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  1. I'm here! First one in line. I know I'm super early but it's a 100 mile drive so I'd be foolish not to take my chance of getting into the show seriously. LOL. Although, I got in line after 2:30 my very first time and still got inside the show so, perhaps my argument is invalid. Haha.


  2. Alright, so I have a stand-by ticket for tomorrow! Hopefully I'll get in :-). Also, for those of you who don't know, check in will be in a different gate (8) starting tomorrow. That means I have to leave extra early so I know where the hell I'm going when I get there. LOL.

    Anyhoo, don't expect some amazing report when I get out (if I get in) because my memory sucks sometimes. LOL. I'll try my best to remember the important stuff :-). I'm wearing my Captain Jack Sparrow hat and I don't care (It solves my every day is a bad hair day issue and Halloween is the following day so what the hell). LOL.


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  3. I LOVE when Craig interviews Jim. He totally has a man-crush on Jim (who can blame him?)....calling him, "adorable." I had actually never watched Craig all these years until I saw the Jim interview. I love how Craig makes his guests feel so comfortable by not being so serious about everything.

    As for Geoff, that's the whole point of him...he's just for laughs and he likes to rip on people. Nothing to take seriously. Wow, I guess I need to replay that interview because I heard, "frowning penis, Parsons..." and NOT, "suck on his frowny brown penis"

    Again, Geoff is not to be taken seriously....I think it's cute he rips on Jim and sometimes Jim gets him right back. In fact, I just watched an older interview last night where Jim called Geoff a, "lippy bitch" for his smart ass/suggestive remarks LOL! Too funny! Jim knows when to be a smart ass right back to Geoff. LOL.


  4. Yeah, I think it's cute when he corrects himself or feels the need to make himself clear when he thinks he says something in a way that may be misinterpreted another way....like the behind the scenes, "easy audience...." thing. LOL.

    I think in reality, Jim doesn't care too much for speaking in front of huge crowds so that's why he gets all shy and scatter-brained as phantagrae put it. I don't blame him, I'd be the same way. LOL.


  5. You make a very good point, Lexi. I'm a straight woman but let me tell you, I have had two different occasions of women wanting to kiss me and I didn't back away. LOL! For me, kissing is just fun....girl or boy, I won't turn down a kiss :-). Well, I was drunk when I kissed those girls but still. LOL.

    I bet Jim enjoyed the hell out of those kisses :-)

    P.S. He looks sexy as hell with that bit of facial hair going on....


  6. Wow. I just got my first dose of one of the "obnoxious" Shenny's you guys speak of on YouTube. LOL. That wrestling scene last week?? Apparently, Penny kissed Sheldon right smack on the lips according to the girl in the comments of this video...


    See it before it gets lost...just look for my user name MJistheBOMB and see my comments that lead to hers....she is Spygirl or something like that, who says that she should KNOW that it was on the lips because she watched it 14 times thank you very much. LOL.


  7. Yeah, I don't like judge each episode based on how many times I laugh. If they can hold my attention from beginning to end because of a great story, that's all I need. Based on complete calmness, peace and happiness I was feeling as I watched Leonard in his lab explaining everything to Penny, this episode may (I said "may"! LOL) rank as my top favorite so far. I truly appreciate those geeky-science related moments. I'd like to see more of that with everyone.


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  8. I really enjoyed this episode :-). The scene with Leonard and Penny together in the lab was especially special to me :-). It's a real treat to see ANY of the guys at work doing what they love. It was so nice to see him talking about the things he's so passionate about and Penny appreciating it. As said by others, pretty much everyone kicked ass in this episode.


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  9. Yeah, never gonna happen. At the VERY least, they'll eventually admit how much they cherish each others friendship WITH FEELING. LOL....other than that, don't hold your breath. LOL.

    I still vote for some kinda of freak nightmare sequence with the two of them though or some kind of parallel universe thing like someone else mentioned where they are together. That would be funny.


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