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  1. I agree with you. It's kind of a toss up for me but mostly I feel the same way. Although he has much respect for his mom, he's not as religious as her and has made this quite clear more than once by little comments he makes. One of them in which he says something along the lines of, ..."it would be proof that your God works miracles...." I forgot which episode he said this and exactly how it was said, but yeah. LOL.


  2. But I think it would be a very big deal for Sheldon--all kinds of walls would have to come tumbling down in order for him to go through with that and I don't see it happening on a whim.

    ETA: Although I do have an image in my head--probably more JP than Sheldon...

    Jim has done this thing several times in sort of casual interviews where he'll raise his arms up in a little victory salute--like this \o/

    He kind of did it when Penny helped the guys get Sheldon's things back from Zarnecki.

    So now, every time I think of Sheldon having finally gone through with sleeping with Amy, I imagine him emerging from the bedroom doing that and saying, "We did it!" :D :D :D

    LMAO! WE DID IT! Good one.


  3. The increased sexual crudeness is why I finally stopped watching Two and A Half Men. Next thing you know Amy will be flashing her privates at Sheldon.

    Don't play like you weren't in the spoiler thread already. LOL. People already saw your comments on that, remember?


  4. Oh I'm not saying that she should regress to that Amy, I don't think there's a point in her being a clone of Sheldon. She needs to be her own character and I like it that they fleshed her out more in late S4 and 5, but I do think the constant sex references are a bit tiresome, she's much more interesting than that. I'm not saying they should get rid of it, I just think they shouldn't make everything about her loins. The reason why she's perfect for Sheldon is first and foremost in her brains and at the moment I just feel like they're not showing much of that.

    I agree that they don't have to make it about that all the time :-).


  5. Yes, I wish Jim had danced too. :(

    Totally off topic, I noticed in the video that the audience is right in front of the main apartment of leonard and sheldon. For those that go to tapings -- how do they handle the audience when the scenes change to different locations? Like the scene with sheldon playing hackeysack in the storage room -- is there some way that they move the audience around to see everything?

    Anything not in front of us that is off to the side, we have to rely on the plasma screens to help us see what is going on. The rooms to the side can be switched and re-decorated to fit their needs of the moment. Like the last one I went to, the cafeteria was changed into a garage.


  6. Ok, for discussion sake, after tonight's episode with Sheldon's comment about chicken pecking (and example), he clearly knew what he was inferring and talking about here. So how are we to reconcile is awareness of something that sexual in this episode yet in the upcoming next two episodes he is back to clueless? Isn't that being rather inconsistent? I mean it is okay for him to not know many things, but if he knew enough to suggest what he did to Leonard tonight, he certainly must understand that bathing your naked girlfriend and spanking her is not exactly non-sexual. So any thoughts as to why they moved him back to being so "innocent" and clueless?

    I had to just re-watch this scene since my mom was being loud earlier when I watched it at her place but you know what? You make a fair point. I have no explanation though. LOL. Anyone else got this??

    He DOES have a very sexually-charged Amy for a girlfriend which could explain where he learns a few things from. LOL...plus, I think Sheldon makes people think he is innocent about different things even though he is not.

    Yeah, that's all I got. I know someone else can come up with something better...LOL.


  7. Of course there is more to Sheldon than his virginity. A lot more! I think the fact Jim is so gorgeous is making the audience want Sheldon to have sex and not anything to do with the actual character.

    Not necessarily true....

    I agree with phantagrae 100%. The fact that Sheldon & Amy are something so new a different than anything I've ever seen on TV before makes me love and appreciate them all the more. Their unique personalities and relationship is what makes me very curious about if, how and when they will do it. LOL...has nothing to do with looks for me at all (although, there's no denying Jim's a cutie). It's their oddness that draws me in 100%....because I'm odd myself. LOL.


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  8. I must admit, I like her more now than when she was first introduced. I just feel there is a little too much of her in the episodes now. Maybe that is because I dislike her character, so I am noticing more when she is onscreen. Who knows...

    Also, people who have Amy in their sig (even if it is with Sheldor the Conqueror) clearly have a bias towards her character. :icon_wink:

    She's Sheldon's girlfriend. You'll be seeing a hell of a lot of her from now on. LOL.

    Anyway, like others here, I like her a lot. Mayim does one HELL of a job playing her, that's for sure. Not many people can pull that off. I feel the same way about Jim. There's not another soul on Earth who could make Sheldon look that good. I'm just totally in love with these characters and like others have mentioned, Amy is there to help Sheldon grow as a person in different ways. Because of Amy, we've seen Sheldon do things that way may have NEVER seen him do otherwise and I love that. Spices things up a bit.


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  9. Great episode. So glad Penny finally let it out because our precious and insecure Leonard needed to hear it :-). LOL. It was a sweet scene. Raj & Howard were great....I laughed out loud when Raj puts his ear on the door facing Howard and he's close enough to kiss him. LOL! Sheldon pranking them was hilarious. LOL.


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  10. Kyzzx, thanks for the clarification. It sounded like something was cut and we were trying to determine if anything got cut. I assume they still had the backseat conversation about the bandaids included as well?

    Definitely, the bandaid scene remains.


  11. No, they have the scene at the Cheesecake Factory where they're proposing a toast (to "burying the hatchet") and Penny walks by and she's like, "oh, everybody's happy, great." and her nose is all busted.

    THEN they show the dry cleaners scene at the very end. I assume they are both there on the aired version.

    Oh yeah! I think it's safe to say I've lost all my marbles today. LOL.


  12. Poor Mayim got told off on FB about "fangirling" for want of a better word about Jim, She wrote something (I can't remember the details) anyway a few people were basically telling her off saying that she is married etc etc. I really think they are friends and that is all it is and will ever be. Mayim doesn't do FB anymore, and this is just one of the reasons.

    You're kidding! They're dumbasses, the lot of them. They act like she had sex with Jim right there on set. LOL. Please.


  13. Thank you Monique. I agree with you that they're most likely trying to show us how much Sheldon is comfortable around Amy. I do hope that it is leading somewhere and it is not just a recurring joke for this season.

    I have the same question as Phanta since I saw the updated sides. They seem to have replaced the Cheesecake Factory scene. Did they cut any of the scenes taped in front of the studio audience?

    You mean the episode they just taped? They didn't do any scenes in TCCF this week...then again, I was in shock the whole time so I may have blocked it out. LOL.


  14. So, in the Parking Spot ep--did they use the ending with Sheldon taking his cushion to the dry cleaner and trying to sell his laptop?

    Yes they did. They didn't show us that at the taping. LOL.....Sheldon even tries to sell his laptop to the dry cleaners son since it was on Howard's penis. LOL.


  15. Kyzzx and Monique, many thanks for the reports and the BTS stuff. Gotta <3 when Jim is being playful. :D

    Whoa! The last report sounds, um, fascinating, for lack of a better word.

    I was not expecting these developments. Jury is still out on this one, but I hope that playing Amy's needs against Sheldon's obliviousness will not become a new "thing" between them. It does sound hilarious, but it would get old fast like Raj's selective mutism and Amy's lesbian commentary, at least for me.

    Question - Which episode was shown before the taping began?

    Yeah, well, at this point I assume they are at a point where they want Sheldon to get more and more comfortable with Amy physically. It very well may take some time because they're starting with the small things....him touching her, seeing her naked, etc. LOL. Maybe the next step would be him wanting to kiss her.


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