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  1. Sheldon loses power as he decides all ties in voting, If Penny has to sign then there would be no ties. Just imagine the fun L/P would have screwing with Sheldon with that, Babylon 5 on the TV would be the least of his worries.
  2. Well Penny does have a short fuse. Another one that may play differently on screen when we see how the characters play it.
  3. Am I missing something, the report says Leonard suggest drawing names out of a hat, this is perfectly in character for him as the fair way to do things. Penny makes the assumption then Amy jumps back to the hat.
  4. One of my favourites for Leonard's speech ending in , " You are you and you are screwed"
  5. 216 The Cushion Saturation, " Boy I love him but he is one serious wackadoodle" Why does everyone misquote her from The Closure Alternative, she actually says " I love that you are in my life" not that she loves him.
  6. Much as I am waiting for the next, I am sad because it will be the last. This has been a great journey.
  7. Great insights, but come Saturday I m goings be really missing this regularity of updates on a gret tory
  8. I suspect it is being confused with 417, The Toast Derivation, "lets go out and find me a heiney to bite" that was Amy and Bernadette.
  9. Done to cheer you up when your Package was late, plus the chance to get the pic up first, usually the best ones are already in use.
  10. Raj always manipulates any situation to suit himself, never to help anyone else ( only exeption I can think of is looking in on mrs.W). Much as Sheldon irritates, he is a saint at the side of Raj.
  11. To quote Phil the minion, Whatttt! Penny "you think coffee, really means coffee"
  12. So true, follow that with The jiminy Conjecture with the disappointing sex reveal, The Guitarist Amplification where he reveals Pennys faults that irritate Leonard. Follow that with the times he throws the others under the bus, The Apology Insufficency, The Egg Salad Equivalency and The Spoiler Segmenttion. He does have a well used technique for supporting his own agenda, though let's not forget he did block Stuart in The Hofstadter Isotope.
  13. Another great update, the story just keeps sucking you in, the characterisation is just so perfect, now we needs some more please
  14. I'm just sad, I did love how thy used Leslie in exactly the same way as they used Alex in the last series to bring out her feelings for Leonard,
  15. Molly love that post but you missed a couple of kisses there. Douglas she kisses before the date that wasn't a dat, lol And Erik, though that was the kiss competition with Leslie Winkle
  16. The look to me is one of puzzlement and shock that he would come out with it and just for accuracy. The quote is "30.96 sexual partners, let's round that up to 31"
  17. Naughty, naughty, teasing us Now cannot wait for tomorrow after today's meeting.
  18. He certainly did , also You can account for Kurt in the numbers (The financial permeability) and also Zack as it includes season 3 too. His numbers definitely lied.
  19. A date that was all in his head, showing he thought they had slept together " I'm sorry I slept with you best friend". Then a raj brings it up in 601 and 612.
  20. "I had trouble putting it on, you tried to help, that's all she wrote" Pretty clear where her hands were.
  21. Molaro is L/P supporter, Lorre broke them up ( came as a surprise to everyone), then threw in the season 4 finale.
  22. One pipe in the bathroom not perfectly vertical, can I drain the system to replace it no! Sheldonesque twitch starting. She avoids spoilers like the plague, cliffhangers not allowed, I have to check to see if an episode is "To be continued" and get both before she will watch. Back to the writers, I am usually happy that Chuck Lorre hasn't been involved, he's the one that throws L/P under a bus on a whim.
  23. My wife tilts pictures just to see how long it takes me to notice and straighten them again, how evil?
  24. 6.00am in the UK and a morning treat. Another great description of a Leonard we hope he becomes in the future, makes his decision then covers things so as not to disappoint His daughter. Your take on Bernadette is a welcome change, I always thought her and Howard would be great friends and supporters of Leonard, her scene with him in 6.24 is adorable. I also agree with the others though, I would love Penny to have to pursue this brilliant and confidant guy.
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