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  1. Well, if anyone has an issue with pictures being posted here, they can post pictures that they would like to see. That's what the thread is for after all. Just so happens Jim is popular here. Not the end of the world.


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  2. Okay, I'm going insane here because I can't remember one of the three moments when he cries. I remembered two when I first posted, then someone posted one after me.....help! LOL.

    Thanks a lot to the thread bumper. LOL. We have Star Wars scene with Penny, pudding scene that someone else mentioned (he was kind of about to cry)....what else?


  3. HeWolf, I don't believe Amy is getting, "flack". People are well aware that she is just like Sheldon....they are simply stating the truth: she WAS being a, "pain in the ass". Often times, as we already know, Sheldon is a pain in the ass too. That's why we love these characters ;-).

    Wil could have said she was being a pain in the ass in a way that wasn't offensive but, hey, in the end, he apologized and that's all that matters.

    Moonbase, I'm starting to wonder if they did use fake ice cubes now. It almost seems like they don't change shape after Sheldon takes down his drink. LOL.


  4. You mean Bernadette, I'm sure? LOL. Anyway, I agree. Bringing kids into the mix would be so odd to me. They're  MORE than welcome to announce they're all pregnant at the show's finale though. At least we won't see any more after that. LOL!


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  5. Wow! I kinda have that in common with Jim though. I can take down liquid like a pirate. LOL! I could easily win in a contest. LOL.

    That scene was so funny! Him, drinking it so fast thinking it was tea. Hahaha. What makes it worse is when have we ever seen Sheldon drink ANYTHING that fast? He decides to do it in Penny's presence of all people. LOL.


  6. My problem with this episode is simple...

    The entire episode was based on the ridiculous notion that Amy did not like Wil's acting which was given no proper explanation what so ever..... it just looked like they wanted a conflict

    We were supposed to believe that Sheldon should have stood up for Amy during the conflict........but the thing is Wil did not do anything wrong

    If the foundation is weak...it is hard to enjoy the story.....

    If was funny but something was missing :(

    Thinking about it now, I have to agree. The fact that Amy was mad at Wil for something SHE was actually at fault for and then she also gets mad at Sheldon was kind of a weak story line. They could have come up with something better....more creative for that, so that Sheldon could stand up for his lady for a GOOD REASON. LOL. Nevertheless, I still thought it was cute that he did what he did....proving that he cares enough for her to stand up for her no matter what :-).


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