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  1. And let the gif party begin!!!!! (Sorry, can't delete the devil emoji but I guess it works anyway. Ha.)
  2. Sheldon and Amy must have gave it to each other well the second time for him to be kissing her like that *winkwink*.
  3. Thanks so much for sharing, I am so excited for this episode!
  4. So, I originally said three out of the four kisses are sexy and I may have been proven wrong after the preview I just watched. It must have been because it was his, "I'm no longer in the mood" kiss that threw me off but boy was I wrong. ....but in my defense, I saw coitus 2.0 twice and it was hard to focus completely. LOL
  5. Okay, good, I got away with this one. Haha.
  6. But you're right.... it's more of a gown. But still curious about your take on, "robe" that had you thinking she'd look a certain way.
  7. What is a robe in your opinion, that you were okay with it before you saw her? Just curious.
  8. Hey, I typed "robe" in the TR. Nailed it. Haha.
  9. I look forward to many more gifs after the episode airs
  10. And believe it or not, that tag is almost as sexy as all the kisses combined because after all long day, he's very ready and enthusiastic about finally having coitus with her. The way he points his magic wand at her (can't even type that with a straight face)....WOWZA!
  11. Hopefully during the next sweeps, huh? Whenever that is...... February?
  12. In fact Sheldon threatened something like that, I just don't remember what he said exactly. Amy said some sarcastic remark that she'd just he happy he took an interest in her family.
  13. Maybe sometimes a talk doesn't need to happen and they're kind of just going with the flow for now. Although I have to admit a talk would have been nice sometime after he was trying to knock her up for goodness sakes. LOL. But, yes, I get the confusion but I also remind myself that Sheldon is the king of suppression. What if he just went with Amy's off the table suggestion because he thought that's what she wanted for the time being? He seemed willing to go with the flow of things, almost like he was expecting sex would happen until she spoke up on the subject. Just like in the last taping he told her, "whatever you want, it's your birthday..." instead of acting just as anxious as she was to get back upstairs when they were in the hallway with Lenny. Then at the end if the episode, he's VERY anxious to have sex with her again and practically runs after her into the apartment. But now, after writing all this out, I don't even know what point I was trying to make but I'll say this, when Sheldon Cooper is in the mood for sex, BOY is he in the mood for sex. LOL.
  14. From what I can remember (when I wasn't in need of a paramedic from what I was watching), the bedroom looked very nice, very Shamy. Even Penny's colorful bedding is gone and there was a Flash figure on Sheldon's nightstand.
  15. He is pretty straight-faced, just listening to the conversation happening in front of him and even telling Amy once, "... whatever you want to do, it's your birthday..." Going back to the subject that is a bit upsetting to some: I also look forward to the day when he is able to just straight up tell Amy, "I want you now..." birthday or not. In fact, I originally thought he wouldn't even last a year and I guess technically he didn't considering he was very recently trying to put a baby in her. LOL. The writers went ahead and stuck with it being on her birthday this year and it played out beautifully. Now that Shamy are living together, I will be shocked and maybe even a little concerned (and maybe not concerned because every time Shamy do something big, it's beautifully written) if he waits until her birthday again. We shall see how it plays out. Great episode that was taped. The first Shamy scene will indeed make you melt.
  16. That gift Sheldon gives Amy though, with his, "see the part that's lit? I was thinking of you...." Major explosion of ovaries right then and there. Haha
  17. Sorry but pay day came early for me with Sheldon in 10.8 dressed like that. ;-pppp
  18. Perfectly said, I agree as well. The writers have always done that, give us teases to get us ready for something that's coming. They did it with the train kiss even by having the almost SIK before that. But with this ep, my GOD, what kind of horny Sheldon are they getting us ready for? LOL. If this tidbit was mentioned, sorry, but just in case it wasn't: Sheldon even puts his hand (or hands?) near his crotch, brushing the air to get the "petting zoo" smelling cologne towards Amy. I mean.....wow.....
  19. Our Shelly is a great mystery, I tell ya.
  20. Thank you very much. Yeah, trust me, you guys will see that Sheldon is so excited and fascinated by the experiment from start to finish and when it was successful that was the icing on the cake. He was ready to do her right there in the lab. LOL! ...and perhaps she would have been open to it had he not said anything about making a baby. LOL. Yeah, I wanted to walk over and say hello but I have to admit I'm a little shy. Hee, hee. I'm glad you had a nice time too.
  21. I did, thank you! Horny Sheldon in 9.8 basically basically turned my brain to mush. LOL. BTW, hello to @RJ1013... I saw you yesterday I think (we also met at Paley Fest??). Thanks for posting the spoilers!
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