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  1. Sheldon upon entering Penny's apartment: "Were you robbed!?" Penny: "Noooo". Sheldon: "Are you sure??"
  2. Howard is always wearing a turtleneck right? So what kind of pin does he wear on it?
  3. Goodness I thought for a moment Sheldon was really going to say something heartfelt to Amy....I was on the edge of my seat! Same with Raj demanding Penny tell Leonard, once and for all, tell him she loves him. And BOTH times I ended up laughing hysterically!!! :lol:
  4. "Mystic Warlords of Ka-A"......how can you beat "creepy-teepee"!!!!!
  5. From the get-go, this show has made me laugh out loud. Talk about a serotonin boost! After a hard days work and just plain 'ol life, I love nothing more than to watch any episode. It's such a happy, positive show. I have chronic depression and have to be on what I call "happy pills" for the rest of my life. And like some of my fellow Big Bang lovers here, even then I dip real low under the horizon at times; but the gang make my day
  6. I find Sheldon's hotness distrubing! When he kept flipping his hair back because it was "in his eyes", then playing the bongos??? "It was getting beautiful again!" LOL! I like the old Sheldon, where we all forget that "he's not a real boy".
  7. New Big Bang tonight, eeeeek!!!!

  8. I enjoy Amy so much more than Priya. Amy brings a lot of positive things to the table. I despised Priya and how she tried to change Leonard's appearance. Then she cheats on him! Yet, her only purpose was to make Penny realize her feelings for Leonard; still I'm glad she's gone....good riddance!
  9. Goood morning my nerdizzles!

  10. Too many spoiler alerts! AAACK!

  11. As the years go by, Raj is relying on more alcohol to talk, I don't like that. It was hilarious when Raj made a noise whiich caught Penny's attention and said "what's the matter girl? Timmy fall down the well?" LOL!!! AND when Raj and Penny are in bed and Penny in anger says "You STILL can't talk to me??". HA HA HA HA!
  12. I like it, it goes with her teeny character :D And when she mimicks Mrs. Wolowitz!? AWESOME!!!
  13. I too love the "Shamy"! At times I do wish it was just the four nerds relying on each other for love and affection though. The change in the dynamics can be kinda tough for me at times.
  14. I love the Amy Farrah Fowler character!! When she got the tiara I almost wet my pants from laughing so hard! However, I do have to say that I dislike her lesbian overtones towards Penny. A once or twice mention would have been enough, I get it, she idolizes Penny; but it's increasing and I just plain don't like it. I am not anti-homosexual at all, it's just getting uncomfortable to watch Penny so obviously uncomfortable! I relate to Amy in some ways, an outcast for being exactly who she is and I do love that about her. But no more hitting on Penny please!
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