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  1. "Yeah, well I CAN'T see how they might think that way. Who gives a rats ass if people like what they like?"

    Yeah, how could anyone get the idea you were angry? My apologies. :icon_rolleyes:

    Well, as long as you understand ;-).


  2. You're all wrong. You know what freedom is? Being FREE to spend the day with Jim Parsons. THAT'S FREEDOM. LOL! Wait, I should of put something down that will make you argue with me. LOL.


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  3. If you don't give a rat's ass about what people like, why do you always get so angry whenever someone posts something you don't like?

    Shouldn't they be able to say they DON'T like anything Sheldon and Amy related without YOU cutting in and bashing them for it just because you do like it? What's the difference? Makes no damn sense.

    And in case you hadn't noticed, there's no shortage of name calling and insults coming from the "emos" aimed at those who disagree with them.

    Sauce for the goose.

    Angry? This is a discussion board if you haven't noticed so people not agreeing with each other doesn't mean they're "angry". IT JUST MEANS THEY DON'T AGREE.

    Of course people don't have to like the "Shamy" or anything else they don't like. There are many others around here who can do so without calling people names. Maybe eventually you'll learn to follow suit.


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  4. I probably wouldn't use the same wording that some use about the new wider audience, but when I read some of the posts from people who are absolutely giddy over the prospect of Sheldon & Amy having sex, or how cute it is when the girls held Sheldon down and kissed him, well, I can see how they might think that way.

    Yeah, well I CAN'T see how they might think that way. Who gives a rats ass if people like what they like? People should be able to say they like anything Sheldon and Amy related without someone cutting in and bashing them for it just because they don't like it. There are things I miss about previous seasons too that I feel I'd like to see too. Too bad, so sad. I'm not gonna go around calling people "emos" or "dumb" over it. Makes no damn sense.


  5. I thought this would be a fun thread for everyone :-)...

    Post your favorite quotes, favorite moments or even if you like a certain mannerism or something that makes one character stand out above the others, etc. Anything goes. Feel free to quote and comment on other people's posts (as we always do anyway) :-).

    I'll start:

    *When the girls are playing "truth or dare" and Amy asks Bernadette, "What is the circumference of your aureolas?" LOL! Get's me every time.

    *I enjoy the moments when Leonard looks quizzically/innocently over his glasses instead of through them. For example, after Sheldon made the comment about him not shaving his nose hair because he's short.


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  6. Yes people didn't watch it because it was unique but when they made it the same as every other show it got attention. What does this prove? How dumb humans are...

    Wow. You're full of intelligence, aren't you?


  7. What I'm addressing is the issue of people who claim that somehow the people who like the show are a bunch of lowest-common-denominator people who only like mainstream (read dumbed-down, apparently) humor and that there's an implication that if a show is a big ratings hit it must be because it's pandering to some wider, great unwashed, less sophisticated audience, rather than these few who seem to believe that they're the only ones who know what's best for the show, or what is the best [i[kind of humor or kind of stories to tell. The implication of their complaint is that if the rest of us still like the show, we must all be a bunch of "emos" who don't get what the show was originally about, etc., etc.

    Boom! Exactly what bothers the shit out of me.


  8. Wrong. Looks to me like everyone in this thread is arguing. I have never even heard of "Silly Buggers"! LOL. I have heard of a "burger" which seems to be well liked by Dr. Sheldon Cooper.


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  9. Maybe be the end of the show he'll finally get one and say to them all, "I'm DOCTOR Wolowitz now, bitches!" LOL!


  10. I really enjoyed this one! Granted, we'll probably see better ones in the future but Penny and Amy kissing Sheldon? This one will definitely be one of my top favs. LOL. So funny. The look on his face when Penny first kisses him is priceless. LOL.

    Melissa did an amazing job playing a sick and drugged Bernadette. LOL. So funny.


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