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  1. on to penny for a moment, its funny how she has no problem gutting a fish yet she didnt want to look at the brain amy showed her in season 5. Would of thought both were a bit yukky!

    Wow! So true! What's up with that? LOL.


  2. Well, now that I'm finally registered I can give my 2 cents.

    Imo, I'd rather they did NOT do it than having them have sex drunk/intoxicated/with memory impairment. I do not think that's what Amy is meant to represent. She's not just a plot device to get him to finally succumb to lust just for laughs, I actually think there's a much deeper meaning in their relationship, with her being that one-of-a-kind woman who's of his own species. The exception to the rule, if you will. So if they do decide to do it, and I think it is very likely, it will be too monumental in terms of character growth to be cheapened for laughs. Even though it is a sitcom, they can still recognize when they need to be serious about stuff (think of Howard's apology to Bernadette last season). I do think however that it won't happen for a long time, although I do not necessarily think they need to wait until the very last episode: there's SO much comedy potential when these two finally do it that it would be a waste to leave it to the very end. I can only imagine how you could play it out with them, especially Sheldon, hiding it from the group, being teased by their friends, being caught red-handed etc. So much comedy gold right there. So I'm calling it some time between end of the penultimate and mid-way through the final season.

    I also disagree with those who say that Sheldon having sex wouldn't be Sheldon anymore. First of all, I think there's more to what makes Sheldon Sheldon than his virginity. And secondly, I think it depends. Sheldon suddenly turning full-on heterosexual man and having sex with anyone would be out of character. But, again, this is Amy we're talking about. I really agree with Bill Prady (I think it was) when he said that this character is capable of things we haven't seen yet. We haven't seen them because he's never been put in the right situation: he has never met someone who he considers to be his intellectual equal, who he is not uncomfortable with and who he has an emotional attachment for. He isn't "changing" with everyone else, because everyone else isn't Amy. So it doesn't make sense to say "Sheldon would never do that", because this situation is one of a kind, so how Sheldon would function in the world outside this situation has only some relevance to how he functions with her. So going back to sex, I do think they could play the card of "He is just asexual, end of the story" and never have them have sex, and that would be reasonable and in-character. But I think there's a second interpretation for his lack of interest in the opposite (or same for that matter) sex: a ) he jumped straight from childhood to adulthood, so he never experienced a normal adolescence and b ) he never met anyone who he considers to be of his same "species". In this framework, it could very well lead to him sleeping with Amy eventually and at the same time be in character. All these jokes about him hitting puberty, Penny asking him about fuzz in weird places, him getting a testosterone level etc... I think they are actually a very accurate representation for what's going on.

    In any case, whether they do do it or not, I think it's a sad state of affair when I hear people put their relationship in inverted commas just because they aren't physical. As if what makes a relationship "real" is whether sex is involved. I think their relationship is much more real than many others, fictional and non-fictional, and tip my hat to that. I really hope the writers keep up the good work with them, they have done an excellent job so far.

    I totally agree :-).


  3. I'm with you Monique. One thing....like was she Mayim lying on Jim's lap with her stomach flat on his legs and feet/head handing down?

    Yeah, she was on her stomach across his lap, elbows I assume on the couch cushions on one side of him and her feet were at the other end of the couch. Damnit, now I can't stop thinking of him saying, "....you're not supposed to be enjoying this..." and she says, "....then maybe you should spank me harder...." then he says, "....maybe I will...."

    O M G


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  4. No, this was between takes.....nothing they will air. LOL. He was just hardcore looking her ass up and down and wasn't aware the camera was still on. The audience wad laughing so hard. Haha.


    I was looking at that from my cell phone originally so I didn't quite notice the gif or exactly what you said. Yes, WAY MORE INTENSE. LOL. But again, in between takes....nothing that will be aired. Although, it SHOULD be aired. LOL.

    This was in response to my response to Jeanalice. LOL.


  5. Haha :-).

    Anyhoo, joking aside (for now ;-p), I truly enjoy moments like I saw last night. The way Sheldon changed his mind and came back to knock on Amy's door and said he cared for her well-being was so sweet. The whole audience, of course, goes, "Awwwww" It's great to see him continuing to grow as a person in this way and care and do things for his girlfriend that maybe he wouldn't normally do. It's freakin' awesome.

    I love Leonard and Penny but I'm "Shamy" all the way, baby. Their relationship interests me much more at this point and in saying that, I completely understand the frustration of those of you who are wondering why the hell did they not continue the story after the ILY with Penny & Leonard. When you like two people together, you're rootin' for them until the end....I get it :-).


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  6. LOL, I'm laughing so hard every time I think of Jim 'forming a road map' of Mayim's behind. :icon_lol: They're crazily adorable, the two of them.

    The way he was looking I was thinking, "Is this dude only into boys or not?" LOL!!!


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  7. Okay, okay. Last question: Was the "trying to look at a road map" more intense than this?


    No, this was between takes.....nothing they will air. LOL. He was just hardcore looking her ass up and down and wasn't aware the camera was still on. The audience wad laughing so hard. Haha.


  8. [Amy's Apartment]

    Amy and Sheldon are sitting on her couch.

    He says, "Are you prepared to receive your punishment?"

    She slowly nods. "Yes. But, first. I want to put on some music."


    "I don't want to disturb the people next door when you're disciplining me."

    "Oh, alright."

    She flicks on the music and it's "mood" music and he looks back, quizzical, then looks at her again.

    "Alright, get over my knees. Let's go."

    So, poor Mayim... oh my god (a lucky duck, let me tell you) gets over Jim's legs. You know, like how you'd spank a child.

    The actual take, I believe, is him about to spank her, then the camera zooms into a statuette on her side table by the couch. It's the Three Wise Monkeys. Then you hear a 'spank!' and the scene is done and it ends the episode.

    I'm not sure if what we saw after is going to air or anything, or they just showed it to us just because, but they ended up showing us Jim spanking Mayim multiple times. Lots of laughter ensued.

    You also hear Mayim go, "Oh! Oh!" when he spanks her, and he says, "Excuse me! You're not supposed to be enjoying this!"

    And she replies, "Then maybe you should spank me harder!"

    He says, "Maybe I will!" and he spanks her harder, and she laughs hysterically.


    It'll be interesting to see which take they will use because America can be pretty uptight when it comes to TV. We just barely started saying, "bitch", "ass" and "hell" on TV. LOL....where as in other countries they allow nudity and everything in between.

    We can only hope that Jim & Mayim didn't get all kinky for nothing :icon_twisted::icon_mrgreen: What a waste of film if they didn't show them, right? Haha.

    We shall see....


  9. Yes, that's why my head is spinning...because they are moving the Shamy along quite quickly these days. LOL. Interesting indeed and fun to watch. I agree with those who are also noticing that the fan fictions and/or fantasies we've been reading from fans are actually happening. That's the first thing I thought of last night.

    Yes, Sheldon was doing all these things for her and not thinking of it in a sexual way at all...but for the spanking part, hmmmm, makes me wonder if deep down he liked it in the same way she did. LOL!

    Jim and Mayim's relationship is quite cute from what I saw last night. When he was sitting on the couch with her and rubbing the vapor rub on her and the scene was done and he kept on rubbing it, she playfully kicked him away from her from under the blanket and they were both laughing. LOL.

    Good stuff. The actors who play Bernie's parents are funny. Love them.

    I wish you all could be there with us to watch too but I'm happy to share everything I can with you guys...even if it's bit by bit. LOL. Okay. Off to work. I start at 7 a.m. Fun times. LOL.


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  10. There was a moment where Jim seemed to not know the camera's were still on him in between takes and he was looking Mayim's ass up and down like he was trying to figure out a road map is the best way I can describe it. LOL!!! The audience erupted into laughter because there he was, in full few just looking at her ass...then he looked like he wanted to laugh after hearing the audience laugh like that and he realized he was busted. There was a moment when he was frowning and saying something and I didn't hear what he said but my friend Jen who came with me said he was joking and saying that Mayim farted. LOL!

    Now that I think of it, I do remember him bringing his fingers up to his nose like something smelled. LOL. He's such a brat. LOL. Too funny.


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  11. Wow, guess I'm so shocked I forgot to mention I got an autograph from Kunal at the end of the taping! I also got up and danced in front of 200 people like an idiot and Kyzzx was a witness. LOL.


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  12. WAY!!! There was definitely some chest rubbing and ass slapping in this episode tonight! LMAO. Lord, have mercy. LOL. Oh, AND he helped her bathe while she was sick too (doesn't show it). I'm at a loss for words....just read the report. LOL.


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  13. Just made it home! It was definitely nice seeing you and sitting near you too :-). What a show! LOL! I loved it.

    So, Bernie's parents were visiting so it was pretty much about that and how awkward it was for Howard to be around them. The other story is Sheldon taking care of Amy while she's sick and she realizes how much she loves him taking care of her and milks it two days longer after her flu is already gone. Her punishment after he realizes this? He makes her lie over his knee so he can spank her! LOL!...and of course, Amy, being the kinky, freaky, sex-craved type that she is, enjoyed it. LOL. Oh yeah....and she also liked him rubbing Vapo-Rub on her chest. LOL!

    Before I say any more, I'll allow you guys read Kyzzx's full report so you get the whole story :-).


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