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  1. I didn't know Jim was gay until I happened to be looking online and reading comments etc. and I would see the pictures of him and his partner. Him being gay certainly doesn't take away from his amazing talent (not that anyone said this here) and it doesn't take away that I'm crushing on him either. LOL.

    Now that I know he's gay, yes, he has these mannerisms that I see when I go back and watch all the seasons that point to him being gay but again, I couldn't care less. I adore him no matter what and they couldn't have chosen a better person to play Sheldon.


  2. Well, if you think about it: all of the guys have cried at one point on the show. LOL. In general, I'm not one of those people that is against a man crying every once in a while. It just means he has a heart under there. It means he has feelings and that's a good thing.


  3. Great episode. Originally, I was gonna also say that last weeks was a better episode but I don't know, this one had many funny moments as well :-). It was even great seeing Raj NOT drunk and not being able to talk to women again. Sometimes you miss things you wouldn't think you would. LOL.


  4. You're right, he does cry in the robot episode :-). I forgot about that :-). I know what you mean when you say, "Somehow, I like it...." It's nice to see the softer side of him with feelings and a big enough heart to think about others when he's not busy being an ass. LOL.

    But, with Sheldon, I love the whole package because it's even entertaining when he's being an ass. LOL.


  5. -eventually overcome his fear of speaking to women.

    -get into more fights with Sheldon. LOL.

    -get a girlfriend or get into something that brings him happiness for at least a while (he deserves it by now, right?)

    -just thought of this! what if the entire cast went with Raj to India? Hahaha. They could visit with his family.


  6. Speaking of taking things to face value: Someone sent me an anonymous message saying: "It sucks for Shamy fans that Penny got Sheldon in her bed AND on his back before Amy did. I can see why you and your friends are so bitter."

    THAT right there is an example of folks we should be scared of. LOL. Seriously?? Everyone has a right to fantasize about whatever they like but to start attacking others over it? It's not even that serious. Honestly, I'd be SURE to make myself "Anonymous" writing anything like that to someone online because that's embarrassing right there. First of all, Sheldon got HIMSELF in her bed to TALK to her and secondly, the "on his back" thing? I assume they're speaking of the episode that hasn't yet aired and Penny may have got Sheldon on his back but it wasn't to have sex so her argument is stupid. LOL.


  7. Not so sure because Sheldon started with many pre-established rules himself. So any comments about how he 'should be' come from direct observation of the character. What we have today is a radical change in personality. I agree that Jim is fantastic and I enjoy watching him play any style of Sheldon because I like the actor so much, but if I'm honest this new Sheldon is not the same person. The only thing that blur the lines between the old and the new, are the use of his previous idiocracies. The knocking for example and some of his vocabulary. I know people change, but I feel Jim is injecting more of himself in to this character now. So I'm loath to say I don't like it, because of course I do! Personally I think the original way Sheldon was portrayed was absolute genius and untouchable. This softer Sheldon is really great and cute as heck, but quite different.

    Agreed. I feel the same way.


  8. I joined that board before realizing this one was here and it seemed a bit too much of a fantasy land theme going on over there so I left in a flash. LOL. I know we live in one here sometimes too but over there, it was too confusing. LOL.


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