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  1. Thanks Molly.  I don't remember her saying that but it would be so like her.  They do (Sheldon and Penny) have a lovely chemistry in the cutest of ways.  I was thinking before that Penny soft of bonding with Raj in the season finale so I would like to see some interaction with Howard too.  I like the whole cast chemistry so the more they can relate to each other, the more enjoyment I get...

    216 The Cushion Saturation, " Boy I love him but he is one serious wackadoodle"

    Why does everyone misquote her from The Closure Alternative, she actually says " I love that you are in my life" not that she loves him.

  2. Editorial decision half asleep this morning - I posted 2 chapters, 13 and 14 today.  They tie together - Bernadette is busy here.


    With this, Ch 15 will post Thursday and, alas, the final chapter to this story will post on Friday.


    Thanks for reading along and all the comments.

    Great insights, but come Saturday I m goings be really missing this regularity of updates on a gret tory

  3. i

    We're just gonna have to agree to disagree. I watch it four-five times, stopped it, ran it backwards, before i wrote the last and I don't see what you are saying. She just looks at Sheldon as if what he is saying is completely nuts. She looks as if she is considering if she is a slut, after Amy's comment, but it nevers looks as if she accepts it. But, evidently you see what you see, and I see what I see.

    As for the quote, the one I am referring to is:

    "Somewhere where no one’s seen me naked. We may have to drive awhile."

    It is in "The Skank Reflex Analysis". 5x01, after Amy tells her about the skank reflex and just before Penny opens the door to find Leonard and Sheldon across the hall. She then shuts the door and asks Amy if she can stay with her. Can you point out the phrase you are referring to and the episode it is from? Maybe we can figure out what the other is referring to .

    I suspect it is being confused with 417, The Toast Derivation, "lets go out and find me a heiney to bite" that was Amy and Bernadette.

  4. Yeah Stuart's an idiot lol, I don't think Penny was seriousley considering doing anything that night as it was a first date, but still even just for coffee. Remember he had an argument with Sheldon over Superman was it, Penny ended up falling asleep on the couch lol. It diddn't last though as Penny said Leonard's name while making out with Stuart haha poor Stuart, at least he still has his comic book store.

    To quote Phil the minion, Whatttt! Penny "you think coffee, really means coffee"

  5. I was just was watching 'The Bad Fish Paradigm' and Sheldon is a real ass, what he told Penny was so wrong, about Leonard only being compatible with smart women. Sheldon is really just an evil leprechaun trying to keep Leonard and Penny apart.

    So true, follow that with The jiminy Conjecture with the disappointing sex reveal, The Guitarist Amplification where he reveals Pennys faults that irritate Leonard. Follow that with the times he throws the others under the bus, The Apology Insufficency, The Egg Salad Equivalency and The Spoiler Segmenttion.

    He does have a well used technique for supporting his own agenda, though let's not forget he did block Stuart in The Hofstadter Isotope.

  6. You're right, i did think i was missing one or two but i couldnt think of them in the moment. Still, it is less than Leonard and even in the Eric kiss it was used to show her feeling towards Leonard in a round about way. Hardly the antics of a slut! haha

    I'm just sad, I did love how thy used Leslie in exactly the same way as they used Alex in the last series to bring out her feelings for Leonard,

  7. Wasn't it just a reaction to the number Sheldon said.  I know I'm older than Penny but I couldn't possibly come up with the number of men I've dated and/or slept with quickly.  I mean not that it's a lot just that it would take a bit of time.

    The look to me is one of puzzlement and shock that he would come out with it and just for accuracy. The quote is "30.96 sexual partners, let's round that up to 31"

  8. Okay, now that I've seen the actual dialog I retract my original analysis. We know that she went out with 17 guys during S1 and S2, again we have to assume that the .18 came from somewhere so if we take 17 times .18 we only get 3. If we assume that doesn't include Kurt or Leonard and that she was only with Kurt between moving to California and arriving at 4B then you get a total of 5 men she slept with since arriving in California (6 if you count Raj).


    Also Sheldon really screwed up his math, badly.

    He certainly did , also You can account for Kurt in the numbers (The financial permeability) and also Zack as it includes season 3 too. His numbers definitely lied.

  9. I like how your wife thinks.  She likes cliffhangers too, doesn't she?

    One pipe in the bathroom not perfectly vertical, can I drain the system to replace it no! Sheldonesque twitch starting.

    She avoids spoilers like the plague, cliffhangers not allowed, I have to check to see if an episode is "To be continued" and get both before she will watch.

    Back to the writers, I am usually happy that Chuck Lorre hasn't been involved, he's the one that throws L/P under a bus on a whim.

  10. Once I was helping my sister hang some pictures at my mother's house and I was pretty meticulous about spacing them evenly, etc., which turned out to work very nicely.  So my sister says, "Make your neuroses work for you!"

    A motto I live by!

    My wife tilts pictures just to see how long it takes me to notice and straighten them again, how evil?

  11. 6.00am in the UK and a morning treat. Another great description of a Leonard we hope he becomes in the future, makes his decision then covers things so as not to disappoint His daughter. Your take on Bernadette is a welcome change, I always thought her and Howard would be great friends and supporters of Leonard, her scene with him in 6.24 is adorable.

    I also agree with the others though, I would love Penny to have to pursue this brilliant and confidant guy.

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