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  1. As a Senior Citizen I am old enough to know Man is the weaker of the sexes in many many ways.

    So true. LOL.

    Anyway, on the subject of Penny taking down Sheldon....it's a shame it couldn't be reversed and then instead of Penny being taken down by Sheldon, it's me. Whoops, did I say that out loud? ;-p

    Gonna be a great episode.


  2. I thought it would be nice to have an official thread for those who'd like to keep track of the stories they've already read so they know not to click into that particular title again (unless they want to of course ;-). I know this will be helpful to me in particular because my memory sucks sometimes so I can come back to this thread and see what I've read, what I haven't, etc.

    Feel free to post reviews on any story you want as well if you're in the mood to. Any other random comments in this thread related to the topic are welcome of course.

    Come back and edit your list when ever you want. Have fun!

    1.The CooperFowler Proposal By: lovepass77

    2.The Family Reunion Probability Theorem By: Misophonia

    3. Sheldon's Big Bang By: Phanagrae 
    4. The Coitus Consideration By: XMarisolX
    5. The Wonderful Wizard of Woz By: Themightylin
    6. The Relationship Complexities By: MissLaurenV 
    7. The Gamete Indeterminacy By: XMarisolX
    8. The Mentholated Nasopharyngitis Conundrum By: MissLaurenV
    9. The Homeostatic Adjustment By: bazingafan
    10. Wheaton's Observation By: bigbangsheldon
    11. Turkey Drive By: stardustmelody77
    12. The Engaging Driver By: stardustmelody77

    13. The Excitation Experimentation  By: Phanagrae

    14. The Double Date Conundrum By: NerdForestGirl (NOW READING!)

    15. Shamy Date Night Suprise By: shippintheshamy (NOW READING!)

    16. The Vegas Interpretation By: Sheps888 

    17. The Extremely Intimate Closure By: Lovepass77

    18. The Love Spell Continuation By: Misophonia

    19. The Cognitive Dissonance Theory By: Pearlgrl (NOW READING!)

    20. The Osculating Supposition By: Misophonia 

    21. The Extremely Intimate Closure By: lovepass77

    22. The Mendacity Revelation By: Misophonia (NOW READING!)


    ...and that's what I've got so far as I'm new to the TBBT fiction world. The last fan fiction stories I read were Michael Jackson one's back when I was a teenager. LOL.


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  3. I kept repeating, "...if I am to participate in the social convention that is the stag night then I must embrace all it's components: tabacco, swear words....and yes, alcohol...." to myself the other day.

    Yeah, I was bored and it's the longest of the quotes I can remember. LOL.


  4. Yeah I have a guys perspective and yes I think she is beautiful. She is physically very attractive. There are just times when facially something seems off.

    Actually the Higgs Boson episode is what has it on my mind right now, I have thought it before, but in that episode it was very noticeable. They had her in a very tight outfit showing off her figure, which obviously is stunning, but again something just did not seem right facially. As if they are intentionally trying to make her look bad.

    This shot is from the Higgs Boson episode...


    Doesn't prove she's ugly. It proves you've chosen an unflattering picture.


  5. The camera does her no justice. I've seen her in person at two different tapings and she's stunning. It's sad when you go on her imdb message boards and see SOOOOO many threads calling her "ugly". Really? She's older now.....big whoop. Weren't we ALL cuter years ago? I know I was. LOL.

    Like I said, sometimes the camera doesn't like us and maybe sometimes that goes for Kaley. If you see her in person, you won't be saying that. She's beautiful.


  6. So I just watched this for the first time since I saw the taping, and holy crap, the scene with Amy and Penny in the car is incredible. Unless they actually sit in a car at a later time and film, Kaley and Mayim were just sitting in two chairs and Kaley had a steering wheel. The entire car and surroundings are edited in. I knew the outside would be, but the WHOLE CAR? I am impressed.

    No, actually, they do that in front of the audience just so you can see the scene (they explained this at one I went to when Leonard was singing, "...'cause tonight's gonna be a good night..." LOL.) The scene is shot in front of a green screen before hand.


  7. OH MOTHER FREAKING SHIT HOW THE HELL HAVE I FORGOTTEN THAT? I've already asked for the Atabey (the writer) for me to beta her work but she's still not done with her update.

    Oh wait. it's in my list. hahahah. The list I made there are mostly made by the gas that I know off from the LG and some are simply amazing reads.

    Oh, good! Then she's working on it. I read her ENTIRE story recently and as long as it is already, thought it was completed so when I got to the end I was like, "NOOOOOOOOOO!" LOL.


  8. Okay. Call me a fanatic.

    I made a list a while ago of all the shamy fanfics that are present in FFnet and those that are tolerable and readable. Of course, they're all in English and I kind of omitted the Spanish ones not because I'm racist but because I haven't read any of them so I can't really recommend.

    If you want, you can browse all of those that have been written here.

    If you want the REALLY, REALLY GOOD KIND, you can start off reading XMarisolX's work. She's like, the QUEEN of all Shamy fanfic authors. Her work are not only convincing but it's really well-written and you'd really wish for some of them to happen in the show.

    Her Shamy-verse:

    The Coitus Consideration- A sweet fanfic that doesn't need to have lots of sex to justify they are meant for each other, unlike some fanfics with non-canon couples who miraculously ends up together in bed just because the blonde monkey gave the whackadoodle a job.

    The Gamete Indeterminacy- This one is my favorite because I got hooked on Shamy fanfics last December back when there were only 3 chapters. Then, I would stalk the updates in livejournal and that Mari was now aware of an obsessed Shamy fangirl stalking her LJ every 2-3 days. It's really THAT good.

    The Connubial Catalyst- It's the sequel for Gamete Indeterminacy and that it's still ongoing. You won't be able to understand it that much if you haven't read TGI.

    I'm kind of feeling lazy so I'll post her link here. She has a few more good ones. http://www.fanfictio...67710/XMarisolX

    Some of the great ones I've read:

    The Relationship Complexities (go fracking read this)

    Girlfriend in a box

    Sound mind and Judgement

    Relationship Amendment

    Kripke Conundrum

    The Brobdingnagian Desk Displacement

    The Coccinella Correlation

    The Neurochemical Analysis

    The Mentholated Nasopharyngitis Conundrum (this one's hot)

    The Eye Coitus Education (this one was written because we kind of coerced the author to write about eye coitus and romance novels the time when The Werewolf Transformation came out)

    The Learning Alteration

    The Relocation Discrepancy (I cried my eyes out on the second to the last chapter here. It's AU and it's about them meeting in their teenage years) (God, how I love the writing of this one, it's like a British novel)

    The Sadomasochism Realisation (Chloe/bigbangsheldon's BDSM sort of fanfic)

    The Relationship Evolution

    The Reconnection Epiphany

    The Nuptial Endeavor (Bridezilla Amy?)

    The Theory of Objectivity (A supposed one-shot that turned into a multi-chapter because of insistence)

    The Procreation Proposal (Relationship Evolution Sequel, sort of)

    The Slip Up

    The Countdown Reaction

    Sheld'iliad or The Judgment of Sheldon

    The Emotion Approximation

    The Interview (lol this one... it has the RPF feel to it though)

    The Rooftop Incident (Pon Farr put into good use)

    The Montserrat Resurgence (best use of Original Character)

    Sightings of the Loch Ness Monster

    The Coinciding Catalysts

    And If You Blink, You'll Miss It (From Penny's POV)

    The Star Crossed Glitch (Sometimes I secretly wish this one would happen so that Amy could be avenged)

    The Specious Sibling Ultimatum (three words: George Cooper Jr)


    Dear Constanza

    Schrödinger's Catastrophe (Of course, Lex's! I bawled my eyes outta this one)

    Someone To Love You Better

    So, that's about it for now. I did not include the ones I wrote because they're truly subpar and I am kind of embarrassed right now to promote my own works.

    Wow! Thanks! I got a lot of reading to do! LOL. I really enjoy fan fiction. It's probably one of the only ways you can get this not-much-of-a-reader chick to read. LOL.


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