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  1. I feel he should have respected her wishes and backed off and let her get a feel for it first. She had every right to be upset in this situation I think. Him wanting to help her was sweet and great...but there is a time and a place for that. Like maybe AFTER she turned in her paper and she happened to get a bad grade, that could be his cue to dive in and offer her his help whenever she needs it :-).

    In other ways, yes, she still has some growing to do....and Leonard does too.


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  2. I'm gonna start trending, "Bazinga!" in the work place. LOL. It'll be my little experiment :icon_twisted: I have a co-worker who's also a fan of the show and ANOTHER who started watching it because of me so they'll be the first two to catch on. LOL. I bet that over time, people won't be able to resist because it's a fun word to say. LOL.


  3. Why don't you download these episodes as you are on internet already..

    I am from India and I think they recently started airing season 5 here.. (I have never seen BBT on TV :p)

    These episodes are available on net like after 10-15 minutes after airing on the east coast in US...I mean I watch the episode before the west coasters get to watch :p


    1. Visit Vasu in India and watch The Big Bang Theory.



  4. I actually think what they did was clever. In the past episode in the spoilers sheldon talks about amy while he is drunk, and now he is willing to look at her wax job. Amy was prompted to do it by what bernie said to her. They are setting things up, in a funny way, so that sheldon is slowly going to loosen up. Sitting in howard's car naked? I think it was genius for the writers to use a fight with howard to get sheldon to do something that sheldon were usually never do.

    I don't find amy as creepy this season as the last. The penny comments have stopped. The only thing from this season I found creepy was when she licked the stapler. Other than that, I have been enjoying amy this season much more.

    I agree.


  5. they actually could have relationships too but do it in a fresh way, but no way that seems to be happening.

    Having sex in public places: the comic book store, a workplace; the Caltech laser lab is slutty behavior. Both Leonard and Penny are slutty for behaving this way.

    Slutty? I'd say more like freaky and horny. LOL. A slut is more like someone who sleeps around with multiple partners and doesn't give a damn.


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  6. Yes, it's just the way you first put it, using that magical word, "yet" that says others are wrong for thinking the opposite that's all. For example, if I came in here and said, "I don't like Sheldon...yet there are all these people on this forum who DO..." I'm pretty sure people would start questioning me as well. LOL.


  7. Agreed. LOL! Yeah, I get the other side too. Even my mom used to make comments about the fact that she didn't like how Amy hit on Penny all the time. For me though, I find it funny. I take it as a little joke that the writers don't want us to take too seriously...or at least I don't.


  8. Amy is without a doubt creepy yet in this forum she is "unique".

    To you she's "creepy" and to me, I do INDEED feel she is a "unique" character. So? Surely, you are not implying that people can't see her as unique?

    Also, as for her being desperate: I'd have to disagree. Seems to me like she is just comfortable with her boyfriend and that's it. Well, unless like someone else mentioned, it was her way of secretly trying to turn him on a little. LOL...which, with Sheldon, is not gonna work.


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  9. I think a lot of people is jumping to conclusions on the Amy matter. It never says that she showed him her parts, he just mentions band-aids. If she wanted to show him her bikini wax, it wasn't even necessary for her to remove her panties, and even if she did, Sheldon is her boyfriend! if she's gonna show it to anyone, it should be him. He didn't get offended by it, so I don't even know why some people is even making a deal out of it.

    It didn't have to be said. It was implied. When we can't see something, this pretty much means we can use our imaginations. How ever she showed him her wax job, it was shown to him because he mentioned the Band-Aids. The way I watched Amy painfully walking up the steps leading to Penny's apartment yesterday definitely makes the band-aid comment make sense to me.

    Also, as far as people supposedly making a big deal out of it...I don't think anyone here has. Of course people may be surprised or shocked. I know I was. Doesn't mean it's bad....I was just shocked. It was one of those things I didn't see coming....like Sheldon stripping his clothes off in Howards new car. SHOCK. LOL.

    Anyway, as for them not addressing the "ILY"...I couldn't care less. That's just me though. I love Leonard and Penny but I've never been one to get all worked up about a story that hasn't been continued on into the very next episode because I know they'll get to it when the time is right. There are other friendships and relationships that need focus as well....not just those two.


  10. No, I'm pretty sure Sheldon saw her whole area considering one of Bernie's lines that may or may not get used. Amy said, "I feel five pounds lighter..." Bernie says something like, "with all those bags of hair they hauled away, I imagine so...." LOL!

    You don't feel five pounds lighter from only waxing a certain part of the vagina. But hey, I'm sure it depends on the person. Hahaha.


  11. MJ - re your signature, I couldn't help imagining that Jim is laughing at his own dialogue 'that's a lot of Band-Aids'. :icon_lol:

    Phantagrae - that's exactly why I love taping reports! Fan-fiction about to come alive. Makes it so much more fun to visualize the scenes beforehand, and then compare fantasy with reality.

    Jim laughed out loud at something on set last night. So freakin' cute.


  12. I was honestly thinking, "Is this really happening?" to myself when Amy asked him to get in the back seat. I also remember laughing a LOT when he was in Howard's car and I'm not a laugher! But I think my jaw dropped. This episode took a lot out of me. LOL!

    I was in complete shock too. It was funny how he so quickly got into the back seat not knowing what he was about to see. LOL. I laughed so loud when he said, "boy, that's a lot of bandaids..."


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  13. I definitely like his hair cut short :-). Looks great.

    Great write up. Yep, you nailed it :-)

    All you hear is Amy saying, "What do you think?"

    Sheldon replies, "I think you're high on paint fumes. Boy, that's a lot of bandaids."

    I laughed so freakin' loud at this moment. LOL. That and the scene where Sheldon is naked in Howards car. LOL.


  14. I'm home! Wow, what a day :-). Yes, basically the nakedness comes into play because of Sheldon and Howard fighting with one another. The first to get naked is Howard. Sheldon, Leonard and Raj come to Howard naked in Sheldon's spot with SHELDON'S laptop on his "junk". Later, Sheldon returns the favor in Howards new car (after Howard nearly runs him over as he camped out in the parking spot so Howard couldn't park there) by getting in the drivers seat and stripping off all his clothes. LOL! You don't see him taking his clothes off but he ends up waving his tightie-whitie's in the air. LOL!

    That's all I'll give you because I know Kyzzx is typing up the whole story so you guys can see where this ties in. I haven't laughed that hard in so long. I automatically call this one my favorite of the season so far and I haven't even seen the others yet (well, besides the one they're airing this Thursday).

    Anyway, Sheldon getting in a feud with ANYONE equals a win win situation. I love it!.

    Such a wonderful experience and as I've heard they've been doing so much of recently, Kaley and Johnny came and stood up on the balcony and thanked the audience, the crew, everyone. They're so damn sweet :-).


  15. Cool! Tell her hello...next time you speak to her! We just got out. I have a near two hour drive back home so I'll leave it to kyzzx to report it since she does it best. Let me leave you with. BEST feud since Sheldon and Pennys in the earlier season. Howard-naked. Sheldon-naked. Amy-bikini wax that she later SHOWS Sheldon. Let that sizzle for a while, folks. LOL.


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