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  1. I actually don't think the ban-aid stuff was there because she was hoping for a little bit of backseat action. When I first read the report I actually thought it had more to do with her doing something new that's girly and that all other girls do and wanting to show it off to her boyfriend, in the way one would show off a tattoo or something. It's just that Amy being Amy she has no filter and doesn't understand what's appropriate and what isn't, and Sheldon being Sheldon just doesn't see things that way (yet). Hence the scene being funny. I have never seen any indication in the show that she is trying to push him towards sex, or even hinting. In the FGD she is simply milking what he's offering, she's not forcing him to do anything.

    Also, I find the double standards a bit annoying. When a guy wants sex from a girl, she should be flattered and it's fun that "he has the hots for her", when a girl wants sex from a guy, she's desperate. Why? It's her boyfriend, she's not running after every moving object... Now, Howard back in the hey-day was desperate.

    You always say exactly what I'm feeling.


  2. Oh! Before I post the uneventful report, I want to confirm something about last week's episode (Fish Guts).

    The spanking scene! What they ended up using wasn't what I expected.

    The ending scene is like this:

    Jim says, "Get over my knees." or whatever, and then Mayim does.

    He spanks her. When he does, the camera is focused on her face and she goes, "ooh!" but she's smiling mischievously, and the shot focuses on Jim's face and he goes, "Excuse me! You're not supposed to be enjoying this."

    Then it goes back to her face, "Maybe you should spank me harder."

    Back to his face. "Maybe I will!"

    Then he holds his arm up, high in the air, and spanks her. When you hear the sound of said spank, that's when the screen goes black and has the 'produced by Chuck Lorre' thing at the bottom.

    Just thought you should know. They also didn't use a line of Howard's that I really liked. When he's asking Bernadette's mom about how the Grand Canyon was and she just answers, "It was good." and he leans over to her dad and says, "I had no idea you were the chatty one."

    Not at all. But the episode was still gold, nonetheless.

    Awesome!!! Hahaha.


  3. There were no scenes in Penny's apartment tonight and I'm not even sure where that decoration is.

    The taping and episode is... well, I don't want to use the word 'boring' because it wasn't boring, just very uneventful, especially for a Christmas episode. If there wasn't a Christmas tree sitting in the guys' apartment then I would have had no idea, really.

    Give me a few minutes to shower and get a plate of something to eat and I'll sit here and start typing.

    You're home already? Wow, it must have NOT been that eventual of an episode. LOL. It seemed like we got out later at the last one? You must not live that far though, huh?

    Well, that's a bummer. If there are any episodes that she have something special/eventful happen, it should be the Christmas episode...

    Oh well. I look forward to the report anyway :-).


  4. Not that I'm in danger of not getting in, but there wasn't an orderly line when I got here. Heads are gonna roll when standbys don't get in. It's bad.

    Girrrl, that's why I don't get why people don t use their heads and ask where the end if the line is and start sitting in an orderly fashion. On the 30th of October even, when I was first in line, what did the 2nd and 3rd and so on people do? Start forming a new line on another bench. Good grief. LOL.

    Anyway, have lots of fun tonight.


  5. I'm going to try and get as much work done today as possible because I know that if the next report is anything like the last one I'm not going to get anything done tomorrow. lol. Not that I'm hoping for too much, it'd be too much to ask for 2-3 eps in a row with so much happening. Enjoy!

    You got that right. It was a mad house up in here after the last taping. LOL.


  6. Ayebee- Just because there are no like points doesn't mean nobody appreciates them. :) Trust me, lurkers are freaking out over your posts and signatures (this coming from a person who's not a fan of the photos you posted).

    BTW, someone in tumblr found the playbill. So, all I can say is LOOK AT THE FREAKING MIDDLE PHOTO.


    I couldn't figure it out at first but I see it now. Guess that's all we're getting. LOL. Thanks for sharing those though.


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  7. Okay. Someone told me there's another version of this one, but the site's gallery is down.


    Someone said they kissed in this play (What Happened Was, 2002). Boy, what I would not give to have seen that...

    I second that.


  8. And where was this? In the bath-tub?

    Did they wear clothes? OMG, this spoiler is more than I can handle.

    Jim slapping her butt in the bath tub????? LOL. You may wanna go back and re-read.


  9. Yeah, Mayim was laughing more obviously because she was the one laying (lying?....hate that word, never know what to spell) across his lap. Then she'd make him laugh. At one moment, he raised his hand to slap her butt and while his hand was in mid-air, he lost it and started laughing before he could slap her. LOL.


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