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  1. Anomaly

    The Q&A Game

    Roberta. How did your last failed relationship end?
  2. Anomaly

    Person Below You

    Thank you. I am proud to be considered your friend. I've been gone too long. I am full-on back into Scrubs. I just rewatched the entire series and am about to start again. Best. Show. Ever. TPBM (Walnut?) is a good friend and an awesome person, that I have missed while away.
  3. Anomaly

    Remember Super Mario By Nintendo Of 90's :p

    Unfortunately, my childhood had long passed by the time Mario 64 released. I was a kid of the Atari 2600 generation... Honestly, I wasn't even a "kid" then, I was on the brink of moving out of my parents house. I was close to 30-years old when that generation of consoles was beginning. That said, I am still a gamer, but have never been much of a Nintendo fan. As far as Mario goes, I preferred Sonic & Crash.
  4. Anomaly

    Raining Or Warm Weather?

    YES! Thunderstorms are AWESOME!
  5. Anomaly

    What Music/bands/singers/songs Do You Like ?

    I have a very eclectic taste in music, and like almost everything from Rock to Jazz to Blues to Classical to Tribal Drums. Seriously, there's not much that I don't like or appreciate on some level. Some of my absolute favorites are... Pearl Jam Garbage Frank Sinatra Jimi Hendrix Talking Heads Men at Work Kiss U2 Pink Floyd Hugh Laurie Chris Botti Bob Marley Guns-N-Roses Motley Crue Vanessa Mae Sarah Brightman Dave Matthews Band Creedence Clearwater Revival Sonny Rollins Dean Martin Venus Hum Adele BB King White Stripes The Police Arrested Development Billy Joel Kirsty MacColl Clarence Clemons Norah Jones Led Zeppelin REO Speedwagon Spyro Gyra Brian Setzer Orchestra Jim Croce Robert Cray Ry Cooder Santana Rodrigo y Gabriela Prince The Motels Lady Gaga Pretenders The Flaming Lips I could go on & on & on...
  6. Anomaly

    Raining Or Warm Weather?

    I love it 65-70 degrees F and raining. If I could live somewhere where it rained every day, I would move there in a heartbeat.
  7. Anomaly

    A-Z: Boys Names

  8. Anomaly

    Z-A Anything Game

  9. Anomaly

    Person Below You

    Hi Mike! True. TPBM has been keeping the faith!
  10. Anomaly

    True or False?

    True... Three. TNP recently moved.
  11. Anomaly

    This or That?

    Mute. Brunch or Brinner?
  12. Anomaly

    Last Letter Game

  13. Anomaly

    Famous People A-Z

    Stone Cold Steve Austin
  14. Anomaly

    A-Z: Animals

    Xylophone playing monkey?
  15. Anomaly

    Movie Characters A To Z

    Charlie Bucket (Willy Wonka/Charlie & the Chocolate Factory)

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