytime. The first time an episode is shown on E4, it's uncut- but after that, they cut bits out so that they can repeat the episode at any time without offending anyone.

    Sorry to disillusion you but I watch the E4 first showing to specifically see what is cut out and the episodes are butchered, even on first showing at 8.30PM. eg Tenure Turbulence lost all the trash talk, Tangible Proof lost all the Bitch references and let's have sex, Contactual obligation, only Pennys space mountain confession appeared out of the 3. Interestingly in the case of Tangible proof the Bitch references went back in for the Sunday repeat at 8.30.

  6. Oh I so agree with you and I think that is why you see Leonard being much more mad at Raj then Penny.  However here is the thing, as you know guys are different from girls, guys who are real friends understand the unwritten law you reference, the 'BRO CODE'.  Girls steal each others boyfriends all the time so they don't understand, it is sort of the same way we don't understand why they cry so much when they watch the "Notebook". 


    You should read the romantic Shenny stories from this summer, they are written by girls and they have Sheldon hitting on Penny the first week Leonard is gone.  They don't understand that a true friend won't do that and will even protect your girlfriend from other guys, cause you are their friend.  Girls don't really get that, I think they are hardwired to seek the best mate they can get, so anything goes.


    Bottom line, Raj was a dick and he violated the code.  In real life Leonard probably would have decked him.

    There is a fic out there where Leonard does just that.

  7. Actually, it's 19 million for the first episode(18.99). Whoever can figure out the reason why this show pulls in the ratings it does, they would be rich. I would think it has something to do with having great writers, a great cast who gets along and a great crew who like what they are doing and who they're doing it with. But, that's just a guess. :)

    Thanks for the data Tensor, it would be interesting to see how downloads/streams overseas would factor in, a lot of us watch at US pace, due to our crappy local schedulers.

  8. I wonder if the reason Leonard prefers Penny over attractive female scientists is to avoid his mother, metaphorically. When Penny dressed up as a smart girls with the glasses, he knew she was acting. Sheldon even points this out from Beverly's book, that he is attracted to Penny because she is the opposite of his mother. So both Sheldon and Beverly get that Leonard wants to avoid his mother.

    Sorry Sheldon didn't quote Beverley's book, that was all in Leonard's head during TRH when he thinks things through. It never actually happened.

  9. Yeah she was drunk but I think she genieunely was concerned about Leonard for the way Kurt was treating him, she said something like "he always does stuff like that", I think Penny feels Kurt may change, that is one of Penny's best traits her trust in people partiuculary in the men she dated. that they well eventually do good by her, but it also one of her flaws, Leonard was the exception.

    Don't forget "The Tangerine Factor". On her couch just before Leonard asks her out.

  10. This is one of those cases where we have to infer about something that happened off screen. We know Zack was introduced in the season 3 finale but we don't know when they started going out. The intercourse could have happened prior to that first onscreen meeting, it could have happened during the break between seasons, or it could have even happened at some point between 4.1 and 4.10. I made the assumption it was after season 3 because we know it didn't happen during that episode. Although to be completely fair, I do not know for sure when it happened or that it didn't happen in season 3 before the finale.

    It wouldn't have been post "Lunar Excitation" as she left him after his appeteezers comments and told Leonard she couldn't date dumb guys anymore. Also Zacks response after the naked eye comment suggests he has at least seen her naked before that point.

  11. And Althea, don't forget Althea. The only other actor from the first pilot to make an appearance in the production series. More than many of the famous characters. She's been in five episodes. More than Zack and it was only this past year that Wil had more appearances. She is also another example of Chuck Lorre's bringing in people he's worked with before. She's appeared in Two and a Half Men, Dharma and Greg, and Grace Under Fire.

    I hadn't forgot her, every time she's appeared she has been quite brilliant, anytime a medical person is required, bring her back. Her interactions with whomever has strolled up to that desk has been pure comedy.

  12. Yeah I completely agree, I was just making the point as you said that arch L/P/S has been the forefront of the show since the Pilot, I mean the first scene was the 3 of them. I was just saying Sheldon is a big part of their lives, either if it is at the guys apartment, or Penny's he somehow manages to squeeze his way into their relationship, look at how he did it when Leonard was dating Stephanie in S2 lol. So it is not just Lenny that he has been a third wheel with.

    Actually, the first scene was just Leonard and Sheldon at the sperm donors.

  13. My guess; 7x15 Penny  decides that she and Leonard need to take the next step in their relationship and move in together. She moves into Leonard's room and Sheldon makes some serious changes to the roommate agreement Leonard and Penny refuse a number of conditions and force Sheldon to back down or they will both move into 4B and allow Amy to take Leonard's room.

    Sheldon loses power as he decides all ties in voting, If Penny has to sign then there would be no ties. Just imagine the fun L/P would have screwing with Sheldon with that, Babylon 5 on the TV would be the least of his worries.

  14. Actually the show seems to center around Penny. Her boyfriend didn't want to be paired with her, her bestie didn't, Sheldon didn't, and Raj didn't have a winner because he thought someone would have been stuck with Penny. In reality if there had been an actual winner in the scavenger hunt the way the taping report reads it would have been Penny(and Sheldon). I'm not sure what you wanted for a homecoming for Leonard he got some alone time with Penny. I think most guys would have been happy with that. But if you wanted to see more  they would have to show that on pay per view instead of CBS. :icon_lol:

    Am I missing something, the report says Leonard suggest drawing names out of a hat, this is perfectly in character for him as the fair way to do things. Penny makes the assumption then Amy jumps back to the hat.

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